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The Science Planetary of Signatures in Medicine (Restoring the Cosmic Foundations of Healing)

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Author: Jennifer T.Gehl With Marc S. Micozzi
Publisher: Healing Arts Press
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9781620554982
Pages: 272 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
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Book Description

About the Book

When we look at the vast and intricate cosmos-galaxies, planets, organisms, organs, cells, molecules, atoms-there is a fundamental order, a music or harmony of the spheres. Our cells reflect the images of galaxies seen through our telescopes. We are the microcosm, reflecting the macrocosm of the heavens.

In this comprehensive exploration of the celestial influences that underlie health and healing, Jennifer Gehl, with Marc Micozzi, examines how ancient and modern traditions of healing interconnect through the doctrine of signatures, "As above, so below!' She reveals how one's celestial nature-the arrangement of the cosmos at the moment of birth-has implications for personal health and how each sign of the zodiac corresponds to parts of the body, the chakras, and specific plants, herbs, colors, and emotions. She explains how sound rearranges forms according to the principles of harmony, leveraging not only the human self-regulating capacity to restore health but also that of the Earth to restore balance and harmony. Also explored are the recurrence of geometric forms in nature and how to apply this knowledge in sound healing and medical astrology.

Weaving together the threads of ancient science and spirit that formed the original tapestry of medicine, Gehl explains how to restore the cosmic foundations of healing for personal, planetary, and universal health and well-being.

About the Author

JENNIFER T. GEHL, MHS, instructs astroharmonic medicine continuing education to licensed professionals. She is a certified Acutonics practitioner, astrology sound healer, and mentor with a master's degree in health sciences from St. Francis University. She lives in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. MARC S. MICOZZI, M.D., PH.D., is adjunct professor of physiology, biophysics, and pharmacology at Georgetown University School of Medicine and adjunct professor in medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. The author and editor of 30 book' I BD ongboat Key, Florida.


The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine is a rich, multilayered exploration of the direct connections among the planets, their movements in the heavens, and their impacts on human health. This book explores the wisdom of the ancients and traces patterns of correspondences from prehistory to modern science.

Here in the inner cosmos is represented as a replica of the outer cosmos and strong evidence for the affinities between the microcosm -7sical body) and the macrocosm (universe) is presented. Our cells the images of the galaxies and the universe. When we explore - - vast and intricate cosmos-galaxies, planets, organisms, organs, molecules, and atoms-there indeed appears a fundamental order or fundamental essence, that corresponds to (or at the very least hints the principle of harmony and the music of the spheres. Although planetary gods are not playing the strings of the universe, our ances-tors' insights and intuitions about the relations of humanity to the vast universe that surrounded them was correct. When humanity is seen as _ reflecting the macrocosm of the heavens-"As above, so below" and "As without, so within"-we understand, as if for the very first time, the meaning behind this ancient adage.

Whatever paradigms or beliefs you hold with regard to religion, science, allopathic medicine, integrative medicine, energy healing, and/or astrology, or whether you are simply seeking wisdom, a key for advancement and evolution is to keep an open mind and heart. The health care model is changing rapidly as people in record numbers continue to seek what has been labeled Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). In the healing modalities represented by CAM there is a recognition that health is a dynamic state of balance that requires shifts, adaptations, and recovery in a person-centered approach to well-being that moves away from the materialist model separating mind and body and the reductionism that breaks everything down into its smallest component parts.

Various theories in physics and cosmology, such as renowned physicist David Bohm's exploration of wholeness and the implicate order, attempt to demonstrate that the workings and transformations of the parts affect the whole and are able to both order and organize nonlinear functions through a process of enfoldment. Essentially there are subtle forces at work that interact, organize, and affect the larger picture on all levels (not unlike the theories put forth regarding the macrocosm and the microcosm, or which are implicit in the tenets of East Asian cosmology and medicine). Bohm was trying to reconcile Einstein's theory of relativity and quantum theory while accounting for nonlocal effects, which posit that nothing is complete in and of itself. There is mutual participation (entanglement) of everything with everything and Bohm clearly articulates that everything that falls under the purview of "science" cannot be practiced in a fragmentary way as independent parts but must be explored through an awareness of the undivided wholeness of the universe.

Unfortunately, the modern focus of academic research continues to be dominated by those "splitters" who seek to demonstrate differences rather than similarities, to break down and tear apart rather than look for commonalities and the potential for cross-disciplinary collaboration. In the unending quest for more medical research funding we see double-blind studies and control groups that rarely take into consideration the whole person and the quality of life changes they might experience if their illness or condition was seen from a physical, emotional, and/or spiritual perspective. Despite the growth in qualitative research we often fail to value the subjective quality of life experiences, and believe that the "objectivity" of logical positivism is the Holy Grail.

In medicine, there is the "if not this, that; if not that, this" approach to differential diagnosis that invalidates anamnesis, the ability to remember and reflect on (or simply not forget) previous foundations that con-tribute to the whole. It is rare to be able to take a holistic approach to any research or education, to be able to step back and examine studies across multiple fields or specialties when framing new studies or the acquisition of knowledge. Jennifer Gehl has done just that. She has effectively woven together research findings that span thousands of years and diverse traditions from the disciplines of early medicine, mathematics, myths and legends, sacred geometry, music, and East Asian medicine. She provides compelling perspectives as to why we should care about the influences of the planets and the cosmos on life on Earth.

