Astrological Secrets of Friendship, Love and Marriage

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Author: Gopesh Kumar Ojha & Ashutosh Ojha
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9788120835627
Pages: 355 (Figures: 9)
Cover: Hardcover
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description


From the Jacket:


The importance of friendship, love and marriage in life can never be overemphasized. The man-woman relationship as a friend, lover or spouse is significant. But what makes one successful and other not is a mysterious question.

The book reveals that it is the placement of stars which accounts for the hidden astrological secrets of love, friendship and marriage and fructification of their effects. Furthermore, Astrological Secrets Friendship Love and Marriage deals with the female horoscopes in particular to show how do they control men.


About The Author:


Pandit Gpesh Kumar Ojha, has written books on Vedic Astrology, physiognomy, palmistry and various branches of Samudrik Shastra. His books on Astrology are also used as text books in India.

Pandit Ashutosh Ojha, son of Pandit Gopesh Kumar Ojha holds a degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in English literature. For the last four decades he has been intensively practicing and teaching Astrology. He has a clientele spread out in more than one hundred and thirty-five countries.

Just as , (a large black honey bee) while drinking honey does not care for the smell, similarly the 'Chitta" which is all time engrossed into the enchantment of 'Nada', does not desire the gratification of the senses: it is so engulfed into the ecstasy of the 'Nada' that it has lost its wandering nature.

(Nadabindopanishad: s1. 42, 42.5)

The importance of Love, Friendship and Marriage in life can never be over emphasized. The Man-Woman relationship as a friend, lover or spouse is significant. But what is the factor that where one man is successful the other is not. Is he the incarnation of 'Kamadev' or does he know the art of ' Vashikaran'?

We do not think so. It is the placement of stars. All this and more is described in the present book. It deals with the hidden and secret principles of Astrology as related to one's Love life. There are several books. These tell us of how to be successful in. relationships and love or books like 'Kamasutra ' or 'The Joy of Sex' which deal with the performances or try to remove ignorance. There was a time when even speaking of love was' taboo'. But all this has changed.

It is all in our Stars, in our horoscopes, in the placements of Planets and the periodic influences of directions and transits that we are passing through; that our life takes shape. By this statement we are not advocating Fatalism. We in the East do not believe in 'What has to be has to be'. The theory of Karma is threefold and the main thing it emphasizes is that by good actions the past can be eliminated. Control on the mind, by prayers and precautions, the Destiny can be changed. If Fatalism would be real it would bind all our lives into a frigid mould from which none can escape. It would bring the World to standstill and paralyze all activities. The Scriptures do not support this. Even 'Koran' which at bottom so very fatalistic counsels him who wants to go to sleep to hobble his horse. If what has to be has to be then the Prophet Mohammed would have told his disciples to beware of theft?

The present book describes the mysteries, i.e. the hidden Astrological Secrets of Love, Friendship and Marriage and when the effects would fructify.

There is a separate chapter which deals exclusively with the female horoscopes. Women have their superiority and their hold on men have no parallel. Most wars have been fought for or on account of women like the ones for Sita, Draupadi, or Helen of Troy whose beauty had been compared to the Evening Air and thousand of Stars.

"Thou art fairer than Evening Air clad in the beauty of a Thousand Stars Sweet Helen make me immortal with a kiss".

(Dr. Faustus' by Marlowe)

The Adi Shankara who started on his pilgrimage to defeat the pandits in the northern "India in debates to prove the superiority was a worshipper of Brahma. He took to 'sannyasa ' at the age of twelve. "Aham Brahmasmi" viz. I am the Brahma the lord of creation, Near 'Varanasi' he suffered from dysentary and was taking rest under the shadow of a tree when a young girl came to see him. She asked him where he was travelling to.

On being told that he 'is going to North Bihar and Kashmir to defeat the pandits in debates. The young girl smiled and said to him "Those pandits are very learned and you should first try to defeat me so as to have a practice". Shankara replied 'Mother I am weak. I have no 'Shakti' (strength) even to speak- so how can I enter into a 'Vada-Vivad' (discussion) with you.

Hearing him say so the young woman laughed and said if you have no 'Shakti' then why are you a proponent of 'Brahma'? Why do you not worship 'Shakti'? Then and there Adi Shankara realized that 'the Goddess Mother' has come in person to show him the right path of worship suitable for his needs.

