The Fundamentals of Hinduism (A Philosophical Study)
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The Fundamentals of Hinduism (A Philosophical Study)

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Author: Satischandra Chatterjee
Publisher: University of Calcutta
Language: English
Edition: 2013
Pages: 218
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India won her independence after a long period of hard struggle and intense suffering. Since then there has been a general awakening of interest in Indian thought and culture in this country and abroad. Hinduism contains the most important elements of Indian culture. But it has been, and still now is, as much appreciated by some as depreciated by others.

The object of this book is to present the fundamental principles and doctrines of the Hindu religion with its philosophical background. This background is partly implicit in the religion itself, but more fully and explicitly stated in the different systems of Hindu philosophy. Those who are not conversant with Hindu philosophy are, therefore, apt to misunderstand and misrepresent Hindu religion. This is just what one finds to be the case with many unenlightened followers of the faith, as well as some enlightened but unsympathetic critics in India and abroad. It is, therefore, felt that there is need for a philosophical study of Hinduism as a religion. The present work is an attempt to remove this long-felt need.

In the course of interpretation an attempt has been made to orient the fundamental elements of the Hindu religion in the light of Western thought and for the benefit of Western readers. This accounts for most of the critical discussions which could otherwise have been dispensed with.

The problem of social reform in Hinduism is urgent. Attempt has been made to throw some light on this problem of reconstruction of the Hindu society to suit modern conditions. It is hoped that the book will serve the needs of university students as well as of general readers interested in Hindu philosophy and religion.

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