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Mussoorie and Landour Days of Wine and Roses

Mussoorie and Landour Days of Wine and Roses
Item Code: IDD037
Author: Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Lustre Press, Roli Books
ISBN: 8174360336
Pages: 152
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 6.25" x 8.5"
in full color
About the Book:

"...however the big push in the brewery business really began in 1876, when everyone suddenly acclaimed a much improved brew... The beer was retasted and retasted until the diminishing level of the barrel revealed the perfectly brewed remains of a human being..."!! This and many other such tales make up the fascinating story of Mussoorie, most glamorous of the hill stations established during the British Raj. A chronicle of Mussoorie, past and present, it is an entertaining historical account of the town. With Ruskin Bond's inimitable sketches are juxtaposed A Mussoorie Miscellany, a booklet made up in equal parts of gossip, conjecture and fact, published in the 1930s. Complementing the text are photographs which succeed in capturing the essence of this charming town, representing not just its scenic magic but the people who invest Mussoorie with much of its present character.

About the Author:

Ruskin Bond, the old man of the mountains, came to live in Mussoorie in 1963 after many frustrating years in the plains.

A man of many facets, he will recognize an old tombstone with the same alacrity that he will a paradise flycatcher and more.

This book is the result of two decades of research and collecting. Poet, essayist, story-teller, with over forty books published all over the world, Bond's manuscripts and papers are in turn now collected by the Special Collections Library of Boston University, U.S.A.

Ganesh Saili, who took to F-Stops as a hobby, is adept at turning ice-cubes into glaciers and tea-bushes into excelsia pines. The pictures in this book were taken over a period of time, thus making it a record of Mussoorie personalities. When not taking pictures, he teaches English and American Literature at Mussoorie's Post Graduate College. His pictures have appeared in glossy magazines at home and abroad; travels from the famed Valley of Flowers to the coast of Coromandel gave him material for an earlier Lustre Press title, A Passage Through India


The Mussoorie I Know9
Birth of a Hill Station17
Tales the Tombstones Tell25
Tales of a Hill Station35
The Schools Today41
Up at the Top49
Looking for John Lang53
An Update-Letters from Old Residents59
A Mussoorie Miscellany69

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