The Tall And Slender Ardhanarishvara

The Tall And Slender Ardhanarishvara

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The age-old tradition of bronze sculpture in India carries on to this day. In the recesses of the South are studios that have flourished across generations of families devoted to their art, artisans tirelessly working in them in expression of their skill and shraddha (devotion). Handpicked from Swamimalai, the Ardhanarishvara murti that you see on this page is one such sculpture.

A long, slender silhouette that captures the imagination of the truly devoted. A simple unassuming pedestal formed of a blooming padma (lotus) flower. A superbly carved, tapering crown towering over the head of the deity. The Ardhanarishvara deity of the Hindoo pantheon is one-of-a-kind - at first glance it is the composite of Shiva-Parvati, a profound confluence of purusha (energy or masculine principle) and prakrti (matter or feminine principle).

The Ardhanarishvara is a powerful image of this life-affirming confluence. The beauty of Lord Shiva against the finesse of Devi Parvati. He is chaturbhujadhari (four-armed), She dvibhujadhari (two-armed). The strength of His torso, to the fecundity of Hers. The symmetry of their twin shringar, and the lack of it in their respective attire. The fine bronze medium gives the composition an inimitable molten gold colour with undertones of moss.

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Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
9 inch Height x 4.5 inch Width x 2.6 inch Depth
1 kg
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