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AYURVEDA: For Health and Well-Being

AYURVEDA: For Health and Well-Being
Item Code: IDE760
Author: Shanti Gowans
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8179920569
Pages: 194
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
weight of the book: 265 gms
From the Jacket:

The term Ayurveda means 'The Science of Life'. It comes from the Sanskrit words Ayur meaning life, and Veda meaning knowledge or science.

Having served humanity continuously since time immemorial, Ayurveda is an encyclopedia of ancient wisdom, natural laws and hidden secrets of life. Ayurveda is the healing answer for the new millennium, with its mind-body wisdom enabling us to live magically every day. Ayurveda demonstrates a way for each of us to live in our minds and bodies with greater harmony, understanding, health, intimacy and grace.

About the Author:

Shanti Gowans is a renowned yogi, International spiritual teacher and Living Master. Trained from childhood in the ancient techniques, she is a master of the traditional wisdom and techniques of yoga, as well as in the systems of philosophy and psychology on which such techniques are based.


Part One:What is Ayurveda?
1. Understanding Ayurveda9
2. Longevity, Health, Healing 11
3. Evolution of Ayurveda, Ayurveda Vatarana14
Part Two:Creating the Universe
4. Creation as an on-going event Psycho-Spiritual Foundation20
5. Primordial Pentads Panch Mahabhootas24
    i. The Space Element, Akasha Mahabhoota26
    ii. The Air/Wind Element, Vayu Mahabhoota27
    iii. The Fire Element, Tejas Mahabhoota28
    iv. The Water Element, Jala/Aap Mahabhoota29
    v. The Earth Element, Prithvi Mahabhoota30
Part Three:Nature's Code of Intelligence
6. The senses, Jnanendriyas31
7. Smell, Gandha33
8. What does the Universe taste? Taste, Rasa34
    i. Sweet, Madhura: Nourishes35
    ii. Sour, Amla: References36
    iii. Salt, Lavana: Eliminates37
    IV. Pungent, Katu : Heats39
    v. Bitter, Tikta : Cools40
    vi. Astringent, Kashaya: Constricts41
Relation between Dosha and Taste42
Individual Taste Effects on Doshas42
Balancing the Doshas with Taste42
Part Four:Constitutional Typing - What type are you?
9. Three biological principles, Tri Doshas44
    i. Solid Kapha- Wet, Heavy, Cold 45
    The Five Subtle Forms of Kapha47
    ii. Assertive, Muscular Pitta- Oily, Hot, Irritable49
    The Five Subtle Forms of Pitta 51
    iii. Irregular Vata-Cold, Dry53
    The Five Subtle Forms of Vata55
Attributes of Vata, Pitta and Kapha 57
10. At conception, Prakruti; in the moment, Vikruti58
    Kapha Body Type62
    PittaBody Type62
    VataBody Type63
11. Mind-body history & life tendencies64
Part Five:Interior of the Body
12. Seven Basic Constituents, Sapta Dhatus65
    i. Rasa, Plasma: Nourishment66
    ii. Rakta, Blood: Oxgenation67
    iii. Mamsa, Flesh & Muscle: Movement68
    iv. Meda, Fat: Lubrication69
    v. Asthi,Bone: Support71
    vi. Majja, Bone Marrow: Understanding72
    vii. Shukra: Reproductive Tissue73
Channels, Srotas74
13. Waste products, Tri Malas75
14. The Biological Fire, Agni76
    i. Digestive Fire, Jathara Agni77
    ii. Elemental Fire, Bhoota Agni78
    iii. Tissue Fire, Dhatu Agni79
15. Immunity & Essence, Ojas80
16. Undigested residues, Aama81
Part Six: Ayurvedic medicine
17. Health, Swastha83
18. Examination of the patient86
Mind-Body Examination87
19. Diseases, Vyadhi & Treatment, Chikitsa 88
    i. Symptoms of aggravated Doshas90
    ii. Symptoms of aggravated Sapta Dhatus96
    iii. Symptoms of aggravated Tri Malas99
20. Prevention, Purification, Therapy100
21. Panchakarma Treatments & Allied Procedures103
    1. Prepatory Procedures, Purva Karma105
    i. Oleation & lubrication Therapy, snehana105
    ii. Therapeutic heat, swedana106
    2. The main Pancha Karma treatments 107
    i. Emesis, Vamana107
    ii. Purgation, Virechana107
    iii. Enema, Basti108
    iv. Enrhine therapy, Nasya108
    v. Blood letting, Rakta Mokshan109
    3. Post-operative treatment, Panchat Karma110
    4. Allied procedures111
    Ayurvedic oil massage, Abhyanga112
    Foot/leg massage with reflexology, Padabhyanga Scalp, head, neck, shoulder massage, Shirobhyanga Vital points, Marma113
    Vigorous rubbing with pastes/powders, UbvartanBolus/poultice, Pinda Sweda114
    Drip-flow to the head, Shirodhara114
    Oil, water & decocotion & saturation, Basti114
22. Pharmaceutical drugs116
    Herbal preparations and use119
    1. Fresh Juice, Swa-rasa119
    2. Wet Paste, Bolus, Kalka119
    3. Cold Infusion, Hima119
    4. Hot Infusion, Phant120
    5. Decoction, Kwatha (sometimes spelt Quatha)120
    6. Milk Decoction, Siddha Milk120
    7. Powders, Churna120
    8. Pills, Tablets, Globules, Guti, Vati, Vatika, Modaka121
    9. Medicated Confections, Avalehas122
    10. Medicated or Fermented Wines Asavas or Arishtas122
    11. Medicated Ghee & Oil, Siddha Ghruta & Taila122
    12. Minerals and Metals, Rasas123
23. Therapeutics for the Tri-Doshas125
Part Seven:The Ayurvedic lifestyle
24. Cycles, Seasons, Rhythms128
    1. Spinning of earth: daily cycles129
    2. Rhythm of Seasons130
    3. Lunar 28 day cycle132
    4. Tidal rhythms in the body132
    5. Coherence and Entrailment132
25. Ideal daily routine, Dinacharya133
26. Seasonal regimen, Rutucharya137
27. Daily oil massage, Abhyanga139
Part Eight:Food
28. Ideal food diet, Aahar Sampad144
Function of food144
Forms in which to eat food, Aahar Prakaar145
Factors that determine the utility or otherwise of food146
29. Sequencing of Tastes, Vyavastha147
30. General Principles, Ayurvedic diet148
31. Proper Food Preparation151
Part Nine: The Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle to suit you
32. Anti-Vata Therapy for reducing excess Air152
33. Anti-Pitta Therapy for reducing excess Fire156
34. Anti-Kapha Therapy for reducing excess Water160
Part Ten:Spiritual Health
35. Spiritual Health165
Part Eleven:Glossary of Sanskrit words173
Self-Assessment Chart
Discover your Ayurvedic body type

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