Srimad Bhagavata: The Holy Book of God (Set of 4 Volumes)

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Author: Swami Tapasyananda
Language: Sanskrit Text With English Translation
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Pages: 1729
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

Volume One (Skandhas I-IV)



Preface   vii
Introduction   xix
Prologue   1
Chapter 1 Sages at Naimisharanya 3- 5
  Invocation-Rishis approaching Suta for Instruction-The five Questions of the Rishis  
Chapter 2 The Message of Bhakti 6-9
  Suta's Invocation-Suta's Answer: The Supreme Duty of Man-The Progress of Devotion-Why Vasudeva should be the Object of Worship  
Chapter 3 Avataras 10-14
  The Purushavatara-The twenty-three Lilavataras-There is no Limit to the Number of Avataras-The Mystery of the One and the Many-The Origin of the Bhagavata  
Chapter 4 On Veda-Vyasa and his Work 14-17
  Why Parikshit desired to die and Suka instructed him Veda - Vyasa's Re-editing of the Vedas and Composing of the Purana-Vyana's Self-questioning about his own Unrest  
Chapter 5 The Story of Narada 17-23
  Narada diagnosing the Cause of Vyasa's Unrest-Supremacy of Bhakti-Antecedents of Narada-The Glory of Karma Blended with Bhakti  
Chapter 6 The Story of Narada (Continued) 23-27
  The After-story of Narada-The Divine Vision of Narada and after-Transformation of Narada  
Chapter 7 The Aftermath of the War 27-32
  Vyasa, Suka and Bhagavan Vyasa-How and why Suka learnt the Bhagavata-The Revenge of Asvatthama-The Fate of Asvatthama  
Chapter 8 Krishna's Preparation to Depart 33- 38
  The dastardly Act of Asvatthama-The Hymn of Kunti-The Depression of Yudhishthira  
Chapter 9 The Salvation Of Bhishma 38-44
  Departure to meet Bhishma-Bhishma on the Glory of Krishna-Bhishma's Hymn to Krishna  
Chapter 10 Krishna After the Mahabharata War 44- 48
  Krishna's Arrival at Dwaraka-The Hymn of the City Women  
Chapter 11 Krishna After the Mahabharata War (Continued) 48-52
  Sri Krishna's Arrival and Reception at Dwaraka-Krishna amidst his own Relatives  
Chapter 12 The Birth of Parikshit 52-55
  Protection of Parikshit in his Mother's Womb-Predictions about Parikshit  
Chapter 13 Demise of Dhritarashtra 55-61
  Vidura's Arrival at Hastinapura- Dhritarashtra's Departure-Narada's Instruction to Yudhishthira  
Chapter 14 Forebodings about Krishna's Exit 61- 65
  Evil Omens seen-Arjuna's Return in utter Distress  
Chapter 15 Sri Krishna's Ascent and After 65-71
  Arjuna's Return and Report-The Great Abandonment of the Pandavas  
Chapter 16 Parikshit and the Advent o Kali 71-75
  The Digvijaya of Parikshit-Conversation between Dharma and Mother Cow  
Chapter 17 Parikshit's Subdual of Kali 75- 80
  Parikshit meets Dharma and Earth in a pitiable Plight-Parikshit marks out five Places for Kali  
Chapter 18 Parikshit is Cursed 80-85
  Last Days of Parikshit-The Rishis and Suta on the Greatness of the Lord-Indiscretion of Parikshit  
Chapter 19 Parikshit's Resolve and Suta's Arrival 85-90
  Parikshit's Repentance and Resolve-Conversation with the Rishis about his (Parikshit's) Resolve-Arrival of Sri Suka  
Prologue   91-92
Chapter 1 Suka's First Sermon 93- 97
  What one should do at the Approach of Death-Meditation on the Cosmic Form  
Chapter 2 Dissertation on Eschatology 97-103
  Gospel of Renunciation-Meditation on the Form-How a Yogi passes away-How a Yogi transcends different Spheres up to Brahmaloka-How the Yogi passes passes beyond Brahmanda  
Chapter 3 Devotion-Motivated and Unmotivated 103- 105
  The Supreme Being alone is worshipped through all Deities-A Life Lived without Bhakti is useless  
Chapter 4 Suka's Hymn to the Divine 105-108
  Parikshit's Question on the Divine Mystery-Suka's Hymn to the Lord  
Chapter 5 The Universe as a Form of the Lord 108-112
  Narada's wrong Estimate of Brahma-Narada corrected: Glory of Narayana-Creation of the Universe-The fourteen Worlds as the Lord's Universal Form  
Chapter 6 The Divine and His Manifestation 113-117
  Further Details about the Universal Form-The Divine Transcendence-The Yajna Purusha-The Supreme Being: His transcendent Nature-His Manifestations  
Chapter 7 Bhagavata in Brief 117-125
  A Summary of Incarnations-Krishna Incarnation-Other Divine Manifestations-Inexhaustible Nature of the Lord's Glories  
Chapter 8 The Greatness of Bhakti - Parikshit's Questions for Elucidation 125-128
  The Greatness of Bhakti - Parikshit's Questions for Elucidation  
Chapter 9 The Inspiration of Brahma 128-134
  Brahma commanded to do Tapas-The Vision of Brahma-Brahma's Request to the Lord-Instruction on Supreme Knowledge-Origin of the Bhagavata from Brahma  
Chapter 10 The cosmic Form of the Lord 134-139
  The ten Characteristics of the Bhagavata-Narayana or Garbhodakasayi-The Adhidaivika, the Adhyatmika and Adhibhautika Aspects-Other Aspects of the gross From-Manifestations from other Points of View-Conclusion of the Canto  
Prologue   140- 143
Chapter 1 Vidura and Uddhava: Their Meeting 144-149
  Vidura's Exit-Conversation between Vidura and Uddhava  
Chapter 2 Uddhava's Narration o Krishna's Life 150-153
  Uddhava reminisces about Krishna-Early Life of Krishna  
Chapter 3 Uddhava's Narration of Krishna's Life (Continued) 153- 156
  The latter Part of Krishna's Life  
Chapter 4 Uddhava on the Last Day of Krishna 157- 160
  Destruction of the Yadus-Uddhava's Submission and Krishna's Reply-Parting of Uddhava and Vidura  
Chapter 5 First Stage of Creation 161-167
  The Questions of Vidura-Creation of Categories-The Hymn of the Deities  
Chapter 6 The Virat Purusha, The Cosmic Being 167-170
  The Origin of the Virat- Diversification of the Limbs of the Virat-The Limbs of the Virat as the Universe-Unlimitedness of the Lord's Glory  
Chapter 7 Visarga or Secondary Creation 171-175
  Functioning of Divine Maya-Visarga or Secondary Creation  
Chapter 8 The Dawn of Creation 175-179
  Another Version about the Origin of the Bhagavata-The Universe in Chaos-The Quest of Brahma-Brahma's Vision of the Lord  
Chapter 9 Brahma Commissioned to Create 179- 185
  Brahma's Hymn-Mahavishnu blessing Brahma  
Chapter 10 Visarga or the Creation of Brahma (Continued) 185-188
  Brahma at the Commencement of Creation-What is Time The Ninefold Form of Visarga-Vaikrita Creation; the Creation of Brahma  
Chapter 11 Time in all its Dimensions 188-192
  The Division of Time-The four Yugas-The Age of Brahma and others-Pralaya or Dissolution-The Parardha  
Chapter 12 Brahma's Creation 193- 197
  Brahma's Dissatisfaction with the Creation of Evil-Creation of Sanaka and others-Creation of Rudra-Creation of Marichi and the nine other Rishis-Brahma's incestuous Urge-Creation of the Vedas and the various Means of Life-Creation of the Sexes  
Chapter 13 Incarnation as the Causal Boar 198-203
  Swayambhuva Manu and Satarupa-Incarnation as Cosmic Boar-Hymn of the Rishis-The Glory of the Boar Incarnation  
Chapter 14 Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu: Their Origin 204-208
  Introduction-Diti approaching Kasyapa for Progeny-Diti's Persistence and her later Repentance-Prajapati on the Nature of his Progeny  
