Dasa System and Prediction

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Author: V.S. Kalyanraman
Publisher: CBH Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9789383811007
Pages: 370
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About the Book

In this book, a volley of major ancient texts like, Paraasara Samhlta, Sarvaartha Chlntamanl, Phaladeeplka and the Tamil classic Jathaka Alankaaram, have been mainly depended upon to enunciate the results. Introducing the basic concepts of the Dasa system as existing In different texts, the reader Is taken to a deep discussion of Udu dasa system, which Is the present prevalent system on which the dasa prediction Is based and Is In practice. Replete with tables on different systems and how they are arrived at, the Introduction deals with an overview of the different dasa systems In Indian astrology as culled out from different classic astrology texts. The lntroductory chapters are illustrated with tables for dasa periods and how to calculate the periods of different dasa for each planet. The second section goes Into general dasa prediction for each Planet and Its positioning In each rasi and then delves with direct prediction for sub period and antardasas of each planet. The predictions are so arranged that the book can be used as ready reference to arrive at the results for each planet and Its sub periods. The book Is Intended to be a ready-reckoner, to the students and practitioners alike and this book can help them to assort, assimilate and arrange the dasa results for any particular horoscope they are examining In an assiduous way.

About the Author

V.S.Kalyanraman is a mathematician and an amateur astronomer by training, a bureaucrat by profession and a student of astrology by passion. The author had his traditional training in astrology under a veteran astrologer of Kerala. In the fifties, he turned to serious study of Salva Siddhanta, Philosophy, psychology, Vedic Numerology and allied disciplines, under various masters of repute.

He is handling regular monthly features and Book Reviews for the reputed Astrological Magazine of Bangalore for over three decades. His regular "Astro Musings" column in the EXPRESS STAR TELLER and his articles and features in the Astrological e-Magazine have gained wide attention and approbation. His other books are Indian Astrology an appraisal, Yogas in Astrology, Muhoortha Sangraha.


All know that the great astrological Aacharya Varaahamihira has not dealt with the subject ofUdudasa in his super classic Brihatjaataka. However, Paraasara who lived earlier has dealt the subject with much elaboration in his famous Sarnhita. The author of Jaataka Chandrika mentions clearly that he stands guided by the exposition Nakshatra Dasa as expounded by Paraasara. From the commentary of Bhattotpala on Brihatjaataka, we can infer that the use ofUdudasa was prevalent earlier to his times. The present effort is only a compilation of all that have been told about the subject in the works of repute like Saaraavali, Phaladeepika, Sarvaartha Chintamani, Jaatakaalankaara and others and has been attempted considering the importance and usefulness for predictive purposes.

Paraasara Sarnhita, while detailing the Dasas, has mentioned that though there are many dasa systems, the Vimshottari is the prominent one. It mentions about 32 types of dasas. They are: l. Vimshottari; 2. Ashtottari; 3. Shadasottari; 4. Dwadashottari; 5. Panchasottari; 6. Shatabdika; 7. Chaturashitisama; 8. Dwisapatatisama; 9. Shashtihayani; 10. Shattrimshasama or Shatrimshatsama; 11. Kala; 12. Chakra; 13. Kalachakra; 14. Chara; 15. Sthira; 16. Brahma-Graha; 17. Yogaardha; 18. Kendradi; 19. Karaka; 20. Mandooka; 21. Shoola; 22. Trikona; 23. Driga; 24. Rashi; 25. Panchaswara; 26. Yogini; 27. Pinda Amsa; 28. Naisargika; 29. Ashtakavarga; 30. Sandhya; 31. Panchaka; 32. Tara.

These Dasas are explained below. In some cases detailed expositions are left out considering their complex nature and constraints of space, as otherwise they may require lengthy narrations and as mostly our present task is only an elaborate exposition of the Vimshottari dasa.

l. Vimshottari Dasa

In this scheme each nakshatras starting from Krittika is allotted the nine Dasas of the Sun (Surya), Moon (Chandra), Mars (Angaraka), Raahu, Jupiter (Guru), Saturn (Sani), Mercury (Budha), Ketu and Venus -(Sukra). Again the Anujanma nakshatras of those nakshatras from Uttaraphalguni get the same sequence of Dasas. Finally the Trijanma nakshatras from Uttarashada also get the Dasas in the same order.


