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Item Code: IDH055
Author: Dr. S. P. Kaushal
Publisher: Vedic Research Centre, New Delhi
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8187811005
Pages: 258
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.1" X 6"

Heart disease is the single most important cause of premature death in the developed world. Affluent Indians, who are over-fed & under-exercised, have one of the high rate of coronary heart disease in the world. About 50 million Indians are estimated to be suffering from coronary heart disease and nearly 100 million are at the risk of developing it in the near future. The disease is likely to become the number one killer in India, in the nest two decades.

A team of reputed doctors of Ayurveda and Chinese herbal medicine along with eminent scientists has been working with me since 1987 to explore the role of herbs in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. We have already identified around 300 cardiac herbs which can effectively be used for the treatment of various heart diseases. The herbs mentioned in this book are based on medical and scientific research. The modern technological advances can reveal activities of certain compounds in the herbs, which were not known so far. With the advanced knowledge of molecular science and the refinement of isolation & structure elucidation techniques, we are now in a much better position to identify new drugs of the herbal origin.

The herbs have always been in use as medicine and it has been observed that the human body is much better suited to herbal remedies. The knowledge of herbs is our invaluable heritage, which belongs to the present and future generations; keep it alive and pass it on.

About the Author

Dr. S. P. Kaushal (born 1953) did his M.B.B.S. in 1976 and later studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with speciality in Chinese herbal medicine and has been practicing the same since last two decades. His earlier book 'Fight cancer with Herbs' was acclaimed worldwide. Dr. S. P. Kaushal has been exploring the role of herbs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases with a team of renowned Chinese medicine physicians, ayurvedic scholars and eminent scientists

02Ischaemic heart disease21-32
a. Angina pectoris24-25
b. Myocardial Infarction25-30
c. Sudden cardiac death30-31
d. Chronic Ischaemic heart disease31-32
03Congestive heart failure33-37
04Hypertensive heart disease37-38
05Rheumatic heart disease38-39
06Cor pulmonale39-39
07Congenital heart diseases39-40
08Cardiac arrhythmias40-41
09Cardiac arrest41-41
10Other heart diseases41-42
12Atherosclerosis 51-57
13Other diseases of vascular system57-58
14Role of Stress59-61
15Role of smoking63-65
16Role of exercise66-66
17Role of diet67-71
18Role of herbs73-77
01Anti-angina herbs81-81
02Coronary dilating herbs81-82
03Anti-myocardial infarct herbs83-83
04Anti-arrhythmic herbs83-84
05Herbs for congestive cardiac failure84-85
06Anti-atherosclerotic herbs 85-86
07Anti-platelet aggregation herbs86-87
08Fibrinolytic herbs87-87
09Anti-thrombotic herbs87-88
10Anti-coagulant herbs88-89
11Anti-hyperlipidaemic herbs89-91
12Anti-hyperlipidaemic herbs91-92
13Cardio-tonic herbs92-93
14Cardiac stimulant herbs94-95
15Cardiac depressant herbs95-97
16Anti-hypertensive herbs97-101
17Angio-protective herbs101-101
18Capillary strengthening herb101-101
19Vasodilating herbs101-102
01Anti-coagulant herbs105-107
02Anti-hyperlipidaemic herbs108-116
03Anti-hyperlipidaemic herbs117-124
04anti-atherosclerotic herbs125-127
05Anti-thrombotic herbs128-129
06Myocardial protective herb130-130
07Myocardial infarction inhibition herbs131-131
08anti-myocardial Ischaemic herbs132-132
09Fibrinolytic herbs133-133
10Anti-platelet aggregation herbs134-142
11Anti-arrhythmic herbs143-149
12Anti-hypertensive herbs150-175
13Coronary dilating herbs176-177
14Capillary strengthening herb178-178
15Vasodilating herbs179-185

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