Mechanics of The Doomsday and Life After Death (The Ultimate Fate of The Universe as Seen Through The Holy Qur’an)

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Author: S. Bashirur Ud-Din Mahmood
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8171511333
Pages: 180 (25 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

About the Book


It is a systematic study of the complex realities of life, life-after-death and Doomsday, the ultimate fate of the mankind and of the earth, solar system and universe in the light of the Holy Qur’an and the latest scientific findings, pointing out new horizons of the thought for science; and developing a comprehensive understanding of the future, for the belivers and the non- belivers.




Doomsday referred in the Holy Quran as. Quaimat, Saet, Yom, is an essential part of the belief of every muslim. There are hundreds of verses in the Holy Quran which describe the various events of this great happening. Muslims, in general believe in them without raising any question. However the current age of science and technology is the age of ‘Doubt’ also. We cannot stop people from asking, what is it? and how will it happen?


For example, Holy Quran tells us that during the period of Doomsday, oceans will boil and catch fire 81(6),82(3,4); crust of earth will be overturned 99(1-2); atmosphere will be filled with smoke 44(10-11); mountains will fly 27(88); moon will join the sun 75(8-9); sun and the stars will be overthrown 81(1-4); universe will pulsate back to its original point of creation 2,1(104), heavens and earth will be recreated in different forms 14(48); there will be Resurrection and the Day of judgement etc. etc. All that is true and we do believe it to be so. But is there any logical explanation of such happenings?


Unfortunately there is hardly any book or paper available on the subject which could answer such questions in the scientific terms, to appeal to the youth, trained to think rationally. I have been motivated by such forward looking bright Muslim young men and women in the writing of this book. It is principally to satisfy their quest for the unknown.


Another reason, though of lesser importance to motivate me in writing this book has been the worldwide scientific interest in knowing about the end of the universe. A great deal of research work is now going on about the death of stars, solar systems, galaxies, and the universe. Hundreds of excellent re- search papers have appeared in the scientific journals on these crucial issues in recent times. Noting that Holy Quran has been the first to discuss about these issues, I was impelled to invite the attention of scientific world to the Divine Revelation, to tell them that what they were looking for now, was indeed first ecohed in the deserts of Arabia over fourteen hundreds years ago, by the unlettered prophet of Allah, may peace be upon him. Not only that, he also made clear the Divine purpose behind the creation and the end of universe. After all science finds nothing illogical in nature, then why the Doomsday?


While attempting the solution of such fundamental questions. I have discssed in this book the sensitive subjects of human soul and life; and matters related to the life-after-death also which though currently fallout of the-scope of physics, but are definitely of great importance to meta-physics. The book is thus an attempt to systematically study the complex realities of life, life-after-death and Doomsday, the ultimate fate of ourselves and of our universe, in the light of the Holy Quran and the latest scientific thought, pointing out new horizons for science; and developing a better understanding of the Future, for the believers and the non-believers alike. However, there remain too many unknowns, waiting for exploration by more and more research workers. Therefore derivations in this book should be taken as the author’s view point only. May God forgive him where he has erred or failed to explain the Divine Message correctly. (Amen).


The Holy Quran is basically and primarily “Al-Huda” or the guidance for mankind. It guides the individual human person to behave morally and spiritually in this world so as to achieve salvation in the life hereafter. As such, though replete with scientific references, it is neither a book of strict scientific knowledge nor of mere philosophical ideas with no practical importance. The Holy Book’s guiding programme is two-fold: on the ideational level it imparts to man the conscious realization of true metaphysical realities constituting “Iman” for which no single equivalent in English Language is available. Far from being dogmatic or irrational, these metaphysical truths are apprehended and endorsed by the human intellect. On the operational level, it activates the moral sense inherent in human nature for its full fruition individually and collectively.


