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Milk - A Silent Killer

Milk - A Silent Killer
Item Code: NAN260
Author: Dr. N. K. Sharma
Publisher: Life Positive Pvt. Ltd
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9788121618489
Pages: 230
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 255 gms
About the Book

When Or N.K. Sharma, a distinguished naturopath and founder of Reiki Healing Foundation, first published Milk: A Silent Killer in 1987, his was a voice in the wilderness, proclaiming a message, the world, or at any rate India, was not ready to receive. Today, 25 years later, veganism (a rejection of all animal produce including milk and honey) is a popular philosophy with lakhs of followers worldwide. There is more and more proof that animal milk may not be the epitome of wholesomeness we have long taken it to be, that it is not beneficial to the infant and is behind many lifestyle diseases such as asthma, cancer, and heart ailments. Or Sharma's meticulously researched and closely argued treatise challenges all received wisdom on the subject and proves his point with stunning clarity.

This book is a revelation for all those who wish to heal themselves or to lead a healthy life by abiding by nature's laws.

About the Author

Dr N.K. Sharma is a world-renowned Reiki grandmaster as well as naturopath. He is the founder of Reiki Healing Foundation (Trust)® (RHF, the world's largest organisation in the field of Reiki and mystic sciences), which has trained more than 1,27,000 students worldwide and produced 2,500 Reiki masters).

He has inspired thousands in the course of more than 35 years of work to become masters of themselves. A pioneer of the raw and natural food movement in India, his work has revolutionized the way people eat, think and live by establishing the supremacy of the body's natural healing power, and the efficacy of raw food and a satvic lifestyle.

Dr Sharma has a 30-bed hospital called Natural Health Institute in Chowpatty, Mumbai. In 1984, he established a 30-bed cancer institute called Natural Cancer Research Foundation in Karol Bagh, New Delhi. He has successfully treated more than 12,000 cases of degenerative diseases and cancer.

He is the recipient of the New York Doctor of Divinity award. He has also been honoured with the Bharat Nirman Award and Rajdhani Ratan Award.

Dr Sharma has authored several books on nutrition and spirituality. Milk - A Silent Killer, has been translated into several foreign languages. He has also authored the book, Mahatma Rogi Kyon (Why Saints Fall Sick) in Hindi.

Dr Sharma is also a poet, writer, singer, editor, and teacher. He lives in New Delhi with his wife Savita and two children Anand and Tripti.


Could Cow's Milk Be the Next Time Bomb?
Milk industry, the White Revolution, as it is called in India, is one of the health hazards which has not been well understood both by the medical fraternity and the common man on the street. We humans do not have any enzyme to digest milk from a foreign source after we wean away from our mother's milk! In nature no animal drinks the milk of another species except the domesticated cat and dog. We make them drink cow's milk. The latter have a stunted lifespan compared to their cousins in the wild. In this whole saga, goat's milk is supposed to be the least harmful (antigenic). Since we do not have the capacity to digest milk, the milk that we drink gets broken in the stomach acid into whey and casein. The latter is a highly antigenic substance.

Denatured milk protein in curds and buttermilk is much safer as they have not been found to be antigenic. The best part of milk, of course, is ghee, which even Ayurveda praises as a good food.

Many studies in the past have given conflicting evidence in this arena but a large multi-centric study published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine in 2010, puts all those doubts to rest. The antibodies produced in the human system against the foreign cow's milk proteins are similar to the antibodies against the pancreatic beta cells that produce human insulin. It is like a boyfriend taking the twin sister of his fiancée as his own; the cow's milk antibodies recognise the beta cells in the human pancreatic beta cells, as the twin of Casein and attack and destroy the pancreatic beta cells that normally produce insulin. The study did show that Type I diabetes is significantly more common in infants fed with cow's milk in place of mother's milk.

One more worrying feature is that an infant does not develop its gut immunity very early in life and so allows greater absorption of cow protein into its system compared to an adult with good gut immune system. More dangerous than the risk of developing diabetes, is the risk of carcinogens in the present-day milk derived from so many sources. In addition, the feeds given to the cows these days contain a genetically engineered bovine growth hormone which is carcinogenic to human beings. At least in the case of breast cancers, this link has been established reasonably well.

Some other natural pollutants including dioxin have been found in small quantities in this kind of pooled milk supplies. The danger is in India forgetting her hoary past, a time when the local cow's milk was indeed reasonably health-giving. Now studies have shown that Indian cows and many other breeds in some other warm parts of the globe have minimal antigenicity against human cells. Casein derived from milk after it is split in the stomach is of two types, A and B. Type A comes from cows of Northern European origin which are highly antigenic; Type B cows are from India and have less of them. One of the reasons for them to have less antigenicity, could be from the ample Vitamin D that they absorb from the sun shining upon their backs all day. That is how our village cows used to roam in the sun all day to come home in the evening!