Chapter 15 Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu: The Curse of the Kumaras 209-215
  Representation of the Devas to Brahma-The Kumaras at Vaikuntha-The Obstruction of the Kumaras by the Gatekeepers-The Curse by the Kumaras-Description of Mahavishnu's From-The Hymn of the Kumaras  
Chapter 16 Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu: Final Settlement of their Fate 216- 223
  Relationship with Holy Men-The Kumaras apologising to the Lord-Final Settlement of the Fate of the Attendants  
Chapter 17 Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu: Their Birth 220-223
  Evil Portents at the Birth of the Asuras-The Adventures of the Asuras- Challenge to Varuna  
Chapter 18 Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu: The Fight of the Former with Vishnu 223-227
  The Asura's Challenge to the Incarnate Boar-The Lord's mocking Response-The Fight between the Asura and the Lord  
Chapter 19 Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu: Destruction of the Former 227- 230
  The further Development of the Fight-Fight with the magical Devices-Death of Hiranyaksha-In Praise of the Episode  
Chapter 20 Creation as Expression of Brahma's Moods 231-235
  Questions on the further Propagation of Creatures-A Review of the earlier Stages of Creation-The creative Moods of Brahma-Asuras-Gandharvas, Pitris and the Kinnaras-Creation of Manu or Man  
Chapter 21 Kardama Prajapati's Creative Role 236-241
  Kardama's Tapas-Kardama's Vision of the Lord and his Prayer-The Lord's Commandment to Kardama-Manu Swayambhuva's Visit to Kardama's Ashrama  
Chapter 22 Kardama's Marriage with Devahuti 241-245
  The Manu's Offer of Devahuti in Marriage-Kardama's Acceptance- Swayambuva's Return  
Chapter 23 Devahuti and Kardama in the Aerial Mansion 245- 250
  Devahuti's Service of Kardama-The magical aerial Mansion-Life of Devahuti and Kardama in the aerial Mansion-Devahuti's Prayer to Kardama to stay on  
Chapter 24 Birth of Kapila and Kardama's Departure 250-254
  Kapila's Birth-Kardama's Hymn to Kapila-Kardama's Departure  
Chapter 26 Kapilopadesa: The Categories 260- 267
  Purusha and Prakriti-Evolutes of Prakriti and Time-Mahattattwa or Hiranyagarbha-Ahankara-Evolutes of Ahankara-Tanmatras, Indriyas and Bhutas-Virat Purusha-Rousing of the Virat Purusha  
Chapter 27 Kapilopadesa: The Way of Release 268- 271
  The Purusha's Bondage and Liberation-The Finality of Release  
Chapter 28 Kapilopadesa: Discipline for Realisation 271-277
  Ways of Self Purification-Meditation on the Divine From-Realisation of the Divine  
Chapter 29 Kapilopadesa: Some Details of the path of Devotion 277-281
  Bheda Bhakti contrasted with Nirguna Bhakti-Some devotional Disciplines-Image Worship vs. Seeing God in al-A Spiritual View of Evolution-Time, what it is  
Chapter 30 Kapilopadesa: The Destiny of the Sinful 281-284
  Life and Death of the Wordling-The Sufferings of Purgatory  
Chapter 31 Kapilopadesa: The Jiva's Cycle of Births and Deaths 284-290
  The Foetus in the Womb-The Foetus in Praise of the Lord-The Failure of Jiva to learn by Experience-Causes of Spiritual Degradation-The Meaning of Death  
Chapter 32 Kapilopadesa: The Spiritual Goal 290-295
  Attainment of perishable Worlds-The Attainment of Brahmaloka-Fruits of the Life of Attachment-The Bhagavan as the one Goal of all Aspirants-Stages of Spiritual Development  
Chapter 33 Kapilopadesa: Conclusion 295- 299
  Devahuti's Hymn to Kapila-The After-life of Devahuti  
Prologue   300-302
Chapter 1 The Lines of Swayambhuva's other Daughters 303-308
  Yajna and Dakshina-The Line of Kardama Prajapati Atri's Issue-The Line of Angiras-Daksha Prajapati's Line-Nara-Narayana Incarnation-Some other Lines of Rishis  
Chapter 2 Confrontation between Rudra and Daksha 309- 312
  The Satra of the Prajapatis-Bhrigu's Curse  
Chapter 3 Sati Devi's Desire to Visit Daksha's Sacrifice 312-315
  Sati Devi's Address to Sri Rudra-Rudra advising her not to attend the Yajna  
Chapter 4 The Death of Sati Devi 315-320
  Insult of Sati at Daksha's Sacrifice-Sati Devi's Criticism of Daksha's Conduct-Sati declares her Decision to die-Sati consumes her Body in Yogic Fire  
Chapter 5 The Destruction of Daksha 320- 323
  The Emergence of Virabhadra-The Evil Portents at the Site of the Yajna-The Destruction of the Yajna  
Chapter 6 Propitiation of Sri Rudra 323-328
  Deva's resorting to Brahma-Description of Kailasa-Description of Alakapuri and Saugandhika Forest-Rudra under the Banyan Tree-Hymn to Rudra  
Chapter 7 The Completion of Daksha's Sacrifice 329- 337
  Rudra placated by the Efforts of the Devas-Daksha's Repentance; Sri Hari's Appearance-Hymns in Praise of Sri Hari-The Conclusion of the Yajna  
Chapter 8 The Story of Dhruva 237-345
  The Progeny of Adharma-Dhruva's Discomfiture at the Hands of Surichi-Suniti's Advice to Dhruva-Narada's first Advice to Dhruva, dissuading him-Narada sympathises with Dhruva and advises him on Meditation-Uttanapada's Repentance-Dhruva's Tapas  
Chapter 9 Dhruva's Return and Installation 345-352
  Dhruva's divine Vision-Dhruva's Hymn to Mahavishnu-Granting of Boons to Dhruva-Dhruva's Repentance over the Boons-Dhruva's Reception by his parents and People-Dhruva at the Palace and his Installation  
Chapter 10 Dhruva's War with the Guhyakas 353-355
  His initial Success in Battle- The magical Battle  
Chapter 11 Swayambhuva's Counsel to Dhruva 355-359
  Dhruva releases Narayanastra-Swayambhuva's Advice to Dhruva  
Chapter 12 Reconciliation with Kubera and After 359- 364
  Kubera meets Dhruva-Dhruva's Rule and Abandonment Arrival of Mahavishnu's Emissaries to take Dhruva-Ascension of Dhruva-Glory of Dhruva  
Chapter 13 From Dhruva to Vena 364-369
  The Descendants of Dhruva-Circumstances leading to Vena's Birth-Anga's Flight  
Chapter 14 Vena's Misrule and Death 369-373
  The Vagaries of Vena-The Rishis in Consultation The Conciliatory Words of the Rishis-Vena's insolent Reply and Death-The Churning of Vena's Body  
Chapter 15 Prithu's Advent and Coronation 373-375
  The Birth of Prithu-Various Devas offer Presents to Prithu-Prithu's Modesty  
Chapter 16 Panegyric of Prithu 376-378
  Many-sided Greatness of Prithu  
Chapter 17 Punishment of the Earth-goddess 379-382
  The Call of the Hungry to Prithu- The Earth-goddess is threatened-Hymn to Prithu by the Earth-goddess  
Chapter 18 The Milking of the Earth-goddess as a Cow 383-385
  The Self-justification of the Earth-goddess-The Milking of various Resources  
Chapter 19 The Story of Prithu's Horse Sacrifice 385-389
  The Scene of Prithu's Horse Sacrifice-Indra's Attempt to obstruct the Sacrifice-Brahma effects a Reconciliation between Prithu and Indra  
Chapter 20 The Lord Blesses Prithu 389- 394
  The Reconciliation of Prithu and Indra by the Lord-Prithu's Hymn to the Lord-The Lord's Departure  
Chapter 21 Prithu's Exhortation to his Subjects 394-399
  Prithu's Entry into his City-Performance of a Satra by Prithu-Prithu's Address to his People-The Greatness of Prithu.  
