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Tibetan Buddhist Lord Buddha Singing Bowl - Made in Nepal

Tibetan Buddhist Lord Buddha Singing Bowl - Made in Nepal
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Lord Buddha or Bhaiṣajyaguru or Buddha of medicine signifies everything about healing. He is the doctor known for healing through his teachings. In a sutra, the utterance of Buddha into a dying human or animal's ears will bring a rebirth! Regular practicing of the twelve vows of the Medicine Buddha empowers you to heal another! His Singing Bowl is an alternative for drugs. Its modern popularity is a derivative of modal vibration study of Cymatics by Hans Jenny in (1904–1972) This bowl is a useful tool in sound therapy plus personal spirituality. The worshipers believe in sound magic with the Chakras! Western documentation and recordings of Tibetan music associate this singing bowl with relaxation, healing powers, and a free mind! This meditative, drug-linked, spiritual, or the three alterations, links to Tibetan sound.

See the item with an inscription of goodwill message plus meditation! It's a handmade item, with a wooden body and cloth, giving a unique and reliable harmonic resonance! Lightly touch the outside rim or turn the striker round the external edge, firmly, uniformly but slowly! You just called up the force utilized in forming this unique bowl! Watch the vibration as it passes via the bowl to your sick body, spirit, and soul. Buy! Links you the sick to what these artists wrestled to get this exotic art. It offers a tremendous meditative tool and an inspiring bit of harmonic house decor.

Item Code: ZEN363
Bronze Statue,Wood and Cloth
3.2 inch Height x 7.2 inch Width x 7.2 inch Depth-Bowl
7.5 inch-Stick
6 inch-Cushion Dia
0.95 Kg. Weight of Bowl

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