An Analysis of The Brahma Sutra

An Analysis of The Brahma Sutra

Item Code: IDG340
Author: Swami Krishnananda
Publisher: The Divine Life Society
Edition: 2000
Pages: 111
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
Weight 120 gm

1. The Forest of the Brahma Sutra9
2. The Critique of Erroneous Doctrines19
3. Erroneous Notions Refuted28
4. The Origin of Bondage35
5. Towards Liberation42
6. The Controversy Over
Action and Knowledge48
7. Specimens of Vedantic Meditations58
8. Upasana-Upanishadic Meditations 68
9. The Causal Law as a limitation80
10. Vaishvanara Vidya86
11. The Preliminaries to Sadhana90
12. Brahman and Its Realisation99
13. Consideration on Some Issues Arising
in the Brahma Sutra106

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