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History of Indian and Indonesian Art

History of Indian and Indonesian Art
Item Code: IAB10
Author: Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 1972
ISBN: 812150385X
Pages: 300 (400 bw ills. And 9 maps)
Other Details: 7.5" x 10.0"
From the Jacket:

This book is Ananda Coomaraswamy's classic study of Indian Art. As the major pioneering scholar in the field, Coomaraswamy possessed an extraordinary background in history, art-history, aesthetics, and Asian languages and philosophy, and this fascinating cultural study is one of his finest books, long regarded as one of the most significant contribution to the understanding of the Indian Art.

Divided into six sections, each representing a chronological culture area, the book takes in material from the earliest Harappa archaeological finds up to Rajput and Sikh painting of the Mid-19th century and the early art and craft works at the beginning of this century. Most of the study deals with Indian Art, but Indonesia and the peripheries of Southeast Asia are covered where they reflect Indian influences. The concentration of the study is upon architecture and sculpture; however it also encompasses painting, jewellery, textiles, metalwork and other crafts. Background information on the history and geography of the area is provided for the reader along with philosophical, religious and social insights that are particularly valuable for the western reader.

Dr. Coomaraswamy, Keeper of Indian and Muhammadan Art in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts was deeply sensitive to the beauty of the Indian art works. As a result, the illustrations he selected are unusually fine, comprising some of the most impressive examples of Indian art. Included among the illustrations are Indo-Sumerian seals, Maurya statues, Sunga reliefs, Kusana Buddha, Gupta and early medieval temples. Late medieval palaces, Rajput paintings, Ceylonese Buddhas, Burmese frescoes, Cambodian towers and assorted jewellery and metal, ivory and textile works.

"Beginning students of the orient or of art history could ask for no finer introduction to the history and aesthetics of Indian and Indonesian Art. The author's penetrating cultural insights make it an indispensable text for all who plan further study in the field.


1. Pre-Maurya
2. Maurya, Sunga, early Andhra and Scytho-Parthian (Ksatrapa)
3. Kusana, later Andhra, and Gupta. 4. Early mediaeval, mediaeval, Rajput painting and later arts and crafts
5. Kasmir, Nepal, Tibet, Chinese Turkistan, and the Far East
6. Farther India, Indonesia and Ceylon


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