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Manifestation of Lord Krishna (Search for Salvation Through A Study of Hinduism and Radhasoami Faith)

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Author: Dr. Vinod Kumar Gupta
Publisher: Sashi Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788192744902
Pages: 337
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business
About The Book

Manifestation of Lord Krishna is a narration of the Lord's manifestation to the author when he was only seven years old while travelling in a bullock cart with other family members. The holy manifestation always seemed to beckon the author towards religion. The author read books on Hinduism and writings of saints on philosophy, religion and spirituality. He realized that there are three grand divisions of Creation: Purely Spiritual, Spiritual-Material, and Material-Spiritual. In man, all three are manifest. Vedic religion and writings of the saints could reach up to the second from the third division. For the second division, they say 'Neti-Neti' (this is not the end). Therefore, in materialism a man is always in the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The author elaborates that spirit force is the force of attraction, love and intelligence or intuition. In man, the seat of the spirit is the pineal gland. Devotional practices prescribed by the Radhasoami Faith raise the spirit to higher regions by the attraction of the spirit-current, which is felt as sound in the higher regions. True and permanent salvation can be obtained by advent into the region of the pure spirit uncontaminated by matter, the abode of the Supreme Creator. A person then attains permanent liberation from birth-death-rebirth.

About The Author

Vinod Kumar Gupta hails from .a family of advocates and civil service officers. He had his education in Moradabad, Dehradun, Allahabad, Lucknow and Nainital and obtained Masters Degrees in Political Science and Economics. Later he completed his Doctorate in Political Science from Rohilkhand University and obtained Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) from All India Management Association, New Delhi. He retired from IAS on 31 March 2005. After his retirement he obtained Bachelor of Laws Degree and was enrolled as an advocate in the Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh. He has interest in religion and spirituality.


By the beginning of the month of January, 2013, when I started writing the last manuscript chapter being the 20th one of my book 'FROM TOGETHERNESS TO ALONENESS' which, as per my own calculation, on its finish was likely to cover, along with the other 19 manuscript sister chapters, around 950 printed pages, I had already been writing by that time the manuscripts for six years, having started penning them one year after the death of my wife on 28 March, 2005, and hoped that by the end of June, 2013, I shall have been completing the entire book-writing for six and a half year. My wife's death had occurred three days before my retirement from the Indian Administrative Service on 31-3-2005 on reaching the superannuation age of 60 years. Her death virtually dumped me in abysmal 'aloneness' of life

I wrote the manuscripts, and then prepared typescripts unremittingly for six years and more and, thereafter, gone through them many times to correct them. I believe that they are still immature.

This original book was initially to contain 20 chapters in a book form. It was to be a book about myself; my relatives; my wife; about allegoric parents having bigger families but limited financial means and, therefore, always beset with servile concerns to marry off their children particularly their daughters; the travails and ignominy of government servants put under suspension on framed charges and resultant travesty of justice; about preparedness for a happy retirement plan from government service or occupation; 'change of relationships' their causes and methods and ways to control the changes; religiosity, Hinduism and search for a religion which could show ways and means to get liberation from the eternal problem of birth, death and rebirth in this material world etc. Furthermore, the book was set to contain a long narration of events ever since my birth till my ripe age (I am 68 years of age now), covering retrospectively various facets of human life and while dealing specially about my, and for that matter of anybody's, journey from the bliss of life's 'togetherness' to the pangs of its 'aloneness' in old age. Service rivalry and political chicanery, resulting in catastrophic events at the fag-end of my government service; my wife's death and my retirement from the government service which coincidentally closely followed each other and the later taking place after three days of the aforesaid bereavement of my wife, had left me all alone in the world. However, my above journey made me take in a search for that religion which could provide me for ways and means to solve my ever haunting missionary problem to get liberation for my soul from birth, death and re-birth in this world. My fervour for religiosity already found strength and stood buttressed when Lord Krishna Himself had made His manifestation to me at my early age of seven years.

Having discussed this with many, especially on my visit to USA to my son Sandeep, we felt that the book's voluminosity might overshadow the narration of the Lord's manifestation in a single chapter, I, therefore, decided to divide my above original work into three separate books. Resultantly, I severed four chapters from the original 20 chapters, rearranged, and entitled them in a book form as 'MANIFESTATION OF LORD KRISHNA: SEARCH FOR SALVATION THROUGH A STUDY OF HINDUISM AND RADHASOAMI FAITH'. Now, this is my first book. Also upon persuasion of my son Sandeep in April of 2013 upon narration of my life events once more, and subsequent discussion with him after the first revision of the book, I have devoted my thoughts to think of some other angles that my life events and Lord's manifestation may have implied — so I added a small chapter at the end concluding my thoughts.

