Dimensions Beyond the Known By Osho

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Author: Osho
Publisher: Rebel Books
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 8172612249
Pages: 237
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 7.8 inch X 5.0 inch
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Osho responds to questions on some of life’s greatest mysteries, including the esoteric roots of religious experience, and what happens after we die. Speaking from his own personal experience, he opens up a vast new perspective on the universe and its infinite possibilities.

“Just as death faces an individual, so now death shows its dark face before the collective consciousness of an entire civilization. And that civilization’s collective mind becomes ready to go deep into the realms of religion and the unknown.”

From the Jacket

“I never had any feeling to erect barriers in front of a natural process.

Whatsoever was happening was allowed to happen. If things are always allowed to happen that way, one will transcend beyond one’s usual existence, because then one is not the doer.”

Millions of people worldwide have been inspired by Osho’s radical approach to life and meditation.

As we search for meaning and transformation in the everyday challenges of contemporary life, his wisdom and humor touch our very core. His call to celebrate the whole of our humanity – both our inner and outer worlds – lays the foundation for a life of personal freedom and responsibility beyond anything we have ever known.


\What man calls the universe is not the limit of existence; it is only the limit of man’s senses. Beyond these senses is the limitless expanse. This limitless expanse can never be wholly attained through the senses, because the senses perceive only a fragment, only a part. And what is limitless, infinite, can- not be subjected to fragmentation and division. No limited means can measure that which is limitless. W7hat is limitless can be grasped only through the limitless.

And those who have known it have not known it through their senses or their intellect; they have known it by becoming limitless themselves.

This is possible because in the apparently insignificant and limited man, the limitless too is present. Man does not end at the senses, nor is he only senses. He is spread in dimensions beyond the senses. What is seen is the point of his beginning, and not his end-limit. He is invisible. The invisible is seated within the circumference of the visible.

Without right-seeing, man is blind. Having eyes he has no sight. Sight is attained through right—seeing — the real eye, the eye that is beyond the senses. Then boundaries disappear, the lines of division are no more, and that which is — the beginning less and the endless expanse, Brahman — is attained.

This attainment is liberation, because every limitation is bondage, every limitation is dependence. To go beyond limitation is to become Free.


1. Nothing Else to Tell Except This 2
2. Why I have come 52
3. Paths are many, The travelers are few 102
4. This is a time of Crists 150
5. The birth of a New Man 186
6. Life is full of Mysteries 212
About the Author 233
Osho International Meditation Resort 235
For more Information 237
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