Chapter 22 The Sermon of the Kumaras 400-406
  The Arrival of the Kumaras-Their Reception by Prithu-Sanatkumara's Sermon-Prithu's Worship of the Kumaras-Greatness of Prithu  
Chapter 23 The Salvation of Prithu 407-411
  Prithu's Asceticism as a Vanaprastha-How Prithu left the Body-The Greatness of the wife of Prithu-The Greatness of Prithu's Story  
Chapter 24 Instruction of Prachetas in Rudra Gita 411- 418
  Antardhana to Prachinabarhis-The Prachetas' Meeting with Sri Rudra-Unity of Siva and Vishnu-Rudra Gita  
Chapter 258 The Allegory of Puranjana 419-424
  Narada meeting Prachinabarhis-Narada's Tirade against Ritualism-The City of Puranjana-Puranjana falling in Love with a Lady-The Lady's Reply to Puranjana's Advances-The Nine Gates of Puranjana's City-Puranjana in Bondage  
Chapter 26 Puranjana's Hunting Expedition 424-427
  The Metaphor of Puranjana's Chariot-Puranjana's Reckless Hunt-Puranjana's angry Wife-Purnajana pacifying his Wife  
Chapter 27 The Story of the Daughter of Time 427-430
  Puranjana in the Company of his Wife-The Attack of Old Age-Grey-haired Old Age, the Daughter of Time  
Chapter 28 Puranjana's Next Birth and Liberation 430-436
  Attack by Bhaya on Puranjana's City-Puranjana's last Reflection-Puranjana's Death and After-Puranjana's Rebirth as a Woman-Malayadhwaja's Retirement to the Forest and his Demise-Interpretations of the Allegory  
Chapter 29 The Meaning of the Allegory 436-445
  Puranjana as the Jiva in the nine-gated city of the Body-The Dream as the Hunt-The Enemies of Puranjana-The woes of the Jiva in Samsara-Devotion as the Panacea for Suffering-The Limitation of Vedic Ritualism- The Allegory of the Deer-Linga Sarira as the Link between Rebirths A Clue from Dram to the Nature of Linga Sarira and Rebirth-Devotion as a Panacea for Samsara  
Chapter 30 The Story of the Prachetas (Continued) 446-451
  The Tapas and the Vision of the Prachetas-The Hymn of the Prachetas-Daksha reborn  
Chapter 31 The End of the Prachetas 451- 455
  Narada at the Brahmasatra of the Prachetas-Narada's Discourse on Bhakti-Vidura parts from Maitreya  


Volume Two (Skandhas V-IX)


Prologue   1
Chapter 1 The Story of Priyavrata 5-11
  Combination of worldly and spiritual Pursuits: Examp le of Priyavrata-Brahma's Advice on the above Theme-Priyavrata assumes Rulership-Emergence of the Dweepas-Priyavrata's Renuniation  
Chapter 2 The Story of Agnidhra 11-14
  Agnidhra meeting Apsaras-Love Prattle of Agnidhra-Agnidhra's Story concluded.  
Chapter 3 The Story of Nabhi 14-17
  Lord's Revelation at Nabhi's Yajna-Hymn of sacrificial Priests-Announcement of Incarnation  
Chapter 4 The Story of Rishabha 18-20
  Rishabha's Sermon: Aim of Life-Spiritual Degradation-The Means of Upliftment-Greatness of holy Men-Rishabha as an Avadhuta.  
Chapter 5 Rishabha's Sermon and After 20-26
  Rishabha's Sermon: Aim of Life-Spiritual Degradation-The Means of Upliftment-Greatness of holy Men-Rishabha as an Avadhuta.  
Chapter 6 Rishabha's End 26-29
  Wanderings at Kutakadri-Significance of his Life  
Chapter 7 The Story of Bharata 29-31
  Bharata's Rule-Bharata's Life at Pulahashrama.  
Chapter 8 Story of Bharata: The Deer Episode 31-35
  Bharata getting a Fawn-Bharata's Attachment to Fawn-Dire Consequence of Attachment-His Redemption  
Chapter 9 Story of Bharata: Sacrifice to Bhadrakali 36-39
  Bharata's New Birth-His strange Conduct-Sacrifice to Bhadra-kali  
Chapter 10 Story of Bharata: Meeting with Rahugana 40-44
  Bharata as Palanquin Bearer-Bharata's Reply as a wise Man-Rahugana discovers Bharata.  
Chapter 11 Story of Bharata: Instruction to Rahugana 44-47
  Phenomenal Nature of the World-Mind as Cause of Samsara-The Modes of the Mind-The Kshetrajna.  
Chapter 12 Story of Bharata: Instructions to Rahugana (Cont.) 47-49
  Analysis of objective World-How Enlightenment comes.  
Chapter 13 Story of Bharata: The Forest of Samsara 50-53
  The Forest of Samsara-Caravan of merry Travellers-Rahugana's Redemption.  
Chapter 14 Story of Bharata: Forest of Samsara Explained 54-60
  Explanation of Allegory-Greatness of Bharata  
Chapter 15 The Line of Bharata 60-62
  Successors of Bharata-Greatness of King Gaya  
Chapter 16 Geographical Reflections 63-66
  Query about Dimensions-Jambudweepa and its Divisions-Ilavrita: Its four Regions-Its Mountains and Rivers-Mountains surrounding Meru.  
Chapter 17 Devotional Life in Ilavrita 67-70
  Ganga's Descent-Ganga branching into four-Uniqueness of Bharatavarsha-Sankarshana Worship in Ilavrita  
Chapter 18 Worship of the Lord in the Various Varshas 71-77
  Hayagriva in Bhadraswa-Narasimha in Harivarsha-Kamadeva in Ketumala-Cosmic Fish in Ramyaka-Cosmic Tortoise in Hiranmaya-Cosmic Boar in Uttarakuru.  
Chapter 19 Worship in Kimpurusha and Bharatavarshas 77-82
  Worship in Kimpurushavarsha-Worship in Bharatavarsha-Physical Features of Bharata-Glory of Bharatavarsha.  
Chapter 20 The Six Dweepas and the Lokaloka 82-88
  Plaksha and its Features-Salmala and its Features-Kusa-dweepa and its Feature-Krauncha and its Features-Saka and its Feature-Pushkara and its Features-Lokaloka Mountain.  
Chapter 21 The Course of the Sun 88-91
  Uttarayana and Dakshinayana-Sun's Course on Manasottara-The Chariot of the Sun  
Chapter 22 The Movement of the Sun and the Planets 91-93
  Reverse Movement of the Sun-Surya-Narayana-The Moon and its Movements-Constellations  
Chapter 23 Dhruva the Pole Star 94-96
  Dhruva the Pivot of the Universe-Sisumara From of the Lord  
Chapter 24 The Nether Regions 96-101
  Rahu-Region of Siddhas etc.-Six subterranean Regions-Atala and its Specialities-Sutala and Mahabali-Talatala and Mahatala-Rasatala-Patala  
Chapter 25 The Lord as Ananta or Sankarshana 101-103
  Sphere of Ananta-Meditation on Sankarshana-Narada Praises Sankarshana.  
Chapter 26 Description of Purgatories 104-110
  Question on Purgatories-The Twenty-one Purgatories-The Purpose of these Descriptions.  
Prologue   111-112
Chapter 1 Ajamila Episode: Ajamila's Sinful Life 113-119
  Sin and how to overcome it-Sinner Ajamila on his Death-bed-Sin, Expiation and Purgatory-Ajamila's previous History.  
Chapter 2 Ajamila Episode: His Redemption 119-124
  The Power of the Lord's Name-Ajamila's Repentance-Liberation of Ajamila.  
Chapter 3 Ajamila Episode: Sanctity of Divine Name 125-129
  Attendants' Report to Yama-The Supremacy of Sri Hari-The Glory of the divine Name-Exhortation to take the Divine Name.  
Chapter 4 Blessing Bestowed on Daksha 129-135
  The Prachetasas and the War on Trees-Daksha, Son of Prachetasas-Hamsaguhya-stotra-Lord's Appearance and Blessing.  
Chapter 5 Narada and the Sons o Daksha 135-139
  Riddle posed by Narada-The Riddle explained-Daksha's second Set of Progeny-Daksha's Curse on Narada.  
Chapter 6 The Line of Daksha's Daughters 140-143
  Daksha's Insults to Brihaspati-Indra's belated Regret-Brahma's Advice-Indra's Mission to Viswarupa  
Chapter 7 Indra's Downfall 144-147
  Indra's Insults to Brihaspati-Indra's belated Regret-Brahma's Advice-Indra's Mission to Viswarupa  
Chapter 8 Imparting of Narayana-Kavacha to Indra 148-152
  Meditation on Narayana-kavacha-Narayana-kavacha Mantra -Narayana-kavacha and a Yogi.  
Chapter 9 The Appearance of Vrita 152-159
  Viswarupa's Slaughter-Vritra's Appearance-The Dev as in Praise of Mahavishnu-Hymn of the Devas-Thunderbolt Weapon of Indra.  
Chapter 10 Devas in Confrontation with Vritra 159-162
  Devas approaching Dadhichi-Making of the Thunderbolt Weapon-Confrontation of Indra with Vritra  
Chapter 11 Excellence of Vritra 162-165
  Vritra's Charge-Vritra's Challenge-Vritra's Devotion to the Lord  
Chapter 12 Destruction of Vritra 166-169
  Further Fight with Vritra-A Sermon on Time by Vritra-Vritra's final Charge and Death.  
Chapter 13 Purification of Indra 169-172
  Indra's Apprehension-Indra under Brahmahatya-Indra's Purification  
Chapter 14 The Story of Chitraketu 172-177
  Further Question about Vritra-Chitraketu meeting Angiras-Birth of a Son to Chitraketu-Poisoning of the Child.  
Chapter 15 Consolation of Chitraketu by the Sages 178-180
  Transitoriness of Life-Response of Chitraketu-Life bedevilled with Sorrow.  
