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Fortune Telling from The Permutation and Its Combination of The Planets

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Fortune Telling from The Permutation and Its Combination of The Planets
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Item Code: NAL934
Author: R.G. Rao
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788170822431
Pages: 234
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 290 gms

I am releasing my ninth publication with your generous and wholehearted cooperation.

Ever since I was very young I used to study many Astrological Books and give predictions based on the predictive parts thereof. But I was not many a time correct in my forecast and when confronted and told about my failures, I somehow used to justify my predictions by resorting to fallacious logic. [Because of their of having consulted me the consultants used to part with their money reluctantly cursing their own “Karma” for my failures]. Out of ten predictions given out by me, even if one or two would come true, I used to feel very proud of myself, congratulate myself and used to feel that was the very incarnation of Brahma the Creator. But I knew in my heart that the correctness of one or two of my prediction was more due to chance than to my own skill. After sometime I picked up knowledge of Palmistry and the predictions made by me on the basis of a combined knowledge of Palmistry and Astrology used to come true to a great extent than before.

But I had a growing feeling feeing that there were hidden secrets in Astrology which I had not known. Once when I went to consult a Nadi Astrologer about my own future, everything about me from 1961 upto December 1989 (I went for consultation in 1961) was given out to me. I am glad to divulge that whatever was predicted about me including auspicious as well as inauspicious events, deaths in family circles, funeral ceremonies came true. This made me feel that there must be something secret and hidden in Astrology and that I must make earnest efforts to study Nadi Astrology to unearth the same. With the help of friend and incurring monetary expenditure there-on I conducted researches in Nadi Astrology and realized that the governing of aspects of Planets or “KARAKATWAS” of planets are most important and all predictions have to be attempted based on these basic planetary governing aspects. I experimented on many birth charts and came to know the basic truth underlying correct and scientific predictions. I published these hidden secrets of Nadi Astrology in a compendium entitled “BHRUGU NANDI NADI” which received universal acclaim. Realising that it would be very difficult for students of Astrology to understand these gems of Astrological secrets without full and complete explanation. I brought out another publication entitled planetary Permutations and combinations and is releasing the same herewith as first part. Herein I have followed the method of questions and answers in the beginning. I crave the indulgence of the readers to go through the same with earth application.

I offer my heartfelt thanks and respects to all those who have helped me to bring forth this volume and especially to Shri A. Satyanarayana lyer for his invaluable help in translation and discussion and to Sarvashri Murugan, Ganeshan, S.T.Sharma and Nagesh Rao for having helped me with Nadi texts.



1 Preface 1
2 Important Notes 2
3 Planetary Permutations and Combinations and Their Effects on Human Being 15
3.1 Sun in Different Signs 15
3.2 Moon in Different Signs 17
3.3 Mars in Different Signs 20
3.4 Mercury in Different Signs 24
3.5 Jupiter in Different Signs 27
3.6 Venus in Different Signs 29
3.7 Saturn in Different SIGNS 32
3.8 Dragon's Head (Rahu) in Defferent Signs 35
3.9 Dragon's Tail (Ketu) in Different Signs 36
4 Planetary Permutations and Combinations - Two Planets 36
4.1 Sun With Other Planets 38
4.2 Moon With Other Planets 41
4.3 Mars With Other Planets 44
4.4 Mercury With Other Planets 46
4.5 Jupiter With Other Planets 48
4.6 Venus With Other Planets 50
4.7 Saturn With Other Planets 52
5.0 Interchange of Planets 52
6.0 Retrogression of Planets 55
7.0 Description of Countries According to Governing Planets 56
8.0 Planetary Permutations and Combination - Three Plants 57
8.1 Sun With Other Planets 57
8.1.1 About HIMSELF 63
8.1.2 About the Native's Father 64
8.2 Moon With Other Planets 76
8.2.1 Special Note 94
8.3 Mars With Other Plantes 94
8.3.1 In Successive Rashis 110
8.4 Mercury With Other Planets 113
8.5 Jupiter With Other Planets 130
8.6 Venus With Other Planets 153
8.7 Saturn With Other Planets 162
8.8 Dragon's Head With Other Planets 201
9.0 Planetary Permutation and Combinations - Four Planets 207
10.0 Planetary Exchanges, Related Combinations and Consequent Effects 215
11.0 Planetary Exchange Combinations 223
12.0 Four Planet Combinations 227


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