Meeting Challenge of The Big Powers

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Author: Ali ul Haque
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8171513263
Pages: 328
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
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Book Description
About The Book

One of the major tragedies in human history in Palestine, amid the rivalries, the fraud, the conquest and the killing, was the evacuation of about 7,00,000 Palestine's Arabs in 1948, that was executed with the collaboration of the big-powers of of the world. The Third World clinging to international economic and financial institutions dominated by the big-powers is the main reason of their backward economy. Most of those institutions were set up in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War; so, they may be able to utilize them fully for their economic interest and resources. They legitimized the possession of the terrible weapons in the hands of US, Russia, Britain, France and China, the five most war-propense power of the world. All these problems have been on the agenda of UNO since a long time with no result; and the preachers of civility, nobility, freedom and liberty for the whole of mankind are the silent spectators. Very recent example is the brutal killing of Muslims in Bosnia- Harzegovina, Iraq and Russian Muslim's Republic of Chechnya. The extreme religious Dogma is not yet dead in Israel. The Oslo Peace Agreement and the US-PLO and Israel dialogue has not been in favour of Israel, since the defiance and transgression have become the official policy of the Israeli government.

About The Author

Born in August, 1934 at Chitowli, Dist. Siwan (Bihar). After his father death in 1964, his mother Asghari Begum who was a school teacher took the responsibility of his education from school to university. He passed Matric examination in 1955 and secured M.A degree in 1962 from Patna University in Psychology. He was a Section Officer in Finance Department, Patna Sectt. After the establishment of Bihar Urdu Academy in 1972 he owned the First Prize of the academy on his book named Allaho-Noor-us- Samawat-wal-Arz in the same year.


The book, "Meeting Challenge of the Big Powers" is a result of a very hard labour and extensive research of the writer with a distinctive style. The evils and corruption which have entered in the life of man and specially in Muslims, have been elaborated; ways and means of establishing peace and justice in the world by removing corruption amongst administrators and capitalists have been dealt with in this book. The elegant writer, while writing this book has in mind that no system of modem world can ever be proved efficacious uniformly for the whole world in maintaining peace and justice, and even the United Nations has not proved as effective as was expected. The world had witnessed glimpse of a true world government about fourteen centuries ago when the messenger of peace and justice the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) laid its foundation in practice. If that system is adopted again then redemption from barbarism and war can be achieved easily; and the world peace will be restored. But for all the exhortations to revive the spirit of "Islamic revolution," what we have been seeing is the revival of the spirit of privation and corruption for many hands are being stretched to grab the chair of power.

The desire of Lord is that such a government should be established on the earth which may provide peace and justice to man, animal, plants and to each and everything which is present on the earth; and for accomplishing of the same purpose Lord had sent His apostles and messengers on the earth, so that the humanity may be reached on the height for perfection, and by the help of which the resources of the earth could be utilized in such a way which may help the evolutionary process of human being, and as such annihilate its destructive forces. When such a government is established in any part of the earth, then it becomes obligatory for every man to save it from any danger which threatens its security and integrity from internal disorder and external attack; and any attempt and effort to destroy such divine system through war, slaughter, tyranny or through any means, and to establish in place of such system a corrupted government is, of course, meant to wage war against God and His messenger. The same fact has been stressed in the following verses of the Holy Qur'an. "Those who make war against Allah and His apostle and spread disorders in the land shall be put to death or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides, or will be expelled from the country. They shall be held to shame in this world, and in the Hereafter, theirs will be an awful doom; except those that repent before you reduce them. For you must know that Allah is forgiving and merciful." (Maidah 33-34).

The greatest reformer of the world announced before a mammoth gathering: "I testify that all men are brethren. Neither Arabian has preeminence over Ajami (Iranian) nor Ajami has got preference over Arabian. You all are progeny of Adam and Adam was made of clay." He followed the above principle in practice since his death; and translated it into action in such a luminous way that his followers could never forget it, and always adhered to the principle that human beings are undivided whole. This thought never vanished from their mind During thirteen or fourteen centuries manifold vices developed in them, but still they did never conform to divide humanity on the basis of hue or clan and country or nation. For a long period you will find them adopted to the concept of international brotherhood, and they came out as champion of this principle.

