Amber-Gold Batik Silk Scarf with Floral Bootis

Amber-Gold Batik Silk Scarf with Floral Bootis

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The surface of this amber gold silk scarf is embellished with floral bootis for a more chic and elegant look. The gracious Bootis look elegant in garlands of this silk base that pairs well with western as well as ethnic look and uplifts the glamor and style of the entire outfit. This generous and sets the norms of contemporary fashion high and the beautiful color blend just right with the weather and the spirit for a beautiful evening. With the flushed dazzle of the scarf, you can find different ways of wearing it for your event in style.

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Pure Silk
3.5 FT x 3.3 FT

For days you are missing the sun and its beautiful rays, something in your wardrobe that lifts up the gloomy mood is a prerequisite. An exquisite beautifully driven scarf of one of a kind comes in handy to raise the comfort and feminine vibes that adds gentleness and softness to the aura around you. Combining seamlessly with your winter outfits, for cold and cozy days, this scarf acts like an unsung hero that carries the timeless appearance and never goes out of style. Embrace the uniqueness and feel like yourself again by adding this simple yet exquisite piece of layering to your next outing. 

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