He turned to the worship of Shakti and the first shloka that he said in "Saundarya Lahari"-The Wave of Bliss was:

Shiva is able to create only when he is united with Shakti; otherwise the Deva cannot even move about. Therefore, is it possible for those who have not done good Karma either to worship or praise thee that art worshipped by Hari, Hara, Brahma and others.

How correctly it describes that there is no fruition all alone. [The Absolute Brahman of itself cannot do anything. The creative potency is generated by its union with Shakti. A seed has to have earth, water, air, or fire to change and this is where man and woman play the first stage in the order of evolution.] This book has been updated and revised thoroughly.

Appendices and Glossary of the two parts viz., the Western and the Hindu, have been clubbed together. Certain chapters have been rearranged, combined and expanded so that the book becomes complete in itself.



  Preface to the Revised Edition v
  Preface to the First Edition ix
  Introduction 1
1. Principles to Open the Astrological Secrets of Friendship, Love and Marriage 39
    Significators of love affair - importance of 5th and 7th houses - importance of the 7th house and its lord-Significance of Venus - Aspects in Hindu Astrology - Benefic-Malefic - Significators.
2. The Three Centres 51
    Suddarshan Chakra - Computation of the Chakra - Rising Signs; Sun and Moon
    Aphorisms of Sun
    Influence of Sun in the 12 signs - Sun in 12 houses - Sun in 5th forming aspect - Sun in 7th - Sun's aspect with Moon - Special significance in female nativity - Sun's application to Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Herschel Neptune in female nativities - Sun in 7th house in female nativities.
    Aphorisms of Moon
    Influence of Moon in various signs - Moon in various houses - Moon's aspect with Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Herschel - Judgement of Moon in male nativity - Moon in dual signs - Moon's application to Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Herschel Neptune in male nativities - Judgement of moon in female nativity.
3. Aphorisms of Planets 81
    Aphorisms of Mars
    Influence of Mars in various houses - Mars in 5th in aspect with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Herschel, and Neptune - Mars in 7th hous - Aspects of Mars.
    Aphorisms of Mercury
    Influence of the Mercury in the 7th house - in other houses - aspects.
    Aphorisms of Jupiter
    Jupiter is 5th - if afflicted - Jupiter in 7th - good and bad aspects, Jupiter in other houses.
    Aphorisms of VenusM
    Importance of Venus - Influence of Venus in various signs - Venus in different houses - Vens in 5th aspected by Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Herschel, and Neptune; Venusin 7th well-aspected, afflicted by luminaries - Mars, Saturn, Herschel, Neptune; Venus in 11th forming aspects with Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Herschel and Neptune - Aspects of Venus.
    Aphorisms of Saturn
    Influence of dominant Saturn - in a male nativity - in a female nativity - Saturn in 7th - Strong - Week - Saturn in other houses
    Aphorisms of Herschel
    Influence of Herschel in various houses - Special affects in 5th house - Herschel in other houses.
    Aphorisms of Neptune
    Neptune influence in 5th house - in 7th house - in other houses
4. Mutual Harmony 109
    Aphorisms on Mutual Harmony between Two Person of Opposite Sex
    Comparison of two horoscope - for marriage or love affair - significance of ascendant - Sun's position, Moon's position - Sun's aspects in female nativity - Moon's aspects in male nativity - Mutual positions of Mars and Venus in the two nativities - Comparison of Jupiter in one with Saturn in the other nativity - Saturn in one over Meridian cusp in the other - Position of Herschel and Neptune - Aspects between benefic planets in one horoscope and benefic planets in the other.
5. Timing of Events - General Principles 117
    Importance of radix - Chart, Benefic directions of Malefics - Malefic directions of malefic planets - Afflicted planets incapable of doing good - Strong planets do not yield had results - Effect of slow moving planets - Significance of solar and lunar directions - Importance of exciting planets by transit - Importance of environment.
6. Directions of Planets, Houses and their Lords 125
    Solar Directions
    Sun's aspect with Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Herschel and Neptune
    Lunar Directions