Milk antibodies pose yet another danger. Combined with any viral diseases, these antibodies could become powerful carcinogenic mutants. Could this be another link between the success of the White Revolution and the cancer epidemic, as is made out these days? Again, good for business as cancer treatment in modern medicine is a trillion-dollar industry. However, from the point of view of the hapless patient, this is only a boondoggle.

While there has been a clamour to bestow the Bharat Ratna on the architect of the White Revolution, poor people who drink that milk must be paying for their sins with their health and life.

Philosophically, too, there can be no justification to the widespread consumption of milk. We are stealing the calf's rightful share of its mother's milk which is cruel indeed. Look at the difference between the calf and our child. The former jumps out and walks as soon as it is born, while ours takes years. If we give that strong cow's milk which is so active to our newborn baby, Nature will never forgive us. I have been an advocate of human milk bank which is not difficult if we really are serious about it. Many mothers have excess milk. I hear, lately, a faint clamour for that in the West also. When it comes from the West it will be accepted as 'scientific' truth by us in India.

Let us not forget the harm we brought on ourselves by making the cow a non-vegetarian by feeding it with animal and bird giblets which resulted in a new disease - mad cow disease. The organism responsible is just a speck of protein with neither DNA nor RNA. See how clever nature is? Prion, the agent for mad cow disease, did damage the human brain. Let us think of learning from nature and history to give a safe future for our children and their children. If we only think of money and good business, our future generations will be left to eat that money only. Probably that will be the time when mankind realises the folly of abusing nature. God save mankind from its present senseless greed for power and money.


I have known Dr N.K. Sharma and his wife Savita for over two decades and he has been a pillar of support in my own journey to develop clarity and move from an illness consciousness to a wellness consciousness. I admire his conviction and strength to not only title his book, Milk, A Silent Killer in a culture where we worship milk, but also his sense of humour.

Nature! What is our understanding?

Nature is our home, our base. Our origin is from Nature. We have shaped a culture. That culture today has helped to build institutions. We have also established lots of rules, regulations, dos and don'ts of all kinds. We need to understand this has taken us away from Nature and the nurturing that Nature has offered. For centuries nature has played the biggest role in our lives without rules and regulations. There was a rhythm which exists even today.

Life is a journey of relationships. Food is our most important connection with nature. It is genetically patterned, species specific and designed to give us optimal health and wellness.

This book brings out extremely clearly all faces which can satisfy the temperament of all. This book is based on the acceptable, workable and likeable philosophy that is reverence for life. It is a path for passionately developing compassion, love, kindness, comfort - all that we desire in our lives and others'. Based on this philosophy we can develop the principle of live and let live. Then actions are easy. The first step to take not only for health but also to live life fully to its highest potential is to give up animal milk.

This book is based on clarity of thought acquired by the author through experience, with care in the heart, and therefore certainty in action.

Doodh. Doodh. Doodh. Milk. Pure white milk. Milk for health, Milk for strength. Milk for goodness. Milk for tradition. Milk for calcium, they say.

FACT: Milk is far from being a 'Perfect Food', instead milk lacks essential nutrients. Milk is difficult to digest.

This book argues that there is no reason to drink milk or consume milk products. Not for health anyway.

Our health and that of the planet is increasingly subjected to known and unknown poisons. In choosing to experience for yourself a non-dairy-way-of-life, you will personally be contributing to your own health - and that of the earth. Do it, and feel the difference.

I come from a culture where milk and curds are the ultimate solution for everything - from stomach cramps to child bearing! It was by giving up milk - or rather just not buying it anymore, that I paved the way for less sneezes, colds and breakfast tantrums. Milk can be easily given up - and better health is definitely the result.

The book covers the A-Z of education: be it philosophy, ecology, science, logic, ethics, empowerment, health and nutrition. Let us re-educate ourselves through this book and share the information with all, especially those of us who are in a position to shape not only health but also policies on health and nutrition.

Every page in this book is information born out of Nature's wisdom, because Dr Sharma chose Nature to guide him. The book validates the fact that humans can master nature not by force but by understanding her power through one's experience.

This book is a blessing for all of us. Thank you, Or N.K. Sharma. Thank you, Life Positive Publications for publishing it.


The first edition of this book was published in the year 1987. In the 25 years since its publication, it gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to see that the truths revealed in these pages are now common currency.

To shatter age-old traditions and food habits is not an easy job. I feel happy and proud to state that in a country like ours, where the significance of the Cow is supreme (to the point of being a religious icon), I have been successful in shattering the myth that milk is good for human health. I shall continue to propagate this message to save humanity from the adverse effects of milk consumption.

The dark side of milk consumption remains unknown to the general public, despite the availability of research data by many medical scientists the world over. My attempt through this book is to place these facts before you and safeguard you from premature death or needless suffering.

It took me nearly 10 years of strenuous research and investigation involving thousands of cases in my practice to arrive at the conclusion that milk is hazardous to our health. The weight of tradition does not transform error into truth. The acknowledged superstitions of today were the science of yester-years; and much of today's science will be found to be superstitious folly in the years to come.

