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Twenty Two Wicks Peacock Lamp

Polish Brass
Natural Brass
Twenty Two Wicks Peacock Lamp
Diyas / oil lamps are an integral part of any Hindu/Dharmic ritual. During rituals, a wick in the Diya is lit with ghee/ oil to create spiritual & pleasant vibrations in the air and thus a perfect setting for an auspicious ritual is created The peacock is a symbol of a vibrant life, of flaunting what you have and reaping the fruits of your talents. When it preens its way into your life, it's also reminding you not to take yourself too seriously. Nothing about ourselves is so important in the grand tapestry of life that we should put so much weight on it.

The floral designs molded & carved on the three-legged pedestal, its circular top and the pillars ( thumbs) tended to be slender and elegant, the two tray lamps, one with 5 wicks on the pedestal top and the other with nine wicks at the top on which the peacock is dancing, apart from the eight oval-shaped small diyas, welded with an ā€˜sā€™- shaped string on four sides with two each diyas one above the other and connected to the main pillar. The wick- lighting space has been dug a little deeper to keep the wicks lightened for a longer period.

And finally, the glamorous peacock has been so engrossed that the fans are mesmerized. With its silky slim - trim neckline with a bulky, stretched tail having glistening, cheery feathers, a small grey beak, and appealing eyes, topped with a royal vibrant crown makes peacock an essence of the environment. This astonishing artifact of 22 wicks crafted in brass by skilled artisans is singing to the tone of their superb diligence, enormous precision, and utmost patience during the finest carving.

Item Code: ZEN480
Brass Statue
25.00 inch Height X 7.20 inch Width x 7.20 inch Depth
6.00 Kg.

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