We first met Jennifer in 2004 when she came to an Acutonics class in Loveland, Colorado. Acutonics is a healing modality that uses planetary tones on the meridian system of the body as well as on its acupuncture points. This class was an unusually large, advanced group of health care practitioners, including nurses, acupuncturists, bodywork practitioners, and physicians. Many of these students would go on to come certified Acutonics practitioners and teachers. Jennifer was one of those exceptional pupils: a seeker of knowledge who attended intensive course with a desire to deepen her understanding of the overfull connections that exist among music, astrology, and Chinese all of which are explored in our program. She was an active attributor in class and possessed a profound understanding of planetary influences on human health. She went on to complete her studies become certified as both an Acutonics practitioner and teacher, and also developed a course in the basics of astrological medicine, which now offered as an elective in our program. Her continued quest for knowledge led her to pursue her master's in health sciences, and to seek out Dr. Marc S. Micozzi, the visionary anthropologist medical doctor responsible for the seminal text-book Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which is now going into its sixth edition. This connection resulted in Jennifer being asked to contribute a piece on Acutonics to the textbook. She describes how Acutonics blends ancient wisdom, East Asian medicine, archetypes, myths, and modern science into a cohesive approach to health and holism that incorporates the use of vibratory energy, or sound, of the planets on acupuncture points. Jennifer then felt compelled to research and write a far more comprehensive work that weaves together ancient wisdom and modern science to provide a fresh perspective on how this knowledge can be used to redefine our approach to health and holism. She was encouraged to pursue this path by Dr. Micozzi, who offered his wisdom, years of writing experience, and editorial guidance.

Whatever name you use-mind-body medicine, integrative medicine, or CAM-the underlying principle of this discipline is a holistic approach to medicine and health care that focuses on the whole person. These include the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual/ energetic aspects of the individual. This approach is distinct from what has come to be identified as Western or allopathic medicine, which is primarily focused on the individual parts of the body such as organs, tissues, and cells, and which has viewed the mind as separate from the body. Jennifer provides us with a way to think about mind-body medicine and to more deeply understand the influences of the cosmos on human health. She defines this new perspective on health and healing as authentic medicine.

Several concepts explored by Jennifer are also employed in Acutonics and in some practices of Oriental medicine, which include the five phase, or five element, theory, built on the assumption that the forces that exist in the cycles of nature and that occur in the outside world are duplicated within our bodies at every level. Five phase theories are built on correspondences in which the person is seen as a small universe reflecting the greater universe. When elements coexist in balance and harmony the person is in good health, however, when physiological and psychological processes are out of balance, they must be readjusted or illness sets in. Moving with the cycles of nature results in a full and harmonious life; if there is imbalance, mental and physical health suffers. Jennifer provides us with a depth of knowledge and understanding that invites us to explore the value inherent in these healing traditions and to recognize their place in the future practice of medicine.

The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine is an invitation to healing and hope. This book opens a door into how we might embrace ancient wisdom with the best of modern science and truly return art and spirit to medicine. It helps rediscover the spirit of our ancient teachers and the artistic and creative approach that many early physicians employed-one that many contemporary medical practitioners are beginning to embrace. It promotes partnerships with our patients, and invites us to support their personal journeys as they take an active role in their path to health and holism. It requires courage to be open to the infinite potential of the universe, to release limiting thoughts, and to recognize that we are all part of an infinite web and have access to miracles that defy current science.


Dear Reader, As You embark on the journey this book has to offer, I invite you to keep in open mind. Inasmuch as it will reveal itself to you, it has revealed self to me, chapter by chapter, through an engaging, awe-inspiring, world of magic that wants to come through at this time. The path leading to this book's publication was strewn with surprising synchronic-: inspiring gratitude and trust in the "implicate order." At the same time, this experience has been humbling. Along the way, I had to make adjustments concerning long-held beliefs about Earth's history, and stay n to revising what I thought I already knew.

I would be remiss to represent myself as a voice of authority on the z. is presented here, and that is not my goal. It has been my goal to allow new information to reveal itself in a manner that supports -growth and healing, while weaving together the threads from our ancient : with a more current paradigm. The only thing one can ever know certainty is what is experienced personally and I would characterize personal experience while writing this book as one of catharsis.

No matter how much knowledge a person acquires, there can be wisdom (or true healing) without applying that knowledge to one's For those with worldly views supported by worldly experiences, the 77.-lation contained in these pages may not resonate. My journey has 7 included being a world traveler, archaeologist, historian, scientist, -n, philosopher, or spiritual guru. On the other hand, it has been an inner journey of cultivating trust in my own experiences, even when those experiences have felt like utter failure or completely strayed from mainstream thought.

Along the way, there were plenty of times when I tried to impose "my truth"-according to the experience I was having at the time-on other people, only to discover the disappointment of resistance. Real truth can only come from a personal process of discovery. More importantly, it can only be experienced through the process of discovering the Self. And for each one of us, that looks and feels a little bit different, similar to variations on a theme.

As for my process of self-discovery, what has shaped my experiences comes from inner, "otherworldly," and spiritual (celestial) encounters that began when I was very young. These encounters have fostered me throughout my life. I have always felt the presence of unseen helpers who light my path, guide my steps, and provide a sense of safety and security to me. Offered now is a brief synopsis of the "outer" journey that has led me to this point.

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