Essence of Hundred Senses

Essence of Hundred Senses

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Author: Mridu Pradip Jain
Publisher: Maitri Charitable Foundation
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788188795055
Pages: 472
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.5 inch x 5.0 inch
Weight 420 gm
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These enriching stories comprise the essential nectar of life, sustaining us with their sweetness,yet acting as the bee of enlightenment whose sharp sting awakens our soul. They are useful like the legendary kamdhenu and life-nourishing like the potent sanjivini. In times of tension, collision and fragmentation these erudite stories help restore vigour, vitality and sagacity therby renewing our life cleansing our soul and adding beauty to our emotions. Thus this book is the elixir of life that must be read contemplated and absorbed.

About the Book

Unique as fingerprints is every story of emotion, precious is the value of every moral in proportion.

Deep and vast like the sea is the world of senses five. Where emotions rise like bobbles in the wide and varied sky of life.

Valuable and steady is our inside as our outside shall fade away, sensible is he who can make the real from the fake.

Tending the heart of virtues, illumining the sense of senses, blooming the petals of the soul, is Essence of hundred senses.

These enriching stories comprise the essential nectar of life, sustaining us with their sweetness, yet acting as the bee of enlightenment whose sharp sting awakens our soul.

They are useful like the legendary kamdhenu and life-nourishing like the potent sanjivini.

In times of tension, collision and fragmentation these erudite stories help restore vigour, vitality and sagacity thereby, renewing our life, cleansing our soul and adding beauty to our emotions.

Thus, this book is the elixir of life that must be read, contemplated and absorbed.


Everyone has an existence in this world but only a few have towering personalities. Existence is gained easily but the personality has to be developed over a period of time. Many factors come into play in the development of the personality but good company and good literature are foremost. Good advice, good thought and good company help us to develop a character and a positive attitude necessary to face adverse situations in life. This disposition transforms selfishness into selfless service and sacrifice. Negative thoughts are eliminated and lofty thoughts begin to flow easily enabling us to instil good virtues. These not only provide us immense strength but also form a solid base from which emanates an amiable personality.

Human life revolves around virtues. Virtues are both inborn and inculcated. Inborn virtues result from past deeds whereas inculcated virtues are the product of one’s present behaviour. A spiritual and ethical environment reinforce good virtues. Good stories admirably help to create this environment. The morals conveyed through these stories are quite easily transformed into virtues.

In the present book, we have adopted the method of storytelling to reiterate the morals inherent in the traditional set-up if life. Philosophers’ sayings and quotations have a permanent effect. The pointed messages contained in them leave a lasting impression on the human mind. Brevity and meaningfulness characterize such quotes and stories. These quotes and stories loaded with wisdom and derived from age-old experience, mythology, historical events and natural laws tend to become universally accepted.

In this book, we have put together moral and attitude-building stores. These legends have been told briefly with some facts being stated explicitly. The essence has been given preference over the presentation of the stories. In each story the essentials emerge at the end like the small quantity of milk. The striking and important facts make the stories not only readable and unforgettable but adorable as well; thereby bringing an effect in every wake of life.

Just as massive aircraft, rockets and machines consist of many small parts, quotes and sayings proven by several short stories form the basis of a great life. These tales of wisdom embody the ideals of numerous sages and narrate inspiring events from the lives of devotees, scholars and illustrious kings. Virtues like politeness, truthfulness, fearlessness, justice, bravery, compassion, tolerance and dutifulness from the essence of these stores. These tales are characterized by their ability to influence human beings genuinely in an interesting and positive manner delightfully tickling all the five senses.

We thank all the enlightened souls whose indeals, writings, guidance and blessings, directly or indirectly have helped in researching, modifying, writing and editing these stories.

May these hundred inspiring stories illuminate the lives of all human beings ethically, socially and personally. We hope that they will be the reader’s friend, philosopher and guide.

