My Reminiscences
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My Reminiscences

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Item Code: NAE833
Author: N. Balarama Reddy
Publisher: Sri Ramanasramam, Tamil Nadu
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9788182880955
Pages: 109
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 150 gm
About The Book

My Reminiscences is a thrilling memoir of one of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi’s earliest and closest disciples, Sri N. Balarama Reddy. In it he takes us close to Sri Bhagavan in the Old Hall, who lived naturally and graciously, day after day, with all who came to him for spiritual guidance. Sri Reddy recounts miracles, large and small, that occurred spontaneously in the Master’s proximity. He relates his personal experience of the radiant spiritual energy that flowed when sitting before him, and the wonder of his silent gaze.

In the course of this narrative, Sri Reddy also shares his meetings with spiritual luminaries such as Swami Ramdas, Ananda Mayi Ma, Krishnaprem, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

A sincere reader will gain immense inspiration from this small book, coming as it does from a mind cleared and cooled by Sri Bhagavan’s incomparable Grace and intimacy. It is this same Grace manifesting to give us the opportunity to share in Sri N. Balarama Reddy’s experience of the Divine in human form, Ramana Satguru.

About The Autho

Sri N. Balarama Reddy was a one-pointed, unswerving devotee of the master, whose company and guidance was sought by many sincere aspirants. He first came to the Maharshi in the mid 1930s and, form those early years until his final days in 1995, he repeatedly marveled at his rare good fortune of enjoying many years of close proximity to the Sage of Arunachala.

Balarama Reddy had always humbly refused to write down his reminiscences. After decades of innumerable requests he finally consented to dictate his experiences to Dennis Hartel of Arunachala Ashrama New York and Nova Scotia (Canada) in September of 1993.

Theses notes had been gone through in full, corrected and approved for printing by Sri Reddy himself. With great pleasure, in the year of the one hundredth anniversary of Sri Ramana Maharshi’s advent at Arunachala, we publish these valuable notes in book form.


Publisher's NoteIII
Compiler's NoteV
1First Meeting with the Maharshi1
2Early Life4
3Aurobindo Ashram7
4Second Visit to Sri Ramanasramam9
5Third Visit to Sri Ramanasramam12
6Leaving Aurobindo Ashram16
7Settling at Sri Ramanasramam18
8The Power of His Presence25
9Sri Krishnaprem and a Trip North26
10Swami Ramdas and Ananda Ashram33
12My Father's Death41
13Bhagavan's Love and Care43
14Niranjanananda Swami45
15Correcting Proofs and Settling in the Ashram47
17Ganapati Muni55
18Learned Scholars57
20Foreigners and the English Language63
21The state of a Jnani65
23Collecting Funds69
24Krishnaprem visits the Ashram73
25Bhagavan and His Family77
26Bhagavan and His Family79
27In Bhagavan's Hall81
28Gandhians and Service84
29The Last Days89
30After the Mahasamadhi102
31Why Do You Doubt It ?103

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