Ghalib & His Times
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Ghalib & His Times

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Author: Sadiq-ur Rahaman Kidwai
Publisher: Ghalib Institute
Language: Urdu Language with English Translation
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 818172061x
Pages: 122 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Other Details: 12.50 X 9.50 inch
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The eminence of Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib in our literary culture has created deep desire to know more about his personality his period and his contemporaries. This interest has been increasing with passing times. The popularity of his verse has brought his personality in focus and Ghalib studies have been drawing attention not only in the country but beyond its territory. His works. both in prose and poetry have been translated in various languages which has given an impetous to research and critical study of Ghalib's works. India and Delhi of Ghalib's times is Immensely important from historical angle. This was the time when Moghal empire was being replaced by British imperial regime. Also our culture was absorbing western elements thus entering into a new phase of history. The process of conflict and assimilation was shaping a new social order.

Much has been recorded about this period by scholars in their books and the interest is likely to continue in coming days. In view of this it was essential that all that is preserved in our memory be recast through illustrations. After 1857 when photography become common much has been preserved in pictures. But the period before I 857 which was the most important phase of Ghalib's life slowly vanished from common memory. Ghalilb Institute. since its establishment in 1969 has endeavured to acquire and preserve illustrations about Ghalib's life and times and his eminent contemporaries. In this volume we have tried to revive through illustration all that was lost. There is a large number of beautifully illustrated popular books on Delhi. But to preserve an important phase of our literary and cultural history with reference to Ghalib was also essential. We have attempted it in our modest way.

I must record my gratitude to Dr. Raza Haider who with his deep interest at various stages has contributed much in preparation of this volume. It is hoped that the book will be welcomed in academic circles.

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