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The Brahmin - A Novel

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The Brahmin - A Novel
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The Brahmin - A Novel

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Item Code: NAP194
Author: Ravi Shankar Etteth
Publisher: Westland Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9789386850713
Pages: 249
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.0 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 190 gms
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About The book

It is a time of violence as well as calm. Men of peace are spreading the message of the Buddha even as monks are being tortured in the dungeons of Pataliputra. In Magadha, all talk is about the impending war against Kalinga. While King Ashoka plots the movements of his ships and cavalry, Queen Asandhimitra broods over the growing unrest in the kingdom. There is only one man they can both trust to take them through this period of uncertainty and looming danger: the enigmatically named Brahmin, skilful spymaster and custodian of Magadha's best-kept secrets.

Lush with historical detail and unforgettable characters, The Brahmin is an intricately plotted novel that seeks to recreate a near-mythical period in India's past.

About The Author

Ravi Shankar Etteth is the author of four novels: The Tiger by the River (2002), The Village of the Widows (2003), The Gold of Their Regrets (2009) and The Book of Shiva (2016). He has been a graphic designer, political cartoonist and editor of magazines and newspapers. He currently lives in Delhi and works as a consulting with The new Indian Express Group.


Murder in the Harem 1
A Fatal Secret 14
The Loyal Assassin 20
Mission of Fear 27
The City of Hell 38
A Veil of Deception 52
A Conspiracy to Murder 56
The Sign of the Blood Flower 65
An Unexpected Visitation 74
Double-cross 75
A Slaying in the Forest 83
Brotherhood of Blood 98
Stranger's Strategem 110
A Warrior Interferes 119
The Queen's Illusion 126
Viceroy's Endgame 142
The War Plans Vanish 152
Royal Apprehensions 163
A Warning in the Night 169
The Girl Dies 172
A Plot of Strangers 179
Gifts from the Enemy 184
The Spy's Escape 193
Feast of Fear 199
Virgins of Death 205
The Brahmin Explains 215
The Terrible Truth 226
Epilogue 240
Acknowledgements 247


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