Unfortunately, the science of nutrition and healing is the most misunderstood subject on this planet. There are various thoughts and schools of healing and nutrition claiming their superiority, all of which leads to confusion among the public.

While we remain unsure on what constitutes right nutrition, no other living creature is confused about his right food. The result? Wild creatures are almost free from diseases and degeneration, whereas human beings are terribly diseased and degenerate. Remember, disease is man's choice, not Nature's. Nature's choice is health and perfection only.

Don't drink milk because our sages and saints favour it. Seek your own truth by using your own brains, common sense and research. Respect them, heed them, but allow them to guide you from behind rather than lead you from the front.

Twenty five years ago, I had declared that within a few years, milk would be recognised as a harmful product for human consumption by the medical fraternity. Today, all over the world, including India, doctors and layman alike have started realising the ill-effects of milk consumption. But the majority of doctors still don't want to open their eyes to the new revolution and remain enslaved to age- old beliefs and practices by advising their patients to consume milk on a regular basis to ward off calcium deficiency. This despite the scientifically proven fact that the low content of magnesium in milk does not allow calcium to be absorbed in the blood. On the contrary, it gets deposited in the body thereby causing several problems which manifest in the fullness of time.

Is it that God's bounty does not have enough nutrition to provide to mankind that we have to look for nutrition from animal sources? Fruits and nuts, essentially non-toxic products, have everything that can sustain and maintain the human body, bestowing health and longevity to mankind. Instead of growing and promoting healthy food, we are focussing on and advertising toxic, damaging, degenerating and nutritionally depleted forms of food like meat, milk, refined products, oils, tea, coffee, alcohol, artificially and unnaturally produced tonics, powders and capsules, and canned food. All this, just to help businessmen yield profits out of the flourishing food industry. Promoting fruits and nuts does not swell up bank balances to the same extent. Now it's up to you to decide whether you want to put your health in the hands of those who wish to exploit your health for the sake of their profits, or to take charge of everything that affects you and your family's health.

On the one hand, we ourselves create factors which damage the human body and affect all civilization, and on the other hand, we spend millions of dollars on research and hospitals to improve the condition that we have created. Instead of solving the root cause, we are simply treating the symptoms. This will continue until you pledge to take matters into your own hands and stop falling prey to the tactics of the government and the businessman. People have to get enlightened and prevent themselves from such damage.

There is a definite and sure road to health and regeneration provided we return to basics and go back to natural, uncooked, unprocessed food, packed and designed for human consumption, by God Himself. As Lord Krishna pointed out in the Bhagavad Gita, whenever negative forces reach their peak, positive forces rise automatically to balance and fight them. This book is my small contribution towards creating a disease-free and healthy civilization.


  Foreword v
  Preface viii
  Introduction x
Part I Health Hazards of Milk  
1 Health Hazards of Milk 2
2 Cow's Milk vs. Mother's Milk 9
3 Lactose Intolerance 27
4 No Food for Adults 30
5 Combining Milk with Other Foods is Detrimental 34
6 My Experiments on Infants with Animal Milk 39
7 Cow's Milk and Growth Differences 43
8 The Protein Myth 51
9 Calcium through Milk is Dangerous 59
10 Calcium Drainers 64
11 Pasteurized Milk: A Dead Food 70
12 Faulty Combination of Milk with Other Foods 80
13 Skimmed Milk: An Unfit Food 87
14 Cheese is an Unwholesome Food 90
15 Are Curds Good for You? 91
16 Ice-cream or Cold Poison? 96
17 Raw Fresh Milk is the Least Harmful 101
18 Safe Use of Milk Products 105
19 Unnatural Milk Production 108
20 Pregnancy and Lactation Need No Animal Milk 113
21 Milk is Not a Health Food 117
Part II Milk-borne Diseases  
1 Milk: A Cancer Initiator 122
2 Why Milk Can Land You in the ICU 133
3 Milk Fat and Coronaries 135
4 Milk and Ischaemic Heart Disease 137
5 Milk and Stone Formation 138
6 Milk and Asthma 141
7 Epidemic Deaths 143
8 The Allergens in Cow's Milk 144
9 Milk's Role in Childhood Diseases 146
10 Milk and Gastro-intestinal Disorders 150
11 Milk Worsens Ulcers 152
12 Milk Therapy: A Self-deception 155
13 Milk Consumption and Atherosclerosis in the Young 158
14 Xanthine Oxidase 161
15 Milk and Atheroma 163
16 Milk and Cataract 166
17 Milk and Dental Decay 168
Part III Milk Alternatives  
1 No Substitute for Milk 172
2 Goat's Milk: Not Safe Either 174
3 Soyabean milk: Not a Good Alternative 177
4 Nuts: The Real Milky Food 184
5 Nut Milk 194
6 The Best Body Builder: Nut or Milk? 199
  Afterword 205
  Interview with Dr Sharma 207
  Proof of the Pudding 217


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