Brhattrayi Prasnavali (Brief Notes and Multiple Choice Questions From Caraka, Susruta And Astanga Hrdaya Samhitas with comparative analysis) (For All P. G. Entrances and Competitive Tests.)

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Author: Dr. M. Srinivasulu
Publisher: Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8170801907
Pages: 615
Cover: Hardcover
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Weight 700 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business

Author's Note

Though entire universe is a teacher, the process of education starts and continues institutionally in the present day world of competitiveness. To 'compete' means to strive against other or being able to do better than others to secure a position in the given field.

The Ayurvedic science, which is developing in the modern era, still has its roots and branches embedded in the age old Samhitas, which are like diamonds, which will never lose its properties though the time marches. For all Ayurvedic competitive examinations and for knowledge in Ayurveda the prime source is Sambitas in which Brihattrayi (Charaka, Susruta and Astanga Hridaya) principle are the edicts.

Keeping this in view, with the experience of coaching the students for last 7 years, I felt it is essential to have perfect subject knowledge of 'Brihattrayi' to deal with any competitive exam in this field. Some of the entrances like GAU, Jamnagar, NIA Jaipur are mostly based on samhitas. This book has been designed to encourage the reader to read samhitas more and to inculcate the original thought, where by he can deal with any sort of questions. This book is useful not only for P. G. entrances and for other competitive examinations, it is also useful as a quick review of Brihattrayi for scholars, teachers as well as for researchers.

To have more depth of the subject and to have an edge, the most important commentaries like Ayurveda Deepika of Chakrapani, Nibandha Sangraha of Dalhana and Sarvangaa sundara of Aruna Dutta are followed extensively.

For presenting this manuscript in print, I am thankful to the publishers Shri Kamlesh Gupta Ji, CSSO, Varanasi for readily accepting the idea for publishing.

I must thank my students Dr. Rajani, Dr. Karnati, who initiated and helped at various levels in the preparation of this book.

I must thank my wife Smt Vijayalakshmi and my children Mr. Shashikanth, Mrs. Srilatha and Mr. Srikanth who constantly inspired and encouraged me at every stage from manuscript writing to DTP typing and primarily for allotting their time for this work.

. Finally, I must thank all of my students who encouraged and at certain times forced me to conduct P. G. entrance coaching I hope this book will enrich your knowledge of Brihattrayi.


Part-I Caraka Samhita  
  Introduction 1
1 Sutra Sthanam 10
2 Nidana Sthanam 69
3 Vimana Sthanam 84
4 Sarira Sthanm 97
5 Indriya Sthanam 106
6 Cikitsa Sthanam 114
7 Kalpa Sthanam 155
8 Siddhi Sthanam 163
Part - II Susrta Samhita  
  Introduction 179
1 Sutra Sthanam 186
2 Nidana Sthanam 241
3 Sarira Sthanam 265
4 Cikitsa Sthanam 293
5 Kalpa Sthanam 349
6 Uttara Tantra 361
Part - III Astanga Hrdaya  
  Introduction 395
1 Sutra Sthanam 401
2 Sarira Sthanam 457
3 Niddna Sthanam 477
4 Cikitsa Sthanam 518
5 Kalpa Sthanam 545
6 Uttara Sthanam 555
Part - IV    
1 Some Important Slokas From Brhattrayi 585
2 Comparative study of Brhattrayi 599
3 Rtu vicara (Analysis) 609
4 Pancamahabhuta Vicara - (Analysis) 611
5 Guna Vicara - (Analysis) 613

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