Warrior God Karttikeya With Devasena And Valli

Warrior God Karttikeya With Devasena And Valli

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Kartikeya, the son of Shiva and Parvati is popular in early Hinduism as the Hindu god of war, also known as Murugan or Skanda. He stands on an inverted lotus pedestal, which is placed on a beauteously sculpted, heighted rectangular chowki. He is represented as an ever youthful man holding a spear by his right elbow and hands in a gesture of blessing of fearlessness and the rear hands hold a lance called sakti and a trishul respectively with a finely structured peacock (his sacred vehicle) standing behind him.

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This rare sculpture also demonstrates Kartikeya with his wives, Devasena and Valli standing on either of his sides. Devasena, the colorless deity and the army of the gods was his primary consort and Valli the latter one, was more popular and important than the former. Both the consorts hold a lotus in one of their hands and the other placed down in supreme consciousness.

The Kartikeya family is surrounded by a stylistically carved frame, having splendid cuts and engravings on the pillars with a huge wavy top joining to form a Keertimukha, compliments the unique crowns of the deities. They wear a magnificent dhoti and a kamarband that has its curled ends falling down graciously. This brass statue represents an amazing work of art of the sculptor.

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