Kundalini: An Indian Paradigm of Creativity

Kundalini: An Indian Paradigm of Creativity

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Author: G D Bakshi
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9788177692129
Pages: 238
Cover: Paperback
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Back of the Book:

From quantum physics to the Veda this study of the Kundalini factor crosses the bounds of ordinary conceptual processes and takes us into a new world of quasars, black holes and psychotropic substances and their relation tour spiritual well-being. These mind-bending substances the subject of many intellectual quandaries and underground experimentation are finally blown wide apart by the outspoken revelations of G S Bakshi who talking from his personal experiences with transcendental meditation opens up a whole new approach to this subject.

Taking his inspiration from his Guru and mentor Swami Pranvanandaan, engineer turned mystic and recluse, the author has amassed the knowledge he has gained and merged it with much of the recent research on the subject. His synthesis of all the available data has been merged into a single and precise document. He has presented his innovative approach to Kundalini in a most workmanlike and professional manner, removing the extremes of mysticism. He has laid open the subject exposing its innermost secrets in a most lucid and readable way. His logical approach makes it easy for the layman to absorb what had for long been discussed in realms way beyond the mundane experiences of the majority.

In the words of the author, "This book then, is a radical reinterpretation of the Kundalini, that ancient Indian concept of creativity; creativity that was, that is and that will ever continue to be the chief resource of any civilization aspiring for historical greatness."


Chapter Page No
1. Prologue Creativity: The Kundalini Paradigm 9
2.Chapter One Third Wave Reflections on Creativity 17
3. Chapter Two Creativity, Charisma and Communication Skills 22
4. Chapter Three Indian Concepts of Creativity: The Kundalini 37
5. Chapter Four Super Charisma: The Avatara Theory 56
6. Chapter Five Kundalini Pathology: Correlates of the Creative Process 70
7. Chapter Six Kala Agni: The Vedic Concept of the Kundalini 87
8. Chapter Seven Soma: The Neurotransmitters of Nirvana 92
9. Chapter Eight A Harvest of Hormones: Reflections on the Endocrine Orchestra 114
10. Chapter Nine The Neuro-Biology of Nirvana: The Experience of Great Wideness 127
11. Chapter Ten The Tree Architecture of the Mind: Silicon versus Hydrocarbon Intelligence 135
12. Chapter Eleven A Hologramic Universe: The Fusion Core of Consciousness 147
13. Chapter Twelve The Morphogenetic Fields: An Emerging Systems View of Life 165
14. Chapter Thirteen Meditations on Morphic Resonance: The Quantum Structure of Consciousness 193
15. Chapter Fourteen The Philosophy of Evolutionary Descent: The Implicate and Explicate Orders 211
16. Epilogue Depth Ecology: The Future of Religion 225
17. Bibliography 234
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