The Intelligent Way to Yoga

The Intelligent Way to Yoga

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Item Code: IDH283
Author: Swami Srikantananda
Publisher: Ramakrishna Math, Bangalore
ISBN: 8171208894
Pages: 67
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 6.8" X 4.6"
Publisher's Note

This is the age of the Internet. We are going through an incredible explosion of information. Even boys and girls of tender age today are able to snatch and flourish detailed information about things and themes of which an earlier generation was blissfully ignorant. It looks as if we are entering a brave new world of tremendous technological skills.

Though information, the pile of facts, is not knowledge it has utility. But knowledge, with its values, leads to wisdom. Sa vidya ya vimuktaye, that is knowledge which sets the mind free. Mental health requires that the gathered information is digested into knowledge. This is what is achieved through Buddhi Yoga (Yoga of Intelligence), the theme of this book by Swami Srikantananda.

Buddhi, the faculty of discrimination, is a unique gift possessed by man only among animals, and the cultivation of this faculty enables him to rise from animal nature to human nature and then to divine nature. The intenser and purer the Buddhi, the greater the perfection attained. It is our earnest desire that "The Intelligent way to Yoga', guides the readers to achieve that end.

Bhakti Yoga7
Dhyana Yoga8
Karma Yoga9
Jnana Yoga10
Alert Intellect12
Discriminative Intellect15
Determinative Intellect23
Subtle Intellect26
Steady Intellect30
Mature Intellect35
Vast Intellect40
Simple Intellect48
Sharp Intellect51
Positive Intellect56
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