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Intrepretation of Planetary Transit

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Item Code: NAL930
Author: S. K. Duggal
Language: English
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 8170820340
Pages: 280
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business
Book Description
About the Book

Interpretation of Planetary Transit is a comprehensive volume based on vedic classical principles. The earlier chapters give in brief the basic principles of Astrology such as significations of the Houses, Planets and Signs, followed by general considerations of the benefic positions and the obstructions (vedha) therof. A detailed explanation of transit of various planets has been provided. The later part of the book deals with important aspect of transit like Moorti Nimaya, Nakshatra Transit, role of Ashtakavarga in Transit, Prayayas of Saturn and Jupiter, and the most effective tool known as Sarvatobhadra Chakra.

About the Author

Dr. S.K. Duggal, B. Text. Tech. M.A. LLB., Jyotish Visharda, Jyotish Kovid, Jyotish Shiromani, Jyotish Vachaspati, Chikitsa Jyoish Nishnata. He has recently been confirmed the Upadhi of Jyotish Acharya. He is a Textile Technologist by profession. He was working with JCT Ltd., Phagwara. If was duringhis stay atPhagwara that he Came in contact with some renowned Astrologers. He started learning Astrology in 1963 in traditional way from various Jyotish Gurus teaching Astrology in a 100 years old Vedic Pathshala situated in a small village Hadiabad (Phagwara), Punjab.

He was Executive Director (Projects) in Punjab State Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. (psidc), Chandigarh and Managing Director of North India Technical Consultancy Organisation Ltd. (NITCON), Chandigarh.

He is the Vice-President, International Council of Astrology & Allied Sciences; Member and Hon. Advisor, International Federation of Astrology & Spiritual Sciences. Presently, he is the Chairman, Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS) – Chandigarh Chapter. He is teaching General Astrology, Dasa and Transit, Medical Astrology, Marriage, Astrometeology and Mundane Aatrology. He has already written books on Planetary Strength (Calculation and Application), Dictionary of Astrology, Revelations of Medical Astrology, Vedic Astrological Calculations and Astrology – Concepts Explained which have been well appreciated.


Astrology is founded on the “Doctrine of Karma”. Infact, destiny depends upon Sanchita Karmas, generated by one’s action in the past. Logically, destiny would depend and be commensurate with the past karmas. This makes destiny a predetermined factor and is clearly irrevocable, as past Karmas cannot be modified or erased. Even knowledge of part karmas spread over number of lives, we might have experienced, is not feasible to a normal person. Happening in lives being the result of one’s own past karmas, planets do not cause events in one’s life. Yet in Astrology, we are very much concerned with the movement of planets in predicting the future of a person and sequence of events, he is likely to face in his life. The secret of Astrology is in this paradox. Once we get to the basic truth, the contradictions disappear.

The effect of one’s action “Destiny” remains dormant till such time, it is able to manifest as a result and thus expend itself. The interval between the action and its result, we may call it the incubation period, extends over several life spans. In order to understand the nature of results, one needs to have access to the knowledge of destiny between the period of action and its results. Such an access is beyond the means of the human senses. One will have to transcend the boundary of physical knowledge to get a vision of the truth about the working of the forces of Destiny. Intution plays an important role in correct predictions.

The native is always interested to know precisely the timing of events that are likely to be happen in his life span. The importance of dasha/ antardasha cannot be over emphasized yet it remains the most important tool for timing of events. The findings achieved by dasha/ antardasha can further be improved by a combination of application of Divisional Charts, Varsha Phal, Gochar, Ashtakvarge etc. Though as many as 42 dasha system have been propounded by Maha Rishi Prashar but most commonly used Vimshotri dasha with as assumed human life span of 120 years is largely followed by scholars, students and practioners of Astrology. This is more frequently used for the inherent simplicity of the mechanism of Vimshotri system and convenience of its application resulting in precisely accurate predictions. Vimshotri dasha is also known as Nakshatra dasha, as it is the lord of the Nakshatra occupied by the Moon at the time of birth of a native that determines the initial dasha.

The birth chart of the native with the ascendant and other houses, the planetary disposition, the interaction between the planets by conjunction or aspect, the planetary yogas both beneficial and adverse generated by the planets reveal to the judicious, perceptive eyes of an experienced astrologer, the broad pattern of destiny of the native in terms of his physical stature, mental outlook, personality traits, and important events and conditions in the different periods of his life. These events both favourable and adverse manifest largely during the main/ sub periods of the planets concerned. These dasha/ antradasha indications are liable to modified by the influence of the current movements of the planets, which is known as Transit (Gochar). Therefore, for any meaningful delineation of dasha/ antarasha results, the current movement of the planets, especially those of the slow-moving planets like Jupiter and Saturn needs to be studied and their influences taken into consideration.