Chapter 16 Enlightenment of Chitraketu 180-188
  Chitraketu meeting his Son's Jiva-Chitraketu's Transformation-Meditation on Sankarshana-Chitraketu's Vision-Chitraketu's Hymn-Instructions to Chitraketu.  
Chapter 17 How Chitraketu Became Vritra 188-192
  Parvati's Curse on Chitraketu-His unperturbed Reaction-Siva's Advice to Parvati-Chitraketu becomes Vritra  
Chapter 18 The Birth of the Maruts 192-199
  Other Progeny of Aditi-Issue of Diti, Mother of Asuras-Diti's Resolve to destroy Indra-The Prajapati's Regret-Instruction on Pumsavana-Birth of the Maruts.  
Chapter 19 Observance of Pumsavana 199-202
  Question on Pumsavana-Mantra, Stotra for Pumsavana-Other Details of Worship-Results of Worship  
Prologue   203-206
Chapter 1 The Lord as Free from Partiality 207-212
  The Lord favours none-The Salvation of Enemies of God-Turning of Passions Godward-Antecedents of Hiranya  
Chapter 2 Consolation of Diti 212-218
  Hiranyakasipu's Ire-Consolation of Diti-Story of Suyajna of Usinara-Yama advises the sorrowing Women-Story of the Kulinga Birds.  
Chapter 3 Fierce Tapas of Hiranyakasipu 218-222
  Representation to Brahma-Brahma's Revelation-Hiranya's Hymn to Brahma.  
Chapter 4 Hiranyakasipu and His Son Prahlada 222-226
  Oppressive Rule of Hiranya-Devas in Quest of Relief-Character of Prahlada.  
Chapter 5 Persecution of Prahlada 227-233
  Hiranya examines his Son-Efforts to reform Prahlada-Hiranya's second Examination-Persecution of Prahlada-Further Efforts to reform him.  
Chapter 6 Prahlada's Sermon 233-236
  Vanity of worldly Values-Exhortation to renounce-God, our dearest and nearest-Excellence of Bhagavata Dharma.  
Chapter 7 Prahlada's Lesson on Self-knowledge 237-242
  Prahlada's previous History-Separateness of Atman and Body-Devotion as the easiest Path-Fleeting worldly Values-Universality of Bhakti.  
Chapter 8 Destruction of Hiranyakasipu 243-251
  Hiranya's angry Reaction-Prahlada's Advice to Hiranya-Incarnation of Narasimha-Destruction of Hiranya-Hymns to Narasimha.  
Chapter 9 The Hymn of Prahlada 251-260
  Prahlada assuaging the Lord's Wrath-Birth no Inhibition to Lord's Grace-I fear not this fearful form-Involvement in Samsara-The Lord's Maya-Vanity of worldly Pleasures-The Lord as Kalpataru-Divine Immanence and Transcendence-Emergence of Universe from Lord-Incarnations-Prayer for Divine Grace-Prayer for universal Salvation-Mastery of Senses and Salvation-The Supremacy of Devotion-Prahlada tempted by Boons.  
Chapter 10 Sequel to the Story of Prahlada 260-267
  Prahlada and Boons-Prahlada enthroned-The Secret of Divine Love-Destruction of the Tripuras.  
Chapter 11 Varnas and Their Dharmas 267-271
  The general Dharma of all Men-Duties and Livelihood of Varnas-Duties of devoted Wives-Livelihood of Others-Swadharma and Man's Evolution  
Chapter 12 Duties of Brahmacharins and Vanaprasthas 271-274
  Brahmacharin's Duties-Vanaprastha's Duties-How Vanaprastha should face Death.  
Chapter 13 The Ascetic's Way of Life 275-279
  Mode of Sannyasin's Life-Prahlada with an Avadhuta-Avadhuta's Mode of Life-Withdrawal as a Way of Life-Ways of the Bee and the Python-Taking Life as it comes- Establishment in the Self  
Chapter 14 The Ideal of a Householder 280-284
  Life of Non-attachment-Attitude to Wealth and Sex-Attitude to Yajnas-Sraddha and auspicious Rites-Value of Holy Places-True Worship  
Chapter 15 Liberation as the Ideal of all Ashramas 284-294
  Food Offering to Devas and Pitris-Perversions of Dharma-Contentment and Happiness-Faith in the Guru-Control o Mind-Self-control, Ideal of Ashramas-Pravritti, Nivritti and Yanas-Knowledge of Non-duality-Salvation through Surrender-Narada's Past-Devotion to Krishna.  
Prologue   295-296
Chapter 1 The First Four Manvantaras 297-300
  Swayambhuva, the first Manu-Svarochisha, the second Manu-Uttama and Tamasa.  
Chapter 2 The Lordly Elephant Endangered 300-303
  Beauty of Trikuta Mountain-Lordly Elephant in Danger  
Chapter 3 The Hymn of the Lordly Elephant 304-308
  A Hymn on the Impersonal-Release of the lordly Elephant  
Chapter 4 Antecedents of the Lordly Elephant 308-311
  Transformation of Crocodile-Antecedents of the lordly Elephant-Greatness of the Episode.  
Chapter 5 Prelude to Churning of the Milk Ocean 311-317
  Fifth and sixth Manvantaras-Curse of Durvasas and after-Hymn of Brahma.  
Chapter 6 The Churning of the Ocean 317-321
  Brahma's subsequent Hymn-The Lord's Instructions-Lifting the Mandara Mountain  
Chapter 7 Emergence of the Poison Kalakuta 321-326
  Incarnation as Tortoise - Appearance of Kolakuta-Hymn to Siva-Siva drinking Kalakuta  
Chapter 8 Emergence of Rama, Amrita and Mohini 327-331
  Gifts of the Ocean-Emergence of Rama-Rama chooses Mahavishnu-Emergence of Varuni and Amrita-The Lord incarnates as Mohini  
Chapter 9 Asuras Deprived of Amrita 232-235
  Mohini accepted as Distributor-Asuras befooled.  
Chapter 10 War between the Devas and the Asuras 335-340
  Battle Scene described-Combats and Duels-Bali's magical Warfare-The Lord's Appearance.  
Chapter 11 Triumph of the Devas 340-344
  Contest of Indra and Bali-Attack and Fall of Jambha-Attack of Namuchi, Bala, Paka-Victory of Indra.  
Chapter 12 Incarnation as the Mohini 344-349
  Siva's Curiosity about Mohini-The Hymn by Siva-Siva's Vision of Mohini-Siva under Infatuation-Reflections on the Incident  
Chapter 13 The Last Seven Mavantaras 350-352
  Vaivaswata Manvantara-Savarni the eighth Manu-9th to the 14th Manvantaras.  
Chapter 14 What is a Manvantara 353-354
  Functions of Manus.  
Chapter 15 Mahabali's Ascent 354-357
  Bali invades Indra's Heaven-Description of Heaven-Siege of Heaven: Indra's Retreat.  
Chapter 16 Kasyapa's Instructions on Payovrata 358-363
  Aditi's Petition to Kasyapa-Description of Payovrata-Preliminary Worship-The Principles of Worship  
Chapter 17 Aditi's Vision of Mahavishnu 363-366
  Mahavishnu appears to Aditi-Aditi's Hymn-Bestowal of Boon on Aditi-Brahma's Hymn.  
Chapter 18 Vamana at Bali's Sacrificial Hall 367-370
  Incarnation of Vamana-Vamana at sacrificial Hall-Bali's Reception of Vamana.  
Chapter 19 Vamana's Supplication 370-374
  Vamana's Eulogy of Mahabali-The three Feet of Earth-Sukra's Remonstrance-Falsehood in worldly Life  
Chapter 20 The Revelation of Vamana 375-379
  Sukra's Advice rejected-Revelation of Cosmic Form-Worlds measured in two paces.  
Chapter 21 Bali in Bondage 379-382
  Brahma's Worship of Vamana-Discomfiture of Asura Army-Binding of Bali  
Chapter 22 Bestowal of Grace on Bali 382-386
  Bali stands Tests unmoved-Prahlada's Arrival and Plea-Brahma's Plea-On Bali's Greatness.  
Chapter 23 Bali's Exit and After 387-390
  Hymns of Bali and Prahalada-Vamana crowned as Upendra-The Lord's Greatness  
Chapter 24 The Incarnation as Fish 390-396
  Brahma loses the Veda-Satyavrata and the mysterious Fish-The Fish reveals its Identity-Announcement of the Deluge-Satyavrata's Hymn-Satyavrata made Manu.  
