From Amma’s Heart: Conversations with Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

From Amma’s Heart: Conversations with Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

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Author: Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri
Publisher: Amrita Books, Kerala
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788192013718
Pages: 268
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 Inch X 5.5 Inch
Weight 290 gm
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For the past 30 years, Amma has dedicated her life to uplift suffering humanity through the simplest of gestures—an embrace. In this Intimate manner, Amma has blessed and consoled more than 30 million people throughout the world. Wherever she travels—be it in India, America or Europe—thousands flock to seek her boundless love and compassion, her solace and her wisdom. From Amma’s Heart is a collection of Amma’s answers to questions asked during her programs in the West since 1999. Amma Speaks on a vast range of topics, including the nature of birth and death, worldly relationships, war and peace, and spiritual practices and philosophy. No matter the question, Amma answers in her own inimitable earthy style—full of the love of a mother and the wisdom of a true spiritual master, presenting the most esoteric of spiritual truths in a manner so simple that even a child could understand.


Without verbal communication, human existence would be miserable. Exchanging ideas and sharing emotions are part and parcel of life itself. However, it is the silence that we acquire through prayer and meditation that really helps us find peace and true happiness in this noisy world of conflict in differences and competition.

In normal every day life, where people have to interact and communicate in numerous situations, observing silence is difficult. And even if our surroundings are conducive to quietude, remaining silent is not so easy. It can even drive ordinary human beings crazy. However, blissful silence is the true nature of divine personalities such as Amma.

Watching Amma deal with various situations and people all over the world, I have seen the grace and perfection with which She switches from one mood to another. One moment, Amma is the supreme Spiritual Master and, the next, the compassionate mother. Sometimes she takes the mood of a child, at others of an administrator. After advising CEOs, award-winning scientists and world leaders, she simply gets up and walks to the darshan ball, where She receives and consoles thousands of Her children from all walks of life. Generally, Amma spends Her whole day—and most of Her night—comforting Her children, listening to them, wiping their tears, infusing them with faith, confidence and strength. Throughout all this, Amma ever remains in Her natural serene state. She never gets tired. She never complains. Her face is always aglow with that radiant smile. Amma the extraordinary in ordinary form dedicates every moment of Her life to others.

What makes Amma different from us? What is the secret? From where does Her infinite energy and power come? Amma’s presence reveals the answer to these questions so clearly and tangibly. Her words reaffirm it: “The beauty of your words, the charm in your actions, the allure of your movements all depend on the amount of silence you create within. Humans have the capacity to go deeper and deeper into that silence. The deeper you go, the closer you come to the Infinite.”

That profound silence is the very core of Amma’s existence. The unconditional love, unbelievable patience, extraordinary grace and purity—everything Amma embodies are extensions of the vast silence in which She revels. There was a time when Amma wouldn’t speak like She does today. Once, when asked about this, Amma said, “Even if Amma spoke, you wouldn’t understand anything.” Why? Because, as ignorant as we are, we cannot begin to comprehend the highest and subtlest experience in which Amma is established. Then why is Amma speaking? It is best to put it in Amma’s own words: “If nobody guides the seekers of Truth, they may quit the path, thinking there is no such state as Self-realization.”

In fact, Great Souls such as Amma would rather remain silent than talk about the reality behind this objective world of happenings. Amma very well knows that Truth, when conveyed through words, inevitably is distorted, and that our limited, ignorant minds will incorrectly interpret it in the way that least disturbs our ego. Even so, this embodiment of compassion speaks to us, answers our questions and clears our doubts, knowing full well our minds will only create more and more confusing questions. It is Amma’s patience and untainted love for humanity that causes her to keep responding to our silly queries. She will not stop until our minds, too, become blissfully silent.

In the conversations recorded in this book, Amma, the Master of Masters, is bringing her mind down to the level of her children, helping us obtain a glimpse of the changeless reality that serves as the substratum for the changing world.

I have been collecting these pearls of wisdom since 1999. Almost all the conversations and beautiful incidents herein were recorded during Amma’s Western tours. Sitting by Amma’s side during darshan, I have been trying to listen to the sweet, divine melodies of Amma’s heart, which she is ever ready to share with her children. Capturing the purity, simplicity and profundity of Amma’s words is not easy. It is definitely beyond my capacity. However, by sheer merit of her infinite compassion, I have been able to record these divine utterances and reproduce them here.