    Moon's aspect with its own radical positions - Moon's passage through various houses and signs - Moon's aspect with Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Herschel and Neptune.
    Directions of Mars
    Mars aspect with Jupiter, Mars - Venus direction, Mars - Saturn directions, Mars - Saturn direction, Mars - Herschel directions, Mars - Neptune directions
    Direction of Mercury
    Mercury in 7th in good direction with Jupiter - Mercury Venus directions
    Direction of Jupiter
    Jupiter in good direction with Venus - Adverse direction with Venus - Jupiter, Saturn direction.
    Direction of Venus
    Importance of directions of Venus - Venus in adverse direction with Saturn - Venus good directions with Saturn - Venus - Herschel aspects and directions - Venus - Neptune directions - Venus forming directions with lord of 7th favourable and unfavourable directions of Venus with meridian cusp.
    Direction of Saturn, Herschel and Neptune
    Evil direction Saturn, good directions of Saturn - Direction of Neptune and Herschel.
    Direction of Houses or by Lord Thereof
    Direction to the 1st house or Lord thereof - Progressed ascendant through various signs and decanates - lord of the 1st in good aspect with the lords of other houses. Direction between the lord of 5th and 7th - Lord of 3rd in good and bad aspects with lord of 7th - Lords of 4th, 5th and 6th forming good or evil aspect with lord of 7th - Lord of he 7th forming aspects with lords of other houses.
7. Transits 150
    How They Influence Married Happiness, Love Affairs, etc - Transit of Sun, Moon, Mars etc.
8. Aphorisms of Planets 175
    Aphorisms of Sun
    Influence in 12 signs - Sun in various house - Sun in combination with other planets.
    Aphorisms of Mars
    Moon's influence in the 12 sign analysed - Moon in various houses - Moon's position in 'Navamansh' (1/9th Division of sign) - Moon conjoined with other planets.
    Aphorisms of Mercury
    Mercury's influence in various sign - in various houses in combination with other planets.
    Aphorisms of Jupiter
    Jupiter's influence in various sign - Influence in different houses - when combined with Venus - Saturn.
    Aphorisms of Venus
    Location in various signs - Effect of different planets aspecting Venus - Postion of Venus in various houses analysed - Venus in 7th house - in other houses 0- Joint appraisal of Venus and lord of 7th house - Venus in association with other planets.
    Aphorisms of Saturn
    Location in various signs - houses.
    Aphorisms of Rahu and Ketu
    General Characteristics - Influence in Houses.
9. Lords of House 211
    Aphorisms Pertaining to Lord of 1st House
    Aphorisms Pertaining to Lord of 1st Houses
    Sign on the cusp of 1st house - Lord of 1st configurated with lord of other houses
    Aphorisms of Pertaining to Lord of 2nd House
    Conjoined with benifics - in combination with lords of other houses.
    Aphorisms Pertaining to 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Houses
    Location of their lords in various houses and other combinations.
    Aphorisms of 7th House and Lord Thereof
    Location of planets in 7th - Location of lord of 7th house in various houses - his strength - weakness, combination with other planets and other planets and other factors - extensively examined.
    Aphorisms Pertaining to Lords of 8th to 12th Houses
    Their location - Strength - weakness, combination with other planets.
10. Female Nativities 233
    Aphorisms Particularly Applying to Female Nativities
    Effect of various degrees rising on character and temperament - Location of Moon - Location of planets in various houses - Importance of 8th houses.
11. Mutual Harmony 243
    Aphorisms on Mutual Harmony
    General consideration; Mathematical evaluation of malefic influence in each horoscope - Harmonious points between two horoscopes correct estimate in exact figures.
12. Timing of Events 261
    Directions - Mahadashas of Sun - Moon - Mars - Mercury - Jupiter - Venus - Saturn - Rahu - Ketu - Lords of houses - Effects during Sub Periods.
13. Transits 271
    Good for marriage - Jupiter - Venus - Lord of 1st and 7th houses - Lords of major and minor periods and transists.


I. Calculation of Directions in Western Astrology 277
II. Dasha-Antardashas or Direcitonal Syustem in Hindu Astrology  
III. Friendship and Enmity of Planets  
IV. Sub-Divisions (Vargas)  
V. Precession of the Equinoxes and Nutation from 1900 to 2032  
Glossary of Astrological and Technical Terms 313
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