Gauda Banga Ramya Katha

Gauda Banga Ramya Katha

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Item Code: NAD189
Author: Suniti Kumar Chatterji
Publisher: The Asiatic Society
Edition: 2008
Pages: 100
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 240 gm

Every society has two types of literature—Oral and Written. Oral literature of each community grew and developed at a time when people used to live in closely Integrated social groups. It is generally believed that Oral literature, essentially the creation of an individual, has gone through a long process of recreation and variations. Gradually it became a group product. The written literature of Bengal has a very old and rich tradition. But along with it Bengal has a very rich heritage of oral literature. In fact, oral literature has served as a store-house of ideas and themes for written literature, and it has succeeded in maintaining its rural base, distinctiveness and freshness. This is borne out by the fascinating oral tales of Bengal which directly influenced the narative poetry of mediaeval Bengali literature such as the Dharmamangal Kauga. Chandimangal Kavya, Manasaman gal Kauga, Nath Kaugu and other kinds of literature. The key to the mystery behind this abiding and strong influence lies in the unique ability of oral literature to recreate and transform itself with the progress of time. It never stands still and continuously keeps on incorporating new beliefs, themes and forms.

The present work, Gauda Banga Ramya Katha is an exposition of folk and traditional tales of Bengal by the late Dr: Suniti Kumar Chatterji, National Professor of India, whose profound and versatile scholarship earned him international recognition. He has studied the fascinaing subject objectively and analytically. He has sought to explain the art of Indian story-telling by seeking its roots to local legends and stories in the historical background of Dravidian languages and literature. The work bears the stamp of Professor Chatterji’s original thinking and the depth of his scholarship. He has drawn the readers’ attention to the significant fact that mediaeval Bengali narative poetry comprises of characters, stories and legends which belong to various known and not so well-known cults and folk tales.

The late Professor Suniti Kumar Chatterji had a long and intimate association with the Asiatic Society. He was a former President of the Society and also an Honorary Fellow. The Asiatic Society takes great pleasure and pride in publishing this monograph. Our only regret is that for circumstances beyond our control, we have not been able to bring it out earlier so that Professor Chatterji could see it in print before his sad demise.

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