The Grandeur Of Om Mandukya Upanishad - A Meditative Approach
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The Grandeur Of Om Mandukya Upanishad - A Meditative Approach

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Author: tEJASWI Katravulapally
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
ISBN: 9781638324065
Pages: 70 (Throughout Black and White Illustrations)
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The Vedic lore is a vast forest occupied by the trees of eternal wisdom having many branches bearing the fruits of self realization. When one tries to enter such a forest with bare hands, they are destined to be lost in its confusing intertwined nexus. If they try to forcefully cut the obstructing nexus with the axe of personal prejudice, then they would break the hidden harmony of links which connect the many trees as the ONE forest. This kills the very purpose of the existence of the forest which is to offer us its fruits. Then what do we do? Instead of using the axe of personal prejudice or bare hands, the explorer needs to get the torch of the intuition of the seers which shines the many paths that direct towards the central tree of wisdom. Then it is easy to just tread carefully and reach the required tree bearing the desired fruit.

Vēda, being one of the oldest compendiums of human wisdom, is always looked upon with reverence. One of my books titled Journey through the Vēdic thought An exploration of Puruşa Suktam, gives an in-depth exposition as to what Vēda means. Vēda is the wisdom that ALL-IS-ONE. Vēdic-text is a literary form that expresses this wisdom in multiple ways. The Vēda was expressed in the literary (or oratory) form during the times when such an art was flourishing as a natural trait. But with the course of time, the original art of expressing the intuitive idea and grasping the same was lost, and hence there arose a present need to induce humanity into a similar scheme of things which is far superior than the present day linear approaches. To train in such a way of life, one should atleast have an idea as to what Vēda is trying to say. To cater to this need, three categories of wisdom sprung forth from the heart of the seers. They were Brāhmaṇās, Āraṇyakās and Upanişads. **Contents and Sample Pages**

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