Like Amma Herself, Amma’s words, too, have deeper dimension than immediately meets the eye—an infinite aspect that the ordinary human mind cannot grasp. I have to confess my own inability to fully understand and appreciate the deeper meaning of Amma’s words. Our minds, which loiter in the trivial world of objects, cannot begin to comprehend that highest state of consciousness, from where Amma is speaking. That said, I strongly feel Amma’s words contained herein are very special and somehow different from those found in previous books.

My earnest desire was to select and present Amma’s beautiful and informal talks to Her children. It took me four years to collect them. Within is carried the whole universe. These words come from the depths of Amma’s consciousness. So, just beneath their surface, is that blissful silence— Amma’s true nature. Read with a deep feeling. Contemplate and meditate on that feeling and the words will reveal their inner meaning.

Dear readers, I am sure that the contents of this book will enrich and enhance your spiritual quest by clearing your doubts and purifying your minds.


Foreword 9
Purpose of Life 13
Be Patient Because You Are a Patient 17
The Real Meaning of Dharma 20
Love & Love 23
Consciousness Always Is 24
Consciousness Always Is 26
No Claims 29
Importance of the Guru on the Spiritual Path30
Amma’s Healing Touch 32
Pain of Death 35
Humanity at Present 37
Shortcut to Self-Realization 39
To Progress Spiritually 40
The Mind of a Self-Realized Soul 43
Distance Between Amma and Us 46
Amma’s Ways 48
No New Truth 51
Truth 52
One-Sentence Piece of Advice 54
Need for a Time Table 58
Self-Effort 59
Grace 61
Sannyas: Beyond Categorization 63
A Divine Play in Mid-Air 65
Sympathy & Compassion 67
True Love Is the State of Complete Fearlessness 70
Do’s & Don’ts 71
Amma, an Offering to the World73
Satguru’s Form 75
Perfect Disciples 76
Vedanta & Creation 78
“Are You Happy?” 83
A Great Example 84
Relationships 85
What Does a True Master Do? 90
A Mahatma’s Actions 92
Amma’s Hugs Awaken 94
How to Make the World into God 95
Power of Amma’s Words 96
Scientists & Saints 100
How to Go Beyond Thoughts? 101
Violence, War & The Solution 103
Christ & Christianity 107
Initiation into a Christ Mantra 110
Deluded Seekers & the Way Out 112
A True Master’s Help to Complete the Journey 114
An Innocent Heart’s Offering 115
Hotline to God 116
Like a River Flowing… 117
Vedic Sounds & Mantras 118
Something Lacking 120
World and God 122
Unlimited Patience 127
Unconditional Love & Compassion 132
The Easiest Path 133
Enlightenment, Surrender & Living in the Present 134
Japa Mala & Cell Phone136
A Living Upanishad 137
The Greatest Lesson in Life149
Art & Music151
Wellspring of Love153
Why Do You Hug?154
Every Moment a Precious Lesson155
Understanding an Enlightened Being157
Amma, the Inexhaustible Energy159
The Lost Son Found161
Ignorance Is the Problem166
Interpreting Humility168
Are We Special?169
Self-Help or self-help170
Ego Is Only a Small Flame173
The Chocolate Kiss & The Third Eye176
The Nature of Enlightenment 178
The Seer180
Innocence Is Divine Shakti183
Amma Cannot Be Otherwise184
Like Recognizing Your Beloved185
The Feeling of Otherness186
Is God Male or Female? 188
Spirituality Creates Balance190
Attachment & Love191
How to Overcome Life’s Dangers193
Do Not Hoard God’s Wealth197
Amma & Nature199
Sannyas, The Peak of Human Existence203
There Is Only One Dharma207
Unified Action as Dharma210
Devotion & Awareness211
Helping the Disciple’s Closed Heart to Open212
Meaning of Thankfulness214
The Power Behind the Body215
Two Vital Experiences217
Considering Others218
Womb of Love222
Are Spiritual People Special?223
Just a Temporary Stop225
What the Mind Hears227
Love & Fearlessness228
Why Are There Wars?231
How can We Make Amma Happy?233
The real Problem234
Nothing Wrong With the World235
Why Follow the Spiritual Path?236
Handling Spiritual Energy239
An Innocent Heart’s Complaint & Compassion238
Waking Up the Dreaming Disciple 240
Obedience to the Guru242
The Horizon Is Here243
Faith & Rosary245
Love & Surrender247
Awareness & Alertness248
Faith Makes Everything Simple249
Focusing on the Goal250
Action and Bondage251
For Discrimination to Grow252
The Final Leap253
The Happiest Moment in Amma’s Life254
The Biggest Gift Amma Gives256
Love Makes Everything Alive257
A Great Lesson in Forgiveness260
Not Thinking, But Trusting 267
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