Prologue   397-399
Chapter 1 The Story of Sudyumna 400-403
  Manu Sraddha Deva and his Issue-Daughter Ila becoming Son Sudyumna-Sudyumna's Reconversion into a Woman-Birth of Pururavas and his Ascension  
Chapter 2 The Lines of the Other Sons of the Manu 404-407
  Story of Prishadhra and Kavi-Lines of Karusha and Dhrishta-Line of Narishyanta-Line of Dishta.  
Chapter 3 The Line of Saryati 407-410
  Saryati at Chyavana's Ashrama-Chyavana's Rejuvenation-A Surprise for King Saryati-Kakudmi Grandson of Saryati  
Chapter 4 Story of Ambarisha 410-417
  Nabhaga claiming Patrimony-Ambarisha's Devotion-Ambarisha's Vow of Dwadasi-The Threat of Durvasas-The Flight of Durvasas  
Chapter 5 Durvasas Submits to Ambarisha 417-420
  Ambarisha's Prayer for Durvasas-Durvasas praises Ambarisha  
Chapter 6 From Ambarisha to Mandhata 420-425
  Ambarisha's Sons-Ikshvaku and his Sons-Indravaha-From Puranjaya-to Yuvanasva-Mandhata-The Story of Saubhari  
Chapter 7 The Line of Mandhata 426-428
  Purukutsa to Trisanku-Harischandra and Rohita  
Chapter 8 The Story of Sagara 428-431
  Sagara and his Exploits-Sagara's Aswamedha-Search for Horse by Amsuman-Hymn to Kapila.  
Chapter 9 From Amsuman to Khatvanga 432-436
  Bhagiratha bringing Ganga-Bhagiratha to Mitrasaha-Mitrasaha as Rakshasa-Mitrasaha to Khatvanga-Story of devoted Khatvanga.  
Chapter 10 The Incarnation of Rama 437-443
  Rama's Greatness-Early Life-Abduction of Sita-Crossing the Sea-Attack on Lanka-Death of Ravana and After-Reception by Bharata-Coronation of Rama.  
Chapter 11 Subsequent Life of Sri Rama at Ayodhya 443-446
  Rama's Sacrifice-Last Phase of Rama's Life-The Greatness of Rama-Rama at Ayodhya.  
Chapter 12 Kusa and His Successors 447-448
  From Kusa to Brihadbala-End of the Solar Dynasty  
Chapter 13 Line of Nimi the Son of Ikshvaku 448-450
  Nimi and Vasishtha-Nimi's son Janaka, the Videha.  
Chapter 14 Pururavas of the Lunar Dynasty 450-455
  Soma the First of the Dynasty-Buddha the Son of Soma-Pururavas unites with Urvasi-Pururavas separated from Urvasi-Subsequent History of Pururavas.  
Chapter 15 Advent of Parasurama 455-459
  Birth of Parasurama-High-handedness of Karthavirya Arjuna-Parasurama destroying Arjuna.  
Chapter 16 Parasurama's Extirpation of Kshatriyas 459-462
  Renuka's Mishap-Avenging Jamadagni's Murder-The Line of Kausikas  
Chapter 17 Other Successors of Pururavas 462-464
  Decendants of Kshatravriddha-Rambha and Anenas-Raji and Kshatradharma  
Chapter 18 Story of Yayati and Devayani 464-468
  Yayati as King-Quarrel between Devayani and Sarmishtha-Yayati marries Devayani-Sarmishtha's Humiliation-Sukra's Curse and After  
Chapter 19 Yayati's Renunciation 469-471
  The Parable of the Goats-Yayati's Sermon on Renunciation-The End of Yayati's Story  
Chapter 20 Dushyanta and Bharata 472-475
  From Puru to Dushyanta-Dushyanta and Sakuntala-From Bharata to Bharadwaja  
Chapter 21 Ranti Deva the Compassionate 475-478
  Bharadwaja to Ranti Deva-Ranti Deva's Sermon-Lines of Garga and Others-Lines of Dvimidha and Others.  
Chapter 22 Bhishma, Kuru, Pandavas and Others 479-483
  Drupada, Kuru etc.-Jarasandha-Santanu-Bhishma and Pandavas-Parikshit and Successors-Kings of Magadha  
Chapter 23 Descendants of Yayati's Sons 483-486
  Descendants of Anu and Druhya-The Line of Yadus-Arjuna-The Yadus.  
Chapter 24 The Genealogical Background of Sri Krishna 486-492
  Other Yadavas-Vasudeva, Krishna's and Pritha-Dantavaktra, Sisupala etc.-Vasudeva and his Issue-Sri Krishna.  


Volume Three (Skandha X)


Prologue   1
Chapter 1 Announcement of the Great Advent 31-37
  Parikshit's Questions about Krishna and his Advent-The Burden of the Earth Deity-Marriage of Devaki and Vasudeva-Vasudeva's Efforts to save Devaki-Kamsa's Oppression of the Yadus.  
Chapter 2 Prelude to the Advent of Sri Krishna 37-42
  The Mission of Yogamaya-Devaki's Escape from Death a second Time-Hymn of Brahma  
Chapter 3 The Birth of Krishna 43-48
  Sri Krishna is born-Vasudeva's Hymn-Devaki's Hymn -The Lord on His antecedent Births-Transfer of Krishna to Vraja  
Chapter 4 The Episode of Yogamaya and After 49-53
  Kamsa attempts to kill Yogamaya-The hyprocritical Vedanta of Kamsa-The evil Advisers of Kamsa and their Scheme  
Chapter 5 Birth Festivity at Gokula 53-56
  Rejoicing in Vraja-Nanda at Kamsa's Court to pay Tribute  
Chapter 6 Salvation of Putana 56-60
  Putana's Attempt to poison Krishna-Consternation in Gokula - The devotional Implications of Putana's Story  
Chapter 7 The Salvation of Sakatasura and Trinavarta 60-64
  Sravana as an Aid to Devotion-The Attack of Sakatasura-The attack of Trinavarta-Revelation of the Cosmos to the Mother  
Chapter 8 Other Incidents of Krishna's Early Boyhood 65-70
  Garga naming Krishna-Boyhood Pranks of Krishna-Gopi's Complaint to the Mother-Krishna eating Mud-Sri Suka on the past of Nanda and Yasoda.  
