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Tibetan Buddhist Deity Medicine Buddha

Natural Brass
Brown Gold
Double Chola
Tibetan Buddhist Deity Medicine Buddha
Medicine Buddha, known culturally as Bhaiṣajyaguru, is the Buddha of medicine and everything that has to do with healing. He is most commonly described as a doctor who heals using the medicine of his teachings. In the sutras, it was stated that if you utter the name of Medicine Buddha in the ears of dying humans or animals, they will get a good rebirth regardless of their past karma. Thus, Medicine Buddha isn't only known for healing, but also for neutralizing past bad karma. Many people agree regular practice of the 12 vows of Medicine Buddha empowers one to heal others.

Medicine Buddha is pictured seated; his right hand holding the stem of the Aruna fruit or Myrobalan between the thumb and the forefinger and resting on his right knee, and his lift hand holding the lapis jar of medicine nectar. He is also described by the aura of the lapis lazuli-colored light in the Medicine Buddha sutra. The lapis lazuli serenity of the Medicine Buddha is healing.

Medicine Buddha assumed the Buddha of the pure eastern land of Vaiḍūryanirbhāsa "Pure Lapis Lazuli" when he achieved Buddhahood where he is accompanied by two bodhisattvas, which symbolizes the light of the sun and the light of the moon respectively. In the sutras, Shakyamuni Buddha taught the Dharani of the Medicine Buddha to benefit all beings, from gods to other people.

Item Code: ZEN584
Brass Statue
12.20 inch Height X 8.50 inch Width x 6.00 inch Depth
4.30 Kg.

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