The Quranic references to physical and cosmic phenomena serve to support its typical theistic argument. It refers to the physical phenomena as the “signs” (ayat) of His Omnipotence, All-Embracing Knowledge and Total Wisdom. The gigantic creation, the universe, with all its uniformities of causal processes, is a prime “sign” (ayat) or proof of its Maker. In addition to cosmogony, these Quranic rereferences mostly relate to physics, astronomy, geology, embryology and psychology, etc. The correct meaning of these references could not be understood by early exegetical writers because the amount of scientific knowledge was extremely limited at that time. But now, as the vista of human knowledge in various branches of physical sciences has expanded enormously, we can have better appreciation of these allusions.


The process of re-focussing the attention of Muslims on the Quran started with Shah Waliullah of Delhi in the eighteenth century of Christian era. After passing through many stages during the ninteenth century it seems to be nearing its zenith in the present time. Allama Iqbal’s “Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam” is an important landmark in this field and he definitely added a new dimension to this process by endeavouring to assert and affirm the Islamic faith on the basis of higher physics and higher psychology. Dr. Mohammad Rafiuddin carried his work forward especially in the realm of psychological theories in his “Ideology of the Future”. More recently, the eminent French Surgeon, Maurice Bucaille has reasserted the veracity of Quranic references to biological phenomena, in particular, embrylogy, In addition to that many authors have taken up the task of explaining Quranic References relating to the fields of Physics and Astronomy on the basis of recent research and discoveries. Indeed, as yet no scientific observation or theory has contravened any of the Quranic descriptions of physical phenomena. This by itself is an ample proof of the claim made by the Holy Book in Ayah 53 of Surah 41:


Soon will We show them our signs

in the cosmos and within their

own selves, until it becomes

manifest to them that this is the truth.


The belief in the ultimate end of man’s earthly existence (al-akhira) is central to the whole system of the Quranic teachings on eschatology. The basic idea here is that there will come a moment, “The Hour” (Al-sa’a) when every human being will be shaken into a unique and unprecedented self awareness of his deeds. “When the great cataclysm comes, that day man will recall what he had been striving for” (79:34-35) is a typical statement of this great episode. Mr. S. Bashir-ud-Din, the author of this book, has very ably put together the events which will, according to the Quran, lead to the Doomsday-the Day of final reckoning. What is commendable in his exposition of this theme is that he has presented it in the light of modern scientific theories and speculation, thus showing mostly the corroboration of divine revelation with scientific thought. In a book of this nature it is difficult to agree with the author on all minor points of detail and interpretation; but I do favourably appreciate the general plan and purpose of the book. May Allah (swt) reward him for this noble task. I also congratulate him on the formation of Holy Quran Research Foundation in Islamabad. Living in a scientific ethos, we surely need more studies and publications in this vein to enkindle and rejuvenate genuine religious faith in the sceptical minds of our age. May Allah help members of the Foundation’s Governing Body in their future projects.














Part-I: Nature of the Doomsdays and the Ultimate end of the Universe.






Nature of the Doomsday



Catastrophies and Moral Degradation



Mechanics of the Universal Doomsday



Some events of the Universal Doomsday



Part II: Doomsday of the Earth and Solar System



State of the World Affairs near the Earthly Doomsday



Introduction to the Doomsday of Earth and Solar System



Approach of the Earthly Doomsday



Signs of the Approach of the Earthly Doomsda in the Holy Quran



Predictions About Earthly Doomsday in the Sayings of the Holy Prophet



Scientific Mode of the Earthly Doomsday



Mechanics of the Earthly Doomsday



Some Great Events Of The Earthly Doomsday and Their Causes



Fate Of The Moon



Doomsday of the Solar System



Second Beginning, the new Universe



Some Reflections of the day of Resurrection As Told by the Prophet of Allah



Resurrection and the Life in the New Universe



Part-III The Life, the Resurrection and the Accountability Eternal Life



Secret of Life



Life after Death



Human soul and Accountability



Life in the Other Worlds



Part IV Index of the Selected Ayats of Holy Quran About the Doomsday’ Resurrection and the Life After Death






Introduction to holy Quran research






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