Chapter 9 Krishna Being Tied to Mortar 70-73
  Krishna breaking the Milk Pot-Krishna tied to the Mortar-The Lord subordinates Himself to His Devotees  
Chapter 10 Liberation of Nalakubara and Manigriva 73-77
  The Antecedents of Nalakubara and Manigriva-Narada's Curse-Krishna felling the Arjuna Trees-The Hymn of the two Guhyakas  
Chapter 11 The Trek to Vrindavana 78-83
  The childhood Sports of Krishna-Migration to Vrindavana-Attack of Vatsasura-Attack of Bakasura  
Chapter 12 The Salvation of Agha 83-88
  The Scene at the Picnic in the Woods-Appearance of the Demon Agha-Agha swallowing the Party and his Death-Parikshit puts further Questions about the incident  
Chapter 13 Brahma Testing Krishna 88-95
  Krishna at Lunch: a pastoral midday Scene-Brahma's spiriting away of the Boys and the Calves-Krishna as all the Boys and Calves-Rama's Doubt-Revelation vouchsafed to Brahma  
Chapter 14 The Hymn of Brahma 95-104
  The Special Excellence of Devotion-Infinitude of the Lord-The Mystery of Divine Incarnations-Jnana can be had only through Bhakti-The Greatness of Inhabitants of Vraja-Salutation to Brahma-Return to Gokula after one Year-The Self as the Basis of all Love  
Chapter 15 The Salvation of Dhenuka 104-109
  Vrindavana described-Krishna at play with the Boys-Encounter with Dhenuka the Ass Demon-Krishna back at Home-The Poisonous Water of Yamuna  
Chapter 16 Reformation of Kaliya 109-117
  Krishna's Challenge to Kaliya-Reactions of the Inhabitants of Vraja-Krishna's Dance on Kaliya's Hood-The Hymn of the Serpent Wives-Krishna blessing them  
Chapter 17 Incidents Allied to the Kaliya Episode 117-119
  How Kaliya came to reside in Yamuna-The reaction of Krishna-Rescue from Forest Fire  
Chapter 18 The Summer Season and Pralamba's Attack 119-122
  Summer in Vrindavana-Krishna's Sport in the Forest-Pralamba's Attack and Destruction  
Chapter 19 Rescue From Forest Fire 123-124
  Staying away of the Cattle-Krishna rescuing the Party from Forest Fire  
Chapter 20 Description of The Seasons 124-129
  Description of Rainy Season-Krishna's Pastime in the Rainy Season-Description of Autumn  
Chapter 21 The Magic of Krishna's Flute 129-132
  The Arch-dancer at the Advent of Autumn-The Gopis on Krishna as the Superdancer  
Chapter 22 The Stealing of the Gopis' Clothes 132-136
  Gopis's worship of Goddess Katyayani-Krishna whisking away their Clothes; The Gopis put to Test-Restoration of the Clothes-Reflection on the Role of Trees  
Chapter 23 The Salvation of the Pious Brahmana Women 136-141
  The pride of the Ritualist Brahmanas-The enthusiastic Reaction of the Brahmanas' Wives-Krishna's Advice to the Women-The Conversion of the ritualist Brahmanas  
Chapter 24 Obstruction of Indra Yajna 141-145
  Krishna's Enquiries to Nanda about Indra Yajna-Krishna dissuading them-Worship of Govardhana  
Chapter 25 Lifting of the Govardhana Mountain 145-147
  Indra's Vengeance-Krishna providing Relief by lifting the Mountain  
Chapter 26 Announcement of Krishna's Divinity 148-150
  Gopas review Krishna's unique Feats-Garga's Prediction about Krishna revealed  
Chapter 27 Krishan as Govinda 150-153
  Indra's Hymn to Krishna-Surabhi's Mission; Krishna as Govinda  
Chapter 28 The Revelation of Vaikuntha 154-155
  Nanda's Capture by Varuna's Emissaries-Revelation of Vaikuntha  
Chapter 29 The Rasalila; The Gopis Meeting the Lord 156-161
  The Call of the Flute-The Philosophy behind Rasalila-The Lord dissuading them by citing women's Dharma-The Gopis' Plea-Krishna's Disappearance  
Chapter 30 Gopis in Seperation from Krishna 161-166
  The Gopis' Search in the Forest-Gopis imitating Krishna in their Frenzy-Krishna with a particular Lady-Krishna abandoning that Gopi also  
Chapter 31 The Song of the Gopis 166-169
  The Gopis in Anguish  
Chapter 32 The Lord's Reappearance 169-172
  The Lord reppears before the Gopis-The Reaction of the Gopis-Gopis posing a Question to Krishna  
Chapter 33 The Carnival of Rasa Dance 172-176
  The Description of the Dance-Water Sports-The moral Issue in Rasalila  
Chapter 34 Salvation of Sudarsana and Sankhachuda 177-179
  Nanda in the Grip of the Python-Sankachuda carrying away the Gopis  
Chapter 35 Yugala Gitam 180-183
  Gopis singing on Krishna during Daytime  
Chapter 36 Kamsa's Final Resolution to Destroy Krishna 183-186
  Destruction of Arishta-Kamsa devising Ways for killing Krishna-Kamsa commissioning Akrura  
Chapter 37 The Destruction of Kesi and Vyomasura  
  Kesi the Horse Demon at Gokula-Narada's Praise of Krishna Destruction of Vyomasura  
Chapter 38 Akrura' Trip to Gokula 190-195
  Akrura's Reveries on the Way-Akrura's Reactions on arriving at Vraja-Akrura's Vision of Krishna-Krishna's Reception of Akrura  
Chapter 39 Departure to Mathura 195-201
  Kamsa's Order-The Wailing of the Gopis-Behaviour of the Gopis at Krishna's Departure-Revelation gives to Akrura  
Chapter 40 Akrura's Hymn to Sri Krishna 201-204
  The Primordial Being Narayana-All Paths lead to Thee-Divine Manifestations-Refuge in the Lord  
Chapter 41 Entry into the City of Mathura 205-209
  Krishna's Query about the Vision-Akrura's Request to Krishna to visit his House-the Glories of Mathura City-City Women's Praise of Krishna-Washerman, Weaver and Garland-maker Episodes.  
Chapter 42 Events Leading to the Wrestling Match 210-213
  The Episode of the hunchbacked Maid-The Breaking of the Bow-The Night previous to the Wrestling Match-The Arena.  
Chapter 43 The Prelude to the Wrestling Contest 213-217
  Confrontation with the Elephant Kuvalayapida-Krishna as He entered the Arena-Praise from the Galleries-Chanura's Challenge  
Chapter 44 Salvation o Kamsa 217-221
  Contest with the Wrestlers-Women's Protest at the unequal Combat-Destruction of Chanura and Mushtika-Kamsa's Destruction-The Wailing of the royal Ladies.  
Chapter 45 Events Following Kamsa's Death 222-226
  Krishna consoling his Parents-Restoration of the Yadavas-Parting with Nanda-Krishna's Upanayana and Education-Restoration of the Teacher's Son as Gurudakshina  
Chapter 46 Uddhava at Vraja 227-231
  Uddhava commissioned by Krishna as Messenger to Vraja-The Scene at Gokula at Sunset-Nanda reminiscing about Krishna-Uddhava on the Greatness of Krishna-The Gopis at their Morning Chores.  
Chapter 47 Uddhava and the Gopis of Vraja 232-240
  The Gopis Outburst at the Sight of Uddhava-Bhramara Gita or Ode to the Bee-Krishna's Message to the Gopis-Reflections of the Gopis on Krishna at Mathura- Pancharatna or the Five Gems-Uddava's Return to Mathura  
Chapter 48 Krishna Visiting Trivakra and Akrura 240-244
  At the House of Sairandhri-At Akrura's House-Hymn of Akrura-Akrura commissioned to go to Hastinapura  
Chapter 49 Akrura's Mission to Hastinapura 245-247
  Akrura gathers Information from Vidura, Kunti and others' Advice to Dhritarashtra-Dhritarashtra's Reply  
Chapter 50 Confrontation with Jarasandha 248-253
  Attack of Jarasandha-Jarasandha challenges and joins Battle-Capture and Release of Jarasandha-Kalayavana's Attack-Founding of Dwaraka  
Chapter 51 Bestowal of Grace on Muchukunda 253-260
  Krishna's Flight before Kalayavana and the latter's Death-The Story of Muchukunda-Muchukunda's Vision of Krishna-Krishna offers Boons to Muchukunda-The Hymn of Muchukunda-Krishna blesses Muchukunda  
Chapter 52 Rest of Jarasandha's Story and Rekmini's Message 260-264
  Rest of Jarasandha's Story and Rukmini's Message 260-264
Chapter 53 The Abduction of Rukmini 264-270
  Krishna's Response to Rukmini's Message-Marriage preparations at Kundina-Rukmini awaiting the Message from Krishna-Reception of Krishna at Kundina-Rukmini in the Procession to the Temple-Krishna carries away Rukmini  
Chapter 54 Krishna's Marriage with Rukmini 270-275
  Discomfiture of Sisupala and other Kings-Deformation of Rukmi-Rama's Advice to Krishna and Rukmini-Marriage of Krishna with Rukmini  
Chapter 55 The Birth of Pradyumna 275-279
  Birth and Abduction of Pradyumna-Pradyumna under Maya-vita's care-Pradyumna's fight with Sambara-Pradyumna in Dwaraka  
Chapter 56 The Story of the Jewel Syamantaka 279-283
  Satrajit acquiring Syamantaka-The Evils caused by Syamantaka-The Fight with Jambhavan-Krishna's Return and Marriage with Satyabhama  
Chapter 57 The Subsequent Story of Syamantaka 283-286
  Murder of Satrajit-Flight of Satadhanva and his Destruction Krishna clears himself of Allegations against him  
Chapter 58 The Other Marriages of Krishna 287-292
  Krishna at Indraprastha-Marriage with Kalindi-Burning of Khandava-Marriage with Kalindi and Mitravinda-Marriage with Satya-Marriage with Bhadra and Lakshmana  
Chapter 59 Slaying of Narakasura 292-297