I tried to give perfection in narrating my life's greatest event of having `Darshan' of the Lord's manifestation by my naked mortal eyes. However, after reading my own work many times, I understood that a writer is the last person who can write fitly of his own work. At last, I became wretchedly aware that I had not attained any perfection worth the name. Therefore, if the book does not interest my readers, I humbly request them to forgive me. With the above idea, sometimes swirling and subduing my mind, I felt rebuffed and had stopped writing for months. In the meanwhile, I established and started a writing pencil-manufacturing factory after my retirement. This also left little precious time for me to proceed to write the book. But, unknowingly yet self-deprecatingly, I always felt that I had some very small time left to complete my existing life span while passing my life in my 'aloneness' and that after my departure from this world, this very important event of my life would be buried in the sands of time. This feeling came upon me so pressingly hard and had become excruciatingly burdensome on me that I had to re-start writing the book.

In this book, I set myself to attain plainness and simplicity in making narration of human bondages, traits, ego, material desires, death, karma theory etc. I tried to remain within reasonable limits when narrating my life's greatest event and discussing various religions and religious writings of the saints by using such words as were necessary to make my meaning clear.

I vouchsafe to my readers that the holy manifestation of Lord Krishna—the Supreme Personality of Godhead to me—a sinning mortal, as given in this book, was always a factual one.

The book 'MANIFESTATION OF LORD KRISHNA: SEARCH FOR SALVATION THROUGH A STUDY OF HINDUISM AND RADHASOAMI FAITH' did for me what I wanted. After writing it, I found myself freed from the pains and insatiability of my mind that had been tormenting me.

I know that my book might go the way of the vast majority of novels, facts and fictions and be forgotten for over a few months after its appearance. Still I have a feeling that since my book deals with those truthful exigencies of life which are, were and will ever be the common and undeviating phenomena with every individual, household and walk of life, therefore, it will someday attract the attention of a number of young, elderly and religious readers and lastly of the public.

In the last, I shall request my readers to read my book with a slight patience. I believe that ultimately the book will be liked by both young and elderly people who have some iota of religious frame of mind and believe in existence of God , 'soul', 'karma theory', in the cycle of 'birth, death and rebirth' in this world; by those who, at some point of time in the past or at present, had or have been victims of circumstances, conspiracy, and various problems in life viz. problems facing their families, lives, occupation or service- matters or are the victims of political vengeance of the present political dispensation against the outgoing political one; by those who look back upon the past or past 'karmas' through a rosy haze of sensuality and forgetfulness; by those who prepare themselves for life which slips away from their hands ; by persons who have gone through bitter disillusionment and now tend towards religiosity; by one who likes religious atmosphere and ways and means to seek liberation for one's soul from the shackles of birth, death and rebirth ; by persons who have deceived themselves into sincerity; and also by persons who honestly mistook their sensuality for romantic emotion and friendship and their idleness for philosophical calm. It will also be liked by persons who see relationship with near and dears a little larger than life-size with the outlines blurred in a golden mist of sentimentality and materialism.

I have a clear mind and a clear soul after reflections into myself in the past years. I forgive and forget all my relatives, friends, family, my adversaries and all who may have brought misery or loneliness to me and assume all responsibility for my actions. I also humbly seek pardon from those who I may have sinned against including relatives, friends or people who unfortunately consider me as adversary. I will do everything I can to make up for it if I detracted from someone. Having written this book I feel that I am not alone- I have a duty to the rest of this world till my last breath and I shall do it. I want to leave this world one day, loving all the people of this world as all of us are Krishna creations, some maybe far from the path that they should be on. I further have written this book as a non-profitable venture and I must state that one of the ways I shall achieve that is to use the profitable proceeds from the sale of this book in the construction of a temple of Lord Krishna.


  Preface vii-xi
1 Manifestation Of Lord Krishan, The Supreme Personality of Godhead To Vinod-A Sinning Mortal 1-42
2 Bhagavad Gita: A Study For Af Search For Salvation 43-98
3 Vedas, Upanishads Etc. & Adi Shankaracharya: A Study For Salvation And Emancipation From Birth-Death- Rebirth 99-200
4 Radhasoami Faith: A Study For Salvation And Emancipation From Birth-Death- Rebirth 201-330
5 Conclusion 331-332
6 Media Interface: Book Reviews 333-334


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