How to Read a Birth Chart Vedic Astrology Made Simple

How to Read a Birth Chart Vedic Astrology Made Simple

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Author: Dinesh S. Mathur
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 8170820812
Pages: 122
Cover: Paperback
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23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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This is a small book. It is an attempt to bring Vedic astrology within the understanding of all those who have even the slightest interest in this great legacy of India. This knowledge has come down to us over centuries and has not naturally remained in its original form. The interpolations and even some distortions have made it an intricate, uncertain and highly subjective subject. A feeling has come about that unless one had supra-sensory abilities, it was difficult to reach any conclusion in a birth chart through astrological knowledge available today. This necessarily meant that astrology of India was not based on rational principles. The deduction would be that only those who had the innate ability to exercise extrasensory powers could avail of the luxury to delve into the art of prediction. Nothing can be farther than the truth.

My effort in this book has been to lay down clearly the principles that are fundamental to analysis of a birth chart. These principles are just a handful. Once these are understood, a birth chart can be easily deciphered. I have given illustrations at every stage to make matters clearer. The size of the book has been kept at the barest minimum. There are several such primers already available on the shelves of bookshops. This would not be another but one that would have much practical use to the readers. The proof of the pudding lies in the eating!!

About the Book

This is a primer for a lay man to pick up a rudimentary knowledge of Indian astrology. Interest in Indian astrology has shown an astounding upsurge in the recent years. Books on the technical aspect of the subject are available in good number, but for a person who wishes to start from the very beginning, the choice is very limited. There is a feeling of void. The need of a book that avoids the jargon and that in simple language takes the reader through the fundamentals of the subject was long felt. The author has tried to fill the gap. A person, wishing to learn Indian astrology, can now do so by going through this small but very comprehensive book. It lays bare the essential principles of Indian astrology necessary to understand the intricacies of a birth chart.

About the Author

The author Shri D.S. Mathur has served as Secretary to Government of India in the Information Technology Department and later in the Department of Telecommunication. He has also served at the highest positions in the State Government of Madhya Pradesh. After a distinguished career of more than thirty six years he retired from the Indian Administrative Service at the end of December 2007. He is now based at Bhopal and is working for the Government of Madhya Pradesh in a semi-judicial capacity. Shri Mathur has been a keen student of Parashari system of Indian astrology for more than three decades. He has made a comprehensive study of the subject on the predictive side and has published his conclusions in Predictive Astrology – An Insight, How to Time an Event, and Vedic Progression-Secrets of Bhrigu Samhita Unveiled. His books have been very well received all over the world.


1 Prefacexi
Chap.DescriptionPage No.
1Birth Chart, Houses, Sings, Navamsha,1
Aspects, Karakas, Three Elements that
Govern any aspect of life, consultations,
Strength of planets and houses
2Relationships between planets and 51
between planets and houses, general
analysis of the birth chart, Medicine,
surgery, engineering, profession
3Vimshottari Dasa90
4Analysis of Transits110
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