  Conflict with Narakasura and his Army-Prayer of the Earth Deity, the Mother of Naraka-The captive Women in Naraka-sura's City-The Capture of Parijata-Krishna's Marriage with the sixteen thousand Women  
Chapter 60 Krishna Testing Rukmini 298-305
  Krishna in Rukmini's House-Krishna's taunting Words to Rukmini-Rukmini faints and Krishna comforts her-Rukmini's Reply to Krishna's Sarcasm-Krishna's Appreciation of Rukmini  
Chapter 61 The Destruction of Rukmi  
  The Family Life of Krishna-The Sons of Krishna-Aniruddha's Marriage-Game of Dice and Slaughter of Rukmi  
Chapter 62 The Romance of Aniruddha and Usha 310-313
  The audacious challenge of Bana-Usha falling in Love with Aniruddha in Dream-Chitraleka bringing Aniruddha from Dwaraka-Aniruddha made Captive  
Chapter 63 Recovery of Aniruddha 313-318
  Expedition to Bana's Sonapura-fight with Bana-Siva's Fever and Vishnu's Fever-Bana's Defeat and Rudra's Hymn-Reconciliation  
Chapter 64 The Story of Nriga 318-322
  Nriga redeemed from the State of a Lizard-How Nriga became a Lizard-Krishna's Advice to his Kinsmen  
Chapter 65 The Diversion of Yamuna's Course 325-325
  Reception to Balarama at Vraja-Rama sporting on the Banks of the Yamuna-The Chastisement of Yamuna  
Chapter 66 The Confrontation with Paundraka 326-329
  The impudent Message of Paundraka and Krishna's Reply-The Destruction of Paundraka and the Rajah of Kasi-Black Magic by the Son of the Rajah of Kasi-The Kritya and its Destruction  
Chapter 67 The Destruction of Dvivida 330-332
  The Vandalism of Dvivida-Dvivida in Confrontation with Rama  
Chapter 68 The Samba Episode and Balarama's Humbling of the Kurus 332-336
  Samba's Abduction of Lakshmana and his Imprisonment-Balarama's Mission to Hastinapura-Kurus Scoff at Balarama's Message-Balarama's angry Reaction-The Surrender of the Kurus  
Chapter 69 Krishna as a Householder 337-341
  Narada's Visit to Dwaraka to observe Krishna's daily Life-Narada's Marvellous Experience of Krishna-The Uniqueness of Krishna  
Chapter 70 Messages from oppressed Kings and the Pandavas 341-346
  Krishna at his morning Duties-Krishna in the Assembly-Message from the Victims of Jarasandha-Narada's Message  
Chapter 71 Visit to Indraprastha 346-351
  Uddhava's Advice on the Dilemna-Description of Krishna's Journey-Krishna's Arrival and Reception at Indraprastha  
Chapter 72 The Destruction of Jarasandha 352-356
  Yudhishthira resolves to perform Rajasuya-The three distinguished Brahmanas approach Jarasandha-Jarasandha agrees to duel with Bhima-Fight between Bhima and Jarasandha  
Chapter 73 Liberation of the Imprisoned Rulers 357-360
  The Hymn of the Rulers-Krishna's Grace to the Rulers  
Chapter 74 The Liberation of Sisupala 360-365
  The Rajasuya Sacrifice-Performance of Agrapuja to Krishna-Sisupala's Challenge and Death  
Chapter 75 Duryodhana's Humiliation 365-369
  Rajasuya and the Avabhrithasnana-Conclusion of the Sacrifice-Duryodhana's Discomfiture  
Chapter 76 Battle with Salva 369-372
  Salva obtaining an Aerial Vehicle-Salva's Attack and Pradyumna's Defence-Pradyumna's Withdrawal  
Chapter 77 The Destruction of Salva 372-375
  Krishna faces Salva-Salva's magical Warfare-The Slaughter of Salva  
Chapter 78 The Salvation of Dantavaktra-Balarama at Naimsharanya-Balarama's Astonishment  
  Confrontation with Dantavaktra-Balarama at Naimsharanya-Balarama's Astonishment  
Chapter 79 Pilgrimage of Balarama 380-383
  The destruction of Balavala-The All-Bharata Pilgrimage of Balarama-Conclusion of Bala's Pilgrimage and the Kuru-Pandava War  
Chapter 80 The Story of Sridama 383-387
  The Bliss of Divine Communion-The powerty-striken condition of Sridama-Krishna's Reception of Sridama-Reminiscences of the Gurukula days  
Chapter 81 Grace Abounding 387-391
  The Handful of flattened Rice-Sridama's Reverie on the Way back-Krishna blessing Sridama with Prosperity  
Chapter 82 The Festival at Syamantapanchaka 391-396
  Meeting of friends and relatives-Krishna meeting Nanda and Yasoda-Krishna meeting the Gopis  
Chapter 83 The Consorts on Their Marriage with Krishna 396-401
  Krishna meeting Devotees-Draupadi's Questions to Krishna's Wives-The Answers of the Consorts-Lakshmana's Account-The other Consorts  
Chapter 84 Vasudeva's Sacrifice at Syamantapanchaka 402-409
  The Visit of the Rishis-Krishna's Reception of the Sages-The Sages in Praise of Krishna-Vasudeva's Request to them for Spiritual Aid-Vasudeva advised to perform Yajna-Vasudeva's Yajna-Nanda's Stay with the Yadavas  
Chapter 85 Krishna's Service to His Parents 409-415
  Vasudeva's Prayer to Krishna-Krishna's Reply-Devaki's Desire to see her dead Sons-Mission to Sutala-Mahabali's Prayer-Restoration of Devaki's Children  
Chapter 86 The Marriage of Subhadra and the Story of Srutadeva 415-421
  Arjuna weds Subhadra-Krishna's Visit to the pious Srutadeva and Bahulasva-Krishna at the Palace of the King of Mithila-Krishna at the House of Srutadeva-Krishna on the true Import of Devotion.  
Chapter 87 The Hymn of the Vedas 421-431
  Can the Veda reveal Brahman?-Maya functions as Ignorance in Jiva and as Power in the Lord-The Universe non-different from Thee-Identity of the Goal of Devotion and Knowledge-The Lord as the Transcendent and as the Immanent-The Spiritual Ascent-Divine Immanence-The Jiva and his Destiny-Bhakti as the fifth Purushartha-Human Embodiment a great Opportunity-Devotion through Confrontation and sexual Love-None can know Thee except by Thy Grace-The conflicting Views of Philosophers-The World derives its Reality from the Lord-Devotion versus Vedic Ritualism-The Supremacy of the Lord-Karma determines Differences-Jiva as non-different from Brahman-Unity of all Beings in Brahman-Devotion as the Panacea for Samsara-Surrender to the Lord is the Safeguard in Spiritual Life-Renuniation essential for Spiritual Life-Even realised Souls renounce-God and the World as Cause and Effect-The Phenomenality of the Effect-The Contrast between Jiva and Iswara-Desire for Enjoyments: the Bane of the Ascetic's Life- Enlightenment and Scriptural Injunctions-Veda can describe Brahman only negatively-The Hymn and its Significance-The Gist of the Hymn  
Chapter 88 The Story of Vrikasura and Rudra 431-435
  Mahavishnu is difficult o propitiate: Why? - Vrikasura granted Boon by Siva-Vrika's Attack on Rudra and after  
Chapter 89 Recovery of the Brahmana's Children 435-442
  Bhrigu testing the Trimurti-The bereaved Brahmana and Arjuna-Arjuna's Discomfiture-Trip to Vaikuntha-At Vaikuntha, the Supreme Realm of Vishnu  
Chapter 90 Sri Krishna the Immaculate One 442-447
  The City of Dwaraka-Krishna amidst his Wives-The Madness of Spiritual Love-The Family of Krishna-The Glory of Krishna  
Volume Four (Skandhas XI-XII)


Prologue   1
Chapter 1 The Curse of Holy Men on the Yadavas 5-7
  Destruction of Yadavas the Events  
Chapter 2 Sermon of the Navayogis I 8-14
  Vasudeva's Question to Narada-Narada's Answer-Kavi on Bhagavata Dharma-Hari on Bhagavatottama  
Chapter 3 Sermon of the Navayogis II 14-21
  Antariksha on Maya-Prabuddha on Bhagavata Dharma-Parabhakti or Supreme Devotion-Pippalayana on Narayana-The Atman-Avirhotra on Vaidika Worship-Tantrika Mode of Worship  
Chapter 4 Sermon of the Vavayogis III 21-24
  Drumila on Incarnation-Nara-Narayana-Other incarnation  
Chapter 5 Sermon of the Navayogis IV 25-30
  Chamasa on the Worldly-minded-Misinterpretation of Veda-Karabhajana on Worship-The Greatness of Kaliyuga-Exhortation to Vasudeva  
Chapter 6 Krishna on the Eve of His Ascension 31-36
  Hymn of the Devas-End of earthly Sojourn-Uddhava seeking Refuge  
Chapter 7 Krishna's Instruction: Avadhuta's Sermon on His Teachers I 36-43
  Krishna's Exhortation-Uddhava seeks Instruction-The spiritual Essence in Man-Avadhuta questioned by Yadu-Gurus of the Avadhuta: Earth-Air, Sky, Water and Fire- Moon, Fire and Sun-Lesson from the Bird Kapota  
Chapter 8 Avadhuta's Sermon on His Teachers II 44-48
  Lesson from the Python-Lesson from the Ocean and the Moth-Lesson from the Honey-bee-Lesson from the Elephant-Lesson from the Honey-gatherer-Lesson from the Deer-Lesson from the Fish-Lesson from Pingala-Pingala on Renunciation  
Chapter 9 Avadhuta's Sermon on His Teachers III 48-52
  Lesson from Osprey etc.-Lesson from a Girl's Bangles-Lesson from the Arrow-smith-Lesson from the Snake-Lesson from the Spider-Lesson from the Worm-Lesson from one's Body-The Avadhuta on himself  
Chapter 10 Limitations of Vedic Ritualism 52-57
  Duties of a Devotee of the Lord-Guru: His Service and Function-Limitation o Vedic Ritualism-Consequences of evil Action-The Lord as Time the Consumer-Who is a Holy Man?  