2.Distribution of Periods in Vdu Dasa19-29
3.Some Hints on the Phalanirnaya in Vdu dasa30-39
4.1nterpretation of Dasa results40-60
5.General effects of Bhuktis61-65
6.Dasa Scheme66-68
Dasa Predictions
7.Ketu Dasa69-92
General results67
Ketu - Ketu Bhukti74
Ketu - Sukra Bhukti76
Ketu - Soorya Bhukti79
Ketu - Chandra Bhukti81
Ketu - Kuja Bhukti83
Ketu - Rahu Bhukti86
Ketu - Guru Bhukti88
Ketu - Sani Bhukti90
Ketu - Budha Bhukti93
8.Sukra Dasa95-128
General results96
Sukra - Sukra Bhukti108
Sukra - Soorya Bhukti110
Sukra - Chandra Bhukti112
Sukra - Kuja Bhukti115
Sukra - Rahu Bhukti117
Sukra - Guru Bhukti119
Sukra - Sani Bhukti121
Sukra - Budha Bhukti124
Sukra - Ketu Bhukti126
9.Soorya Dasa129-165
General results129
Soorya - Soorya Bhukti140
soorya - Chandra Bhukti142
soorya - Kuja Bhukti146
soorya - Rahu Bhukti149
soorya - Guru Bhukti151
soorya - Sani Bhukti154
soorya - Budha Bhukti156
soorya - Ketu Bhukti160
soorya - Sukra Bhukti163
General results166
Chandra - Chandra Bhukti176
Chandra - Kuja Bhukti179
Chandra - Rahu Bhukti181
Chandra - Guru Bhukti184
Chandra - Sani Bhukti Chandra186
Budha Bhukti Chandra189
Ketu Bhukti Chandra191
Sukra Bhukti Chandra194
Soorya Bhukti197
11.Kuja Dasa200-234
General results200
Kuja - Kuja Bhukti211
Kuja - Rahu Bhukti213
Kuja - Guru Bhukti215
Kuja - Sani Bhukti218
Kuja - Budha Bhukti221
Kuja - Ketu Bhukti224
Kuja - Sukra Bhukti226
Kuja - Soorya Bhukti229
Kuja - Chandra Bhukti231
12.Rahu Dasa235-264
General results235
Rahu - Rahu Bhukti242
Rahu - Guru Bhukti245
Rahu - Sani Bhukti247
Rahu - Budha Bhukti250
Rahu - Ketu Bhukti252
Rahu - Sukra Bhukti255
Rahu - Soorya Bhukti257
Rahu - Chandra Bhukti260
Rahu - Kuja Bhukti262
13.Guru Dasa265-297
General results265
Guru - Guru Bhukti278
Guru - Sani Bhukti280
Guru - Budha Bhukti282
Guru - Ketu Bukti285
Guru - Sukra Bhukti287
Guru - Soorya Bhukti289
Guru - Chandra Bhukti291
Guru - Kuja Bhukti293
Guru - Rahu Bhukti295
14.Saru dasa298-332
General results298
Sani - Sani Bhukti309
Sani - Budha Bhukti311
Sani - Ketu Bhukti313
Sani - Sukra Bhukti315
Sani - Soorya Bhukti318
Sani - Chandra Bhukti320
Sani - Kuja Bhukti322
Sani - Rahu Bhukti324
Sani - Guru Bhukti326
15.Budha Dasa333-367
General results329
Budha - Budha Bhukti341
Budha - Ketu Bhukti343
Budha - Sukra Bhukti345
Budha - Soorya Bhukti348
Budha - Chandra Bhukti350
Budha - Kuja Bhukti353
Budha - Rahu Bhukti356
Budha - Guru Bhukti358
Budha - Sani Bhukti361
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