Krishna's Childhood Pastimes
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Krishna's Childhood Pastimes

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Item Code: NAR606
Author: Radhika Devi Dasi and Hemangi Gopi Devi Dasi
Publisher: Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture & Education
Language: English
Edition: 2013
Pages: 193 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Other Details: 9.50 X 7.50 inch
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About the Book

"Let the small children from all goad families come and take education from us. They can be certain their children will get the real knowledge, which will create the best citizens of brahminical type, clean, honest, law abiding, industrious, they will have all good qualities. In the future we expect to change the face of the world. And the child is the father of the man. So, the basic principle of any type of life is to instruct the children from the very beginning in Krishna Consciousness. Such children grow to be the topmost leaders of the society."


Krishna appeared in this world 5000 years ago in Vrindavana. He performed many pastimes during His stay on earth. Krishna had an evil uncle named Kamsa. It had been predicted that this child, Krishna, would kill Kamsa. Kamsa knew this and, out of fear, he was always trying to have Krishna killed.

Kamsa sent many demons to Vrindavana to kill Krishna and His friends. There are many pastimes(histories) about these demons in the 10th canto of Shrimad Bhagavatam and in the Krishna book. The demons in Krishna lila are real and Krishna actually killed them. But our acharyas have explained that these demons also represent different material tendencies that we have.

Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, one of our leading Vaishnava acharyas, has explained in his book, Sri Chaitanya Shikshamrita, that these demons represent obstacles that come in our way when we are performing devotional service. Material desires force us to act improperly. Acting improperly means acting in a way that does not please Krishna. In order to become pure and return to the spiritual world, we must become free from material desires.

During Krishna's childhood pastimes He killed many demons in Vrindavana and similarly He can kill or remove our demoniac propensities. In this book, we will also learn what these demons represent and how we can correct our behavior and become better devotees.

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