It is in this context, considering the importance of the transit of planets in the life of the native’s that the present work has been compiled. In transit, it is the radical Moon that is the pivot. The Moon is the significator for the mind, its various actions and emotions. The sign position of the transiting planet in relation to the natal Moon, it is considered to determine whether the transit results will be adverse or favourable. As it is logical, the relative position of various planets other than in relation to Moon has been considered and a separate chapter on Transit and Ashtakavarga has been added.

Brihat Prashar Hora Shastra, Brihat Jataka, Saravali, etc. have referred to planetary transits in a very subtle way. Phaldeepika, Kala Prakasika Jataka Bharnam, Yavana Jataka have given the techniques of Transit, in detail, where the delineation of transit results of planets is not only confined to their sign positions with reference to the natal Moon but also to the transit positions in terms of a planets transit in the 12 signs from the ascendant onwards and also in the 12 places from each of the planets including itself.

The transit results of the slow moving planets like Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are more pronounced and have a decisive role to play in predicting specific important events in this native’s life.

An effort has been made to consider all the explicit factors enumerated in classical works and present the same to the reader for effective use in day-to—day life. The role of Moorti Nirnaya in making an assessment of the affects of Saadhe saati, Mahadasha/ Antardasha in relation to transit and subsequent delineation of horoscope have been elucidated. Application of Ashtakavarga for predicting the benefic or malefic planetary effects on a particular day, a week or a month, has been explained in detail. Sarvatobhadra Chakra plays an important role in transit analysis. A detailed procedure for application of Sarvatobhadra chakra has been discussed at length, which will prove extremely useful for accurate predictions. This is an auspicious chart used for timing of events and muhurat, which is not commonly used because of its comprehend nature. The reader will find the explanations easy to comprehend and apply with precision.

In this task, our colleagues, friends and well wishers have helped us a lot to complete this successfully. We are grateful to our revered teachers Sh. Khem Raj Gaur and Sh. N.D. Achint, who provided us the essential knowledge about Transit. Their dealing of the subject was exhaustive with practical applications to make the intricacies of this subject fully understandable.

We are thankful to Smt. Vijaya Nagpal, for her contribution of a chapter on Transit and Ashtakavarga in Transit. We are thankful to Sh. S.K. Dewan and Sh. G.S. Aggarwal, who have provided useful information regarding Mrityu Bhag and Bhrigu Bindu. We are thankful to Dr. Rajiv Verma for his help designing the charts on nakshatras, and the sarvato bhadra chakra.

Our thanks are due to Sh. Chander M. Bhalla, Ms Kajal Bali and Mrs. Kanwal Taneja for necessary corrections and modifications in the contents of the Book. We are thankful to Sh. Anil Grover and Sh.Deepak Nair for necessary support provided to us from time-to-time. I am highly obliged to my wife Dr. Indra Duggal, who wholeheartedly supported me and guided me in preparation of this book.

We are grateful to Dr. B. B. Goel for his useful suggestions for presentation of this book.

Our sincere thanks are due to Sh. Narender Sagar of Sagar publications, New Delhi, for getting comments from his friends for the improvement of the final draft. We are also thankful to Sh. Saurabh Sagar, for all his efforts to bring out this publication.


Chapter-1 General Introduction1
Chapter-2 Planets7
Chapter-3 Houses16
Chapter-4 Signs20
Chapter-5 Transit27
Chapter-6 Obstsuctive (Vedha) Points32
Chapter-7 Transit Results of The Sun41
Chapter-8 Transit Results of The Moon49
Chapter-9 Transit Results of Mars57
Chapter-10 Transit Results of Mercury65
Chapter-11 Transit Result of Jupiter73
Chapter-12 Transit Results of Venus82
Chapter-13 Transit Results of Saturn90
Chapter-14 Transit Results of Rahu100
Chapter-15 Transit Results of Ketu104
Chapter-16 MoortI Nirnay108
Chapter-17 Saadhe Saati and Dhaiyya115
Chapter-18 Nakshatra Transit129
Chapiter-19 Dasha/ Antardasha and Transit149
Chapter-20 Transit and Ashtakavarga174
Chapter-21 Sarvatobhadra Chakra188

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