Tibetan Buddhist Golden Lord Buddha in Dharmachakra Mudra

Tibetan Buddhist Golden Lord Buddha in Dharmachakra Mudra


The sole founder of Buddhism, Buddha was worshipped as an extraordinary man and not a god by the followers. He attained the path to enlightenment by utilizing morality, meditation and wisdom. He sits here in lotus posture on a beautifully carved double lotus pedestal; all hued in a bright glowing yellow-gold accentuating his cosmic aura and purity. The meaning of Buddha statues is differentiated by the posture of his hands; every hand mudra holds a significant meaning and lesson of life. The one shown here sits in Dharmachakra mudra, identified as an interesting and unique hand gesture which means the Wheel of Dharma in Buddhism.

Dharmachakra mudra is a gesture of teaching of the Wheel of Dharma and depicts one of the most important moment in Buddha’s life as he performed this mudra in his first sermon in Sarnath after he attained enlightenment. In this mudra, thumb and index finger of both the hands touch at their tips to form a circle representing the Wheel of Dharma or the union of method and wisdom; the three remaining fingers of the two hands remain extended in their symbolic significance.

This unique marble statue is sculpted with absolute precision highlighting the sharp curves forming an amazing structure; the aureole is chiseled in a beautiful lotus flower pattern spreading an aura of purity. Buddha is garbed in a royal robe decorated with red colored flower motifs and stylized floral patches all over in a golden shade. His delicate smile represents the satisfaction of his teachings being executed correctly. The perfectly carved long earlobes, lines on his neck and the coiled hairs are a form of his iconography. This statue is a rare masterpiece to be placed as a decor in your home or at reception entrance.

Item Code: ZEN962
Marble Statue
29.50 inch Height X 17.70 inch Width x 9.00 inch Depth
66 kg
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