Astrology for Beginners

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Author: B. V. Raman
Publisher: UBS Publisher’s Distributors Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788185674223
Pages: 132
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
Preface to First Edition

I have pleasure in presenting this little boor designed to give a clear and concise exposition of the essential facts of Astrology. Experience has convinced me that a book free from controversial matters is an absolute necessity to meet the growing demands of the educated public. -

Whilst this little treatise, as its name implies, contains nothing that is difficult to follow, the presentation is bound to make a fascinating appeal to the advanced students as well.

It is earnestly hoped that Astrology for Beginners will be of considerable assistance to those who Contemplate an initial study of Astrology, Many of the artic Oil the subject are Ear too copious—they give so many rules that the beginner becomes utterly bewildered. I have tried to avoid this. The present work by no means exhausts what is known on the subject. But yet, it will be found accurate and reliable as far as it goes, and will enable any one of average intelligence to get a good insight into Astrology.

I take credit to myself to the extent my own humble experience and practice have enable me to present the subject in a lucid and simple manner If a study of this book should excite a wish for further instructions on the subject, I feel myself amply rewarded.

Preface to Twenty-sixth Edition

The sale of twenty five editions of a book during the life-time of the author is a somewhat rare phenomenon in Indian conditions. This bears testimony to the large demand the books on Astrology have when the subject is presented clearly in an easy and intelligible language by experts in the line.

The present edition has been elaborated further and contains two appendices, dealing with Ayanamsa Determination and Determination of ascendant and longitudes of Bhavas according to my “Nirayana Tables of Houses”, thus dispensing with the need for Raphael’s Tables.

I am indeed grateful to the public for the extremely cordial and encouraging reception given to this book as also my other books on Astrology.

I am thankful to UBS Publishers’ Distributors Ltd., New Delhi for having brought out this edition in an attractive manner.


In this book Astrology for Beginners I wish to tell something by way of introduction, about Astrology a subject to confess to an interest in which is to evoke smiles of condescension from otherwise intelligent people and run the risk of being considered an eccentric. The reader is requested to go through this introduction carefully as it enables him to appreciate what Astrology is and how it is different from the so-called occultism so often mixed up with the science of divination. Is Astrology a science? Does it deserve to be ranked among other subjects which have received the stamp of the modern scientist? Many causes have contributed to the degeneration of Astrology. Firstly, there is the impenetrable prejudice which characterizes the majority of the educated public who sneer at Astrology as mere superstition and excuse themselves from any investigation of its claims on the ground that some modern scientists reject it; secondly, the springing up of a large number of quacks charging rupee one per horoscope and playing on the credulity of the masses ; and thirdly, the narrow-mindedness of many of the scientists which has been greatly responsible for the present degradation of Astrology. No man is entitled to pronounce an opinion on the merits of any science unless he has devoted much time to its study and investigation.

What is science? It is knowledge co-ordinate, arranged and synthesized. No science is perfect and no science can be called a chimerical branch before one can claim considerable proficiency in it. Take, for instance, any science and see if it is successful cent per cent or even seventy-five per cent in its experiments. Take the percentage of cures and kills affected by doctors. A learned doctor once observed that if all the Material Medical is thrown into the sea so much the worse for the fishes and so much the better for man. There is a long list of incurable diseases and the medical fraternity blinks before the fury of these diseases. Jurisprudence is a grand science. What do the bright limbs of law mean when they speak about the uncertainties of law? If law is a science, where is the room for failure of justice and prevalence of injustice? Yet some of the lawyers and doctors have the impunity to classify astrologers along with quacks, gypsy’s charlatans and swindlers. When vast sums of money arc spent on such chimerical subjects as meteorology, what justification can the cultured public claim for rejecting Astrology and other sciences propounded by ancient Maharshis ; Astrology is holding its head so proudly under the greatest disadvantages and neglect which arc extended for its vilification and it is high time that sufficient patronage is extended for its revival.

Let us examine the claims of Astrology to be ranked amongst sciences. It investigates into the influences of Time. Astrology is derived from the word Aster—star and Logos—reason or logic. It is called in Sanskrit. Jyotisha or the science of light.

It throws light on the dark recesses of the gloomy future. It attempts to foretell the future history of man, the fates of nations, empires, kingdoms, wars, revolutions and other terrestrial phenomena. It tells all these things not by vague guesses or gesticulations but on the adamantine basis of pure mathematical calculations. By observation, by deduction and most important of all by induction, the astrologer has actually found a correspondence between the movements of planets and events in the life of each individual and this assertion can be tested in a comparatively brief investigation by any intelligent person.

Ancient Mahesh’s were past masters in every branch of knowledge. Ethnology and esoteric science were for the first time promulgated in the world by the savants of India. Messer, Siedenburg, Havelock, Darwin, Leslie Stephen and Spencer have but caught the glimpses of the heights of knowledge attained by Patanjali, Sankara, Vatsayana and Siddhas. The Rishis had solved all problems of life which modern investigation of Time gives us a clue to attempt future predictions. With Time as a function when the results deducted by a series of astronomical observations are applied, our expectation is answered. Every cause must produce an effect. This effect in turn brings forth another effect and this is borne out by experience. The Hindu astrologer believes that man’s actions in this world have a long tie with his moral principles. To him this cult seemed to conform with perfect logic. Then the vision of the transmigration of the soul and the results of his past life repeated in the present floated before him. Naturally he went on reflecting what those results were and how far they affected, deterred and facilitated his present life. Being guided by a series of observations and intuition he discovered that certain mathematical co-ordinates gave satisfactory answers to his queries regarding divining of future events. Stars and planets are but manifestations of matter in space and they can be located if we know the Time. Astrology is the science which records the influence of planets on the terrestrial phenomena. In a book intended for beginners, 1 cannot make the introduction more exhaustive. I would refer my readers to An Introduction to the Study of Astrology by Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao and to my own latest book The Influences of Planets on Hunan Affairs which deal with the rationale of this subject in a more exhaustive manner.

The influences of planets on man can be conveniently classified under three headings, viz., physician environment, mental peculiarities and spiritual aspersions.


Preface to the First Edition vii
Preface to the Twenty sixth Edition ix
Introduction xi
IThe Essentials Explained 1
IICasting the Horoscope 17
IIIHints on Judgment 27
IVLongevity and Death 36
VPersonal Appearance, Character and Mind, Health and Disease 41
VIEducation and Financial Prospects 49
VIIMeans of Livelihood 53
VIIIParents, Brothers, Enemies and Debts 57
IXMarriage and Children 61
XTiming Events 67
XIHorary or Answering Questions 88
XIITransits or Gochara 95
APPENDIX I: Ayanamsa Determination 101
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