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Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl

Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl
The natural harmonics emitted by the singing bowls are used to invoke a state of deep meditation. It’s a tool employed by Zen monks for over a millennia in pursuit of the highest spiritual goal of Nirvana, or complete enlightenment. In the modern world many holistic healing practices have adopted the singing bowls as an important part of their practices.

The metal used for this singing bowl is bronze. It’s handcrafted and produces the natural harmonics of a deep relaxing pitch capable of soothing the soul and clearing away the accumulated dust of daily stress. It comes with an exquisitely carved wooden mallet and a designer cushion support.

The healing vibrations of the singing bowls reduce stress and serve to uplift the soul. They upgrade creativity and imagination and bring balance to the two hemispheres of the brain. Use them to give yourself a positive self-image and to empower your assertiveness.

Item Code: ZEN543
Bronze Statue, Wood and Cloth
2.6 inch Height X 6 inch Width x 6 inch Depth-Bowl
5.5 inch-Stick
0.55 Kg. Weight of Bowl Only

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