These stories have been earlier published in the book Sau Baton Ki Ek Baat in Hindi. Mrs Mridu Pradip Jain was entrusted with the English translation. Maitri charitable foundation undertook the work of transforming Sau Baaton Ki Ek Baat into Essence of Hundred Senses. This organization has been publishing books on Life’s philosophy written by us in Hindi and English. Maitri Charitable Foundation has been publishing books on Life by the Sadhvi Yugal.


My Learning and Turning Point7
1Money is Honey,sonny14
2Black is Black, White is White17
3A Bitter Nature Dooms a Smooth Sail20
4Fortune Rules Over Ruler's Rule24
5Fret Fir Worse Than Pyre29
6You Pay as You Say33
7Seize Time by Forelock37
8Talking in a Familiar Vein42
9Shared Needle Weighs Heavier46
10Only a Fool Imitates50
11One and One is Eleven55
12Fair We Are as We Are60
13There's Wreath Till the Last Breath64
14What Has to Happen Will Happen69
15Backlash for the Unlucky76
16The Mathematics of Mystical Thoughts80
17Clear Speaking for Joyous Living84
18What You Give is Yours88
19No Mark to Truth's Spark92
20The Mechanism of Goodness97
21Learner is Governor102
22Do Not Copy, You are Not Floppy107
23An Empty Mind is a Devil's Workshop112
24Revered Hour the Preferred Hour116
25One End to All Bends121
26Tribute to Able Attribute126
27Fair Means Bring Fair Money131
28Sin Will Surely be Seen136
29You Gains are in Your Pain141
30Silence is Bliss146
31Tomorrow Never Comes151
32A Pure Heart Needs No Holy Dip155
33When Death Calls None Sayings160
34Older People, Wiser Sayings165
35Prestige is Priceless170
36Humility gets Stability175
37Master's Voice is My Choice178
38Aspire Only If You Perspire182
39Ever Empty is the House of Greed188
40Conquer One to Conquer All193
41Perception is Individual197
42Patience is Not a Marathon201
43This World is But a Dream206
44Who is Fateful?211
45Oil of Hope215
46Opportunity Knocks But Once219
47Give a Gift of Yourself223
48Share and Be a King228
49Bitter Tongue, You are Sunk232
50Practise What You Preach236
51Physical Beauty is Transient241
52Magnet of Virtues245
53The Shield of Instant Charity249
54Soul Guard254
55Familiarity Breeds Contempt258
56The Shadow of Wisdom264
57The Beautiful Feeling of Shame269
58Judge Not a Dish by Its Plate274
59Sail in One Boat at a Time279
60Selfishness Rules Obedience283
61Nurture Root and Reap Fruits287
62Weigh Your Pros and Cons292
63Man is What He Eats297
64Give Not Thy Tongue Too Much Liberty301
65One Hand Washes the Other306
66Humility Begets Superiority310
67Self Help is the Best Help315
68Death is Inevitable319
69Have a Golden Tongue323
70Peace at Home Brings Ease328
71Harm Not, Help Others332
72Harbinger of Real Life337
73You Go Empty-handed342
74Cut Your Coat According to Your Cloth346
75The Winds of Time351
76Practice Leads to Perfection356
77Perseverance Always Pays361
78Simple Living, High Thinking365
79Food - Elixir or Poison?369
80The Tongue Needs Control374
81A Pure Heart's Error Can be Forgiven378
82The Doors of Perception383
83Respect Reciprocates Esteem388
84Company Influences the Persona392
85Seek Within Self396
86Miseries Haunt Wealth401
87On the Horns of a Dilemma405
88A Lie Has No Leg411
89Ever Tall is the Sanctity Wall416
90Give a Gift of Life422
91Effort Gets Reward, Goodness Gets Regards427
92Nurture the Roots of Religion431
93The Miracle of Thoughts436
94Selfless Service is Reward to Self441
95Morning Shows the Day445
96A Puffed Head Floats Down449
97The World is a Mirror454
98Your Honour Lies in Your Own Hands459
99The Virus of Ninety -nine464
100Essence of Hundred Senses468
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