Interactive Workshop on Ayurvedic Formulations- Ancient Prescriptions and Current Practices
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Interactive Workshop on Ayurvedic Formulations- Ancient Prescriptions and Current Practices

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Item Code: NAS473
Author: V. V. Prasad
Publisher: Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth
Language: English
Edition: 2012
Pages: 199
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Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth, New Delhi has been holding the Interactive workshops for the last 10 years for PG students, teachers and practitioners for discussions and finding solutions to need-based issues related to practice of medicine. This time RAV proposed to hold the workshop on `Ayurvedic Formulations - Ancient Prescriptions & Current Practices'.

Manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines and standards/tests of the quality of the prepared herbal, mineral and herbomineral drugs are described in detail in the texts. The pharmacology of majority of the drugs is also described. The actions of the drugs on dosha, dhatu & mala, and prakriti, dosage etc are covered in this, which was sufficient in those days. We can call it golden era of Ayurveda. This was followed by lull for various reasons. However, the time has changed.

Ayurveda is again positively very much in focus again, but the demands of the present time also have changed accordingly. The knowledge about the diseases has improved to a very minute level with the help of CT scan, MRI, USG etc. Even the pathology at the molecular is known in many diseases. Simultaneously the Department of AYUSH is also making efforts to bring out standards for all single drugs that find place in various formulations as well as multi-ingredient formulations to improve the quality of medicines that are manufactured. In these circumstances we, the Ayurvedic fraternity need to improvise certain areas and fill the lacunae of other areas of Ayurvedic pharmacology. For example the dosages of all the drugs are not individualized. Drug interaction, epigenic effects of the drugs in relation to the present environment and life style, indications of the drugs (when we see the minute details of the diseases) etc are other such areas where a better understanding is required. It is increasingly being realized that the generalized approach as far as drug pharmacology is concerned would not take us long far. We need to try to understand the principles of Ayurvedic pharmacology (including pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics) with the help of modern technological advances and tools. This will help the entire Ayurvedic professionals to deal with the health of the society. The concepts involved in deciding a particular formulation as per requirement, dosage, anupana including dietary advice to the patient need to be understood in proper perspective.

RAV is providing a platform for discussions and solutions. I hope that the present workshop will facilitate due discussions and scientific understanding of the subject, and the participants will find the book and interactions useful.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Secretary, Joint Secretary and other officials of the Department of AYUSH for their constant support and encouragement. I am grateful to all resource persons for sparing their time and sharing their expertise and experience through the answers and attending this workshop to explain to the participants. Further, I appreciate the interest shown by teachers, practitioners and PG students to participate in the workshop.

I express my appreciation to all my staff for their sincere efforts to make all RAV programs successful, and thank Dr. Sandhya Patel for all the help.

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