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Standing Chaturbhuja Lord Shiva

Standing Chaturbhuja Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is one of the supreme beings who creates, destroys, protects and transforms the universe. It is said that those who worship Lord Shiva with pure heart and mind are absolved of sins and attain moksha. This wooden Shiva statue is sculpted by the best artisans from Trivandrum in the superfine quality of cedar wood which gives this Shiva statue a fine grainy texture and the light milky brown shade adds to the highlight of Shiva’s formations and features. He stands on a curved pedestal chiselled like that of a rock covered by bushes around its circumference.

Lord Shiva is adorned in tiger skin, suggestive of his victory over animal instincts. The sculptor has beautifully carved out the related patterns of his garbs, fitted in stylized pleats and a thin mesh border. Shiva is ornated with rudraksha necklace and bracelets as a symbol of his divine teardrops that fell on Earth when he woke up from his deep meditation for the happiness of living creatures. Wearing rudraksha is a popular gesture among yogis, spiritualists and saints as a way of being in touch with the divine. He is accessorised with serpents on either side of his head, one coiled around his neck and the other long one, sliding through his arms taking the place of a stole.

Chaturbhuja blesses the devotees in Abhaya mudra, carries a stylized trident (Trishul), a deer and a serpent with damru tied on it. Keeping the beauty of his long hair, the sculptor has carved Shiva’s matted hair in proper pleats and layers. Lord Shiva’s expressions of gentle eyes and smiling lips are indicative of his happiness on seeing the peace of his devotees. The sculptor has paid great attention while carving the third eye on the forehead, slender nose and well-arched eyebrows. This lord Shiva wooden sculpture is a perfect artefact to demonstrate the life-like aura of the divine.

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Item Code: ZEO743
Cedar Wood from Trivandrum (Kerala)
17.50 inch Height X 8.40 inch Width x 4.20 inch Depth
1.26 Kg.

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