When the above pronouncement was made the world was divided into clans and nations, and recognition of groups and colour was the settled principle of all the nations. You must be knowing the conditions of erstwhile Arabians, Egyptians, Indians, Iranians, Romans as to how they viewed people beyond their areas. Philosopher like Aristotle once sermoned Alexander the Great that "behave with Greeks like friends and relations, and besides them behave like that of beasts and plants." There were a large number of artificial gods around Arabs. And when the prophet preached to the world the theory of equality, the nations were divided into numerous clans, each claiming superiority over the other, and were nourishing typical thoughts with respect to their racial superiority. It was thought to be a matter of achievement and dignity to embezzle others property. Slavery was regarded to be providential symbol of wealth, and as a source of aggrandizement in society. Women were deprived of all their rights, and female babes were buried alive. Plundering and plagiarism were the goal of their life. Virtually there was no standard of ethics, rather the entire Arabs were ruled by the barbaric law. It was the height of their moral degradation in their social life that either God would have destroyed them or should have sent a reformer for their total reform and regeneration. It is renowned version of Gita that whenever religion and providential law has been in jeopardy, God sends reformer to the world. Thus God gave birth to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) for proper guidance and accomplishment of the natural goal of humanity.

To AI-Islam the entire world of mankind has been a clan a unified whole and a fraternity, and every individual is a source of impetus for the whole creation. AI-Islam is totally against all kinds of groupism, therefore, it is proclaimed by the prophet: "Those who divide the religion and separate themselves in different groups, you must need no concern with them." It is necessary for a reformer that if he presents any theory, that should not remain a mere principle, rather must be translated into action, and should be acceptable to the whole world for practice. Therefore, there is provision in all Islamic theory for this. It not only produces hypothetical theories, but it, indeed, presents such a constitution which can. be put into practice. There is not a single provision in the Holy Qur'an which is beyond the competence and reach of human being. The Holy Qur'an itself proclaims: "God bestows duties according to the capacity of an individual."

The first teaching of Al-Islam is extirpation of slavery system. When Al-Islam came into existence the entire world was groaning under the custom of slavery, and serfdom was the part and parcel of human soul, heredity and culture, and its complete eradication was very necessary. The Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) reckoned emancipation of slaves as the best commiseration. It has been ordained time and again in the Holy Qur'an for the freedom of slaves, and those who remained slaves in the hand of Muslim, the Holy Qur'an ordained for better behaviour with them. The Prophet announced: "Muslim men and women are brothers and sisters. Provided to them the same clothes and same provision which you choose for yourselves." And practically AI-Islam delivered such warning by which the custom of slavery should have vanished from the world. Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) got his slave Hazrat Zaid married with Hazrat Zainab, a close relative of him. And slave Hazrat Belal was married in Quraish dynasty, which was regarded most exalted and pre-eminent in the whole of Arab peninsula. It was the same spirit which left its impact in India that a slave dynasty ruled in India; and its first ruler named Qutbuddin Aibak was actually a slave. The Sultan who rose to become the ruler of India by virtue of his conspicuous valour and talent was sold twice in the slave market in his early life.

When AI-Islam came into existence the women folk were subsisting in corrupt and awful condition, and their life was treated as a curse; and in several countries they were buried alive. AI- Islam proclaimed that male and female are equally indispensable for the world; and without them the existence of either is not possible. The Holy Qur'an says: "God bestows male or female child to whom He so desires." As nature has granted less strength in women in comparison to men so the Holy Qur'an says: "A male has been made saviour of female." Gautam Budh says: "Women is the nasty stuff and one should refrain from her company." Whereas the Holy Qur'an proclaims that "women are your ornaments and vice-versa." When Shakespeare said: "women are frail devil to whom none still understand" whereas the Holy Qur'an says: "Even a fragile shock to women is not legitimate for you."

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the age of sectarianism announced for international brotherhood and equality of all human beings. As he did not accept sectarianism so the high and low on the basis of castes and avocations were also despised. Rather he also pronounced equality on this score. He did neither recognize profession as a heredity nor the standard of grace and disgrace, rather granted full freedom to every man to choose a particular profession according to his circumstances, needs, adaptability and inclination. One will not be recognized as elite or ruffian on the basis of his profession, but for his deeds. Humanity was in acute pain and trouble due to differences of colour or groups and country or nation, and more than this the religious groupism was proving pillaging for the humanity. Adherents of one religion were enemies of other religion; and to vex or annihilate them or put them to loss was recognized as work of reward and pity. Real followers of the actual teachings of religion were few and far between, but fostering bigotry against other religion was the cult of the time. Their bigotry sometimes stooped to the level of madness, and they never hesitated to shed human blood like beasts. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) preached for patience, humility, peace, justice and fair play to this bigot infested world, and invited them to ponder over it. He reads over this pronouncement of the Holy Qur'an: "La Ikraha Fid Deen." No pressure in the matter of religion (Deen). "Lakum Dinakum vale ya Deen". For you your religion and for me mine. And the above facts have been nicely expounded in this book. The aim of this book is to present before readers what Al- Islam holds to be the meaning of war or peace, and what momentous role it can display in maintain peace and justice in the world. The book is in the hand of readers, and they will, of course, judge how far the writer has been successful in his effort.


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