Breath in, Breath out : Experiencing the Comfort of Yoga Pants

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Yoga pants may be part of this generation’s everyday uniform but way before activewear and athleisure wear became fashion must-haves, yoga pants were already an intrinsic part of the Indian lifestyle. The contemporary yoga pants that are popular today are known for their ultra-fitted, figure hugging style. They’re usually made of stretch fabric that encases one’s legs like leggings and allows for easy movement. However, traditional yoga pants were actually the very opposite in fit. As we all know, the yoga practice involves a lot of body flow and transitioning from one position to the next. Whether you’re doing a lotus pose, a downward facing dog, a handstand scorpion or any other position in between, you need clothing that won’t hamper your flow and interrupt not only your movement, but also distract your frame of mind. When doing yoga, one therefore needs to wear clothing that will enable and support this type of free movement, providing both ease, comfort, and calm.

The traditional style of yoga pants, commonly referred to as the dhoti, is characterized by a very wide cut and loose fit, and is made of a soft fabric that allows for a wide range of motion. It enables the wearer to move freely, comfortably and without any restriction. These loose fit yoga pants were not only popular before but are still worn today by many yogis and yoginis alike. They’re undoubtedly ideal not only for many physical positions but for the many forms of yoga in general and have therefore stood the test of time.

However, beyond yoga, these loose fit trousers also have a place in any wardrobe. You don’t have to be a yogi or yogini to wear dhoti-style bottoms. The flowy, wide leg trousers, also known as palazzo pants, are also fashionable beyond yoga, and outside of any activewear and athleisure wear purposes. Palazzo pants became particularly popular in the 1960’s. The freedom in movement that the style provided also echoed the cultural freedom of the period. Beyond just a passing trend, palazzo pants are still very popular with today’s fashion. The style can vary in exact width and length, going from loose fit to extremely wide silhouettes, and varying from calf to floor-skimming lengths. Palazzo pants with shorter lengths that are above the ankle are best suited for taller individuals. Longer cuts, on the other hand, can be worn by both taller and shorter individuals alike, and can also be paired with high heel or platform shoes. This style of bottoms, regardless of the particular fabric they’re made of, or whether they’re designed in a solid, neutral color or an eye-catching printed style, can be complimented by almost any style of top. Wear palazzo pants with a simple shirt, a button-down blouse or a fitted tank top. Yoga pants and palazzo pants offer both form and function. From yoga mats to fashion week catwalks to sidewalks all over the world, the wide leg silhouette offers versatility, style, and ease that compliments that dynamic lifestyles of individuals from all parts of the globe.

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