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Superfine Krishna in Tribhanga Fluting Under the Magnificent Tree

Superfine Krishna in Tribhanga Fluting Under the Magnificent Tree

The Hindu deity, Bhagwan Krishna is famous for his naughty leelas with Radha and other gopis of Gokul, the intense charm of his face and the madhur (melodious) tunes arousing from his flute. This sculpture of Krishna depicts him as standing on a rectangular thick brass block etched in a realistic stone-like pattern. He is postured in his iconic tribhanga posture with the left leg bent forward and right is straight supported by the pedestal. He is clad in a lavish ankle length dhoti decorated with jeweled horizontal lines and amazing designs in-between every parallel line and a stole hung across his shoulders.

The smooth carve and glowy texture of this sculpture charms the eyes enabling the viewer to not leave this beauty at any cost. Murlimanohar looks handsome when shown with his flute, playing melodious tunes of love, romance, peace and amazement. It is said that nobody can get away from the ‘madhur sangeet’ of his flute; it is so captivating that it can easily make a person forget the material world and just flow into the divine world of peace and love. Krishna is bejeweled in beautiful ornaments and a long garland of lotus flowers hung around his neck.

The glorious crown adorned on his head is topped with multiple peacock feathers and is designed in mesmerizing carvings and a large flower aureole at the back. The magnificent tree standing behind lord Krishna as the backdrop highlights the core perfection of the sculptor while forming each leaf and blooming flower design on it. Not just this, even the long pedestal is accessorized with the beautiful peacocks on either side having intensely chiseled tails and a face of simplicity and innocence.

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Item Code: ZEO464
Brass Statue
16.00 inch Height X 15.50 inch Width x 3.70 inch Depth
6.00 Kg.

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