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A Comparative Study of Selected Hindustani Raga-s: Based on Contemporary Practice.

A Comparative Study of Selected Hindustani Raga-s: Based on Contemporary Practice.
Item Code: IDE485
Author: Patrick Moutal
Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 1997
ISBN: 8121505267
Pages: 580 (B & W Figures: 29)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.8" X 5.8"
From the Jacket:

The study of Raga forms is the backbone of Hindustani Raga Sangita.

A Comparative Study of Raga-s, offers an up-to-date textbook like compilation on descriptions, forms, movements and spirit of various Raga-s.

Out of the taxonomy of Hindustani repertoire, 74 Raga-s from 5 groups or "families" have been treated (i.e. Kalyana, Saranga, Bhairava, Gauri and Kanada) as well as 17 Raga-s pertaining to miscellaneous groups, thus bringing to 91 the number of Raga-s studied. Investigations have been mainly based on the study of the contemporary Hindi texts written by the most outstanding Indian scholars, on the analysis of sound recorded Raga-s and on the teachings of Dr.K.C. Gangrade (previous Dean and Head of Instrumental Music Dept., Faculty of Performing Arts, Banaras Hindu University). Detailed references have been given to facilitate consulting of the various scholars and artists. As there is a great lack of serious literature available in the English language on this subject, the present study can greatly benefit non-Hindi speaking students and scholars of India and abroad who, because of a mere language difficulty, had difficulties acceding to the analytical world of Raga.

About the Author:

Patrick Moutal is professor of Indian Music at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris. He started studying instrumental music (sitar) at Banaras Hindu University from 1970 and completed a Doctorate in Performance and Compositions (D.Mus) in sitar in 1983. In France he was awarded the French distinction of "Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres". He is a member of the French Ethnomusciocological Society and has also produced a number of L.P. recordings and radio broadcasts. He has published Hindustani Raga Sangata: Une etude de quelques mecanismes de base (CEMO). His other two books Hindustani Ragas Index and A Comparative Study of Selected Hindustani Raga-s based on Contemporary practice and published by Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers.


List of Illustrations17
Preface (Original version)21
Preface (revised and augmented version)23
Acknowledgements (original version)25
Transliteration Code32
Music Notation System34
 A.  Name of the notes with their correspondence34
 B.  Help to the hand-writing of notes and Bola-s35
 C.  Notation System36
Comparative Chart: Music Notation system41

Part I: Raga-s of Kalyana Group

1.Rag Yaman53
2.Rag Shuddh Kalyan59
3.Rag Bhupali65
4.Rag Jait Kalyan69
5.Rag Chandrakant73
6.Rag Puriya Kalyan77
7.Rag Sawami Kalyan81
8.Rag Malashree85
9.Rag Dhavalashree87
10.Rag Hem-Kalyan91
11.Rag Panch Kalyan92
12.Rag Samant Kalyan93
13.Rag Gaur Kalyan94
14.Rag Shree Kalyan94
15.Rag Malarani95
16.Rag Lakshmi Kalyan96
17.Rag Vaijyanti98
18.Rag Durga Kalyan97
Kalyana Group of Raga-s: Conclusion101
Recepitualation: KalyanaRaga-s: (different types)107
Preliminary remarks107

Part II: Raga-s of Saranga Group

1.Rag Vindravani Sarang117
2.Rag Madhyamadi Sarang121
3.Rag Shuddh Sarang125
4.Rag Miya Ki Sarang129
5.Rag Samant Sarang131
6.Rag Badhans Sarang135
7.Rag Lankadahan Sarang139
8.Rag Narayani143
Recapitualation: Saranga Raga-s147

Part III: Raga-s of Bhairava Group

1.Rag Bhairav153
2.Rag Kalingada157
3.Rag Ramkali161
4.Rag Bibhas165
5.Rag Nat Bhairav169
6.Rag Vasant Mukhari171
7.Rag Kaushi Bhairav173
8.Rag Jogiya177
9.Rag Gunkari181
10.Rag Kabir Bhairav185
11.Rag Bairagi Bhairav187
12.Rag Mangal Bhairav189
13.Rag Bangal Bhairav191
14.Rag Sorashtra Bhairav195
15.Rag Prabhat Bhairav199
16.Rag Shiv Mat Bhairav201
17.Rag Anand Bhairav203
18.Rag Bhatiyar207
19.Rag Bhankhar211
20.Rag Madhu Bhairav217
21.Rag Jogi Asavari219
22.Rag Ahir Bhairav221
23.Rag Bhairav Bahar225
24.Rag Devranjani231
25.Rag Desh Gaud233
26.Rag Meghranjani234
27.Rag Jangula235
28.Rag Jhilaf237
Bhairav Group of Raga-s: Conclusion241
Recapitulation: Bhairava Raga-s: (different types)245

Part IV: Raga-s of Gauri Group

1.Rag Gauri259
2.Rag Lalita Gauri265
3.Rag Chaiti Gauri269
Recapitulation: Gauri Raga-s: (different types)273

Part V: Raga-s of Kanada Group

1.Rag Darbari Kanada285
2.Rag Adana Kanada293
3.Rag Naiki Kanada299
4.Rag Suha Kanada307
5.Rag Sughrai Kanada313
6.Rag Suha Sughrai Kanada317
7.Rag Devsakh321
8.Rag Bhavsakh327
9.Rag Ram Sakh333
10.Rag Shahana343
11.Rag Raisa Kanada349
12.Rag Huseni Kanada353
13.Rag Mudriki Kanada369
14.Rag Kafi Kanada381
15.Rag Bageshree Kanada385
16.Rag Kausi Kanada393
17.Rag Abhogi Kanada411

Part VI: Miscellaneous Raga-s

1.Rag Ahir Lalit421
2.Rag Pancham425
3.Rag Gandhari437
4.Rag Devgandhar441
5.Rag Jait445
6.Rag Hemant451
7.Rag JhinJhoti455
8.Rag Kalavati461
9.Rag Lalit Pancham465
10.Rag Dhanashree468
11.Rag Multani475
12.Rag Multani Dhanashree477
13.Rag Khat479
14.Rag Vashaspati485
15.Rag Madhukauns487
16.Rag Bhinna Shadj489
17.Rag Maligatura493
Index of Raga-s examined in the Text
(English based form / Transliteration / Devanagari
Musicology Terminology
(English based form / Transliteration / Devanagari

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