Chapter 11 Bondage and Freedom 57-62
  The Atman and his Bondage-The Bound and the Free-Path of Devotion-The Holy Man and his Ways-Ways o Devotion and Worship  
Chapter 12 Holy Association 64-65
  The Sanctifying Power of Holy Association-Supreme Example of the Gopikas-Divine Manifestation  
Chapter 13 The Song of the Swan 66-71
  How Sattva develops Bhakti and Illumination-How to avoid Sense Slavery-Hamsavatara-The Conquest of the Mind-Spiritual Awakening-State of the Awakened One-The Lord as Support of Values  
Chapter 14 Bhakti as the Supreme Means of Spiritual Fulfilment 71-75
  Diversity of Vedic Interpretation-The Supremacy of Devotion-The Practice of Meditation  
Chapter 15 Siddhis or Powers 76-79
  Primary and Secondary Siddhis-Means to acquire Siddhis-Siddhi, an Obstacle  
Chapter 16 Manifestations of Divine Glory 79-83
Chapter 17 Varnashrama: Brahmacharin and Grihastha 84-89
  How to augment Devotion-Varnas: Their Characteristics-Brahmacharin's Duties-Life-long Brahmacharin's Duties-Brahmana Householder's Duties-Duties in Times of Danger-Salvation in Householder's Life  
Chapter 18 Varnashrama: Vanaprastha and the Sannyasin 90-95
  Vanaprastha's Way of Life-Sannyasin's Way of Life-Parama-hamsa's Way of Life-More on a Sannyasin's Way of Life-Premature Sannyasa: its Evils-Salvation through Performance of Ashrama Dharmas  
Chapter 19 The Spiritual Goal: A Comprehensive Account 95-100
  Jnana, Vijnana and Vairagya-Bhakti Yoga-Questions of Uddhava-Yama and Niyama-Spiritual Excellences  
Chapter 20 Bhakti, Jnana and Karma Yogas 100-105
  Is the Distinction between Good and bad Absolute? -Types of spiritual Communion-The spiritual Value of Human Body-Yoga as Restraint of Mind-Difficulties of Aspirants-The Self-sufficiency of the Path of Devotion  
Chapter 21 The Sphere of Virtue and Vice 105-110
  A Theory of Good and Bad-The Pure and the Impure-Relativity of Moral Values-Moral Degradation-Purpose of Vedic Ritualism-Indirectness of the Veda  
Chapter 22 The Unaffected Atman 110-117
  Why Philosophers Differ-The Categories: Varying Enumerations-How the Atman can be different from the Body-The Phenomenon of Death-The unaffected Atman- Bondage and Awakening  
Chapter 23 Song of the Mendicant 118-125
  The Brahmana of Avanti-He becomes a Mendicant-Mendicant persecuted-Mind as Cause o Samsara-The Unaffected Atman-I-sense as the Experiencer of Samsara  
Chapter 24 Philosophy of Creation and Dissolution 125-128
  Prakriti and Purusha-Evolution of Prakriti-The Lokas-Brahman as unchanging Reality-Pralaya  
Chapter 25 Gunas and Freedom from Them 128-132
  Man's Character and Gunas-Dominance of a particular Guna-Gunas and Man's Spiritual Progress-Liberation from Gunas  
Chapter 26 Exhortation to Avoid Evil Company 132-135
  Example of Pururavas-Soliloquy: Evils of Sensuality-The vile Body-Avoid evil Company-Holy Men and The Effect of their Company  
Chapter 27 Kriya Yoga or Devotional Ritualism 136-141
  Universal Communion-The Images for Worship-Invoking of Divine Presence-Procedures of Worship-Homa or Worship through Fire-Concluding Items of Worship-The Merits of ritualistic Worship  
Chapter 28 Jnana Yoga 142-148
  Falsity of worldly Values-Whose is Bondage-Knowledge and its Method-The State of the Knowing One-Some obstacles to Yoga  
Chapter 29 Concluding Instruction to Uddhava 148-154
  Excellence of Bhagavata-Dharma-Universal Adoration-The Glory of These Teachings-Uddhava advised to go to Badari  
Chapter 30 The Fratricidal Holocaust 154-158
  Forebodings-Destruction of the Yadavas-Krishna shot at by Hunter-Daruka's Meeting with Krishna  
Chapter 31 Krishna's Ascent and After 159-161
  The Lord's Exit-Aftermath of Krishna's Exit  
Prologue   162-163
Chapter 1 Royal Dynasties and Their Degeneration 164-167
  Pradyotas and Sisunagas-The Nine Nandas-The Mauryas and the Sungas-The Kanvas and other Rulers-Yavanas Turushkas and Abhiras-People reduced to the State of Mlech-chas  
Chapter 2 Progress of Kali 167-171
  The all-round Degeneration in Kali Yuga-Incarnation of Kalki and Advent of Kritayuga-Life a Vanity Fair  
Chapter 3 How to Overcome the Evils of Kali 171-176
  Vanity of Kingly Ambitions-Generating Renunciation the Object of Accounts of Kings-Evils of Kali-Adoration of the Lord the Panacea for the Evils of Kali  
Chapter 4 The Four of Pralayas 176-181
  Naimittika Pralaya-Prakrita Pralaya-Atyantika Pralaya or Moksha-Nitya Pralaya-The Glory of the Bhagavata  
Chapter 5 Last Words of Sri Suka 181-183
  The Atman is Deathless-The Atman and the Embodied Being-The Triumph of the Spirit  
Chapter 6 Salvation of Parikshit and After 183-191
  Parikshit's Illumination and Suka's Departure-Takshaka bites the King-Serpent Sacrifice of Janamejaya-Suta's Reflections-The Philosophy of Sound and the Origin of the Veda-Division into Rik, Sama, Yajus and Atharva- Origin of Taittiriya Recensions-Yajus, Kanva and Madhyandina Recensions-Sama Hymns  
Chapter 7 Characteristics of the Puranas 191-193
  Atharva Veda-Puranas and their Characterstics-The Enumeration of the Puranas  
Chapter 8 The Greatness of Markandeya 194-199
  Story of Markandeya-Indra's Attempt to disturb Markandeya's Tapas-Appearance of Nara-Narayana-Markandeya's Hymn  
Chapter 9 Markandeya's Vision of the Lord's Maya 199-203
  Markandeya's Desire to Experience the Lord's Yogamaya-The Vision of the Deluge-The Lord as Infant Lying on Banyan Leaf-Vision of the Infant as Cosmic Being  
Chapter 10 Lord Siva Blesses Markandeya 203-207
  Lord Siva and Markandeya-Siva at Markandeya's Ashrama-Offering of Boons to Markandeya-Markandeya's Reaction to the Offer of Boons-The Greatness of Markandeya  
Chapter 11 The Divine Form Explained 207-212
  The Cosmic Form of the Lord-The Symbolism of the Paraphernalia of Mahavishnu-The Vyuhas-The Sun and his Movements  
Chapter 12 The Contents of the Bhagavata 212-219
  First and second Skandhas-The third Skandha-Skandhas four to seven-Eighth and ninth Skandhas-Tenth and eleventh Skandhas-The Twelfth Skandha-Devotion to God the Only Topic of the Bhagavata-The Merits of studying the Bhagavata-Salutation to the Lord  
Chapter 13 Concluding Salutations 219-222
  Salutations-Puranas and their Extent-Uniqueness of the Bhagavata among the Puranas  
Chapter I Metaphysics of the Bhagavata 223-228
  The Bhagavata and Advaita-Schools of Advaita-A new Theory of Scriptural Exegesis-Bheda-abheda Mysticism-Vedanta in its two Phases-Theistic Absolutism  
Appendix II Theology of the Bhagavata 229-241
  The Theory of the Padas of Brahman-Krishna Conception versus Vishnu Conception-World Manifestation and Salvation-Brahman, Paramatman and Bhagavan: The Denotation of the Terms-Tripad-vibhuti-Mahanarayanopanishad and the Bhagavata-The Epiphanies of Mahavishnu: The Vyuhas-The Gunavataras-The Leelavataras-Other Classifications of Avataras-Avatara as an Infilling (Avesa) of Anugraha-Sakti or Redeeming Power  
Appendix III Glossary 242-246
Appendix IV General Index 247-250
Appendix V Index to Hymns 251

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