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Acharya Narendra Dev

Acharya Narendra Dev
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Acharya Narendra Dev

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Item Code: NAI448
Author: Bhagawati Sharan Singh
Publisher: Publications Division, Government of India
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788123014418
Pages: 160
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 200 gms
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Writing Acharya Narendra Dev's biography was a challenging task. He left behind, hardly any documents about himself. Even if there were any, they were not preserved. Those who had them, or collected them, declined to part with them. Most of his childhood friends and contemporary acquaintences, were no more. Therefore, collecting the requisite material for his biography, and meeting the people associated with him, to gain information about him, was both time consuming and expenditure incurring. This posed difficulties.

A successful biographer knows how much time and efforts go into compiling an intimate biography. Yet, the request of friends at Publications Division, was my heart's own desire and acceptable too. I will always remain in Acharya's debt. The affection that I received from him, was invaluable. Writing this biography, has not in any way, freed me of his debt, but only increased the yearning to study and understand him better.

This biography is a serious attempt to catch a glimpse into his psyche. If, through this endeavour, there increases in the readers too, the urge to learn more about him, follow his ideals, and read his writings, then I will be happy otherwise too: I will be satisfied, considering this, a tribute to all those who assisted me in writing this, with all their goodwill. I am particularly glad to record my gratitude to Shri Ajay Kumar and Shri Chandra Dutt.




1 Birth and Childhood 1
2 If he had remained only a teacher' 13
3 Education and Educationist 21
4 Entry into politics 32
5 His friends ' circle 40
6 Narendra Dev and Gandhiji 50
7 Patron of Socialism 57
8 Efforts for a classless Society 75
9 Cooperation with Administration 83
10 Narendra Dev: Buddhist Religion and Philosophy 91
11 A Torch-bearer of Indian Culture 105
12 Man of Distinctive Personality 112
13 Benevolent and Gracious Life 122
  Appendix I Narendra Dev, in his own eyes 136
  Appendix II Final Years 152
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