Nature Cure for Common Diseases

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Author: Vithaldas Modi
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788122200164
Pages: 200
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
From the Jacket :

Nature cure, or Naturopathy, is successful in curing many common and also some chronic diseases and ailments with the help and use of water, mudpacks, regulated diet and a host of other natural elements. It is not only very inexpensive and simple but also totally free of harmful side effects.

This book has been organized for quick and handy reference for every family and provides naturopathic cures for nearly all common - both acute and chronic diseases, such as Constipation, Piles, Diabetes, Hernia, Asthma, Eczema, Blood Pressure, Anaemia, Jaundice, Epilepsy, Venereal Diseases, Goitre, etc. It also gives an introduction to the basis of naturopathic system.

"Comprehensive...presents in a simple straight forward and convincing manner the advantages of Nature Cure or Naturopathy in aiding recovery from all acute and chronic ailments and conditions and in maintaining health and vitality".

Excerpts From Reviews :

"The book is good enough to attract attention of those who are averse to the ways of a section of modern allopaths. The author's answers on health problems make useful reading." - Hindustan Times.

"You don't require any previous knowledge of naturopathy to understand and make use of this unique step-by-step guide to good health through nature cure." - Amrit Bazar Patrika.


1.What is Naturopathy?
Maintain Your Vital Force For Health 15; Bacteria Attack A Weak Human Body 19; Are Height-Weight Charts Barometers of Health? 21; The Healing Power of Nature 22; Nature Cure and Surgery 24; Importance of Diet in Naturopathy 25.
2.The Methods Used in Naturopathy
How to Take an Enema 30; Mud Packs 31; Hip Bath 32; Genitals Bath 33; Hot Foot Bath 34; How to Take a Bath 35; Wet Pack for the Waist 37; Wet Pack for the Chest 38; Sun-bath 38; Sponging the Body 39; Fasting 40; Fruits, Fruit Juices and Milk Diets 40; Water and Food 42; Walking, Deep Breathing and Sleep 45.
3.Diseases of the Intestines
Digestive Disorders 46; Constipation 49; Dysentery and Catarrh of the Intestines 53; Hyperacidity and Ulcers 56; Flatulence 59; Worms that Infest the Intestines 60; Piles 62; Enlargement of Liver in Infants 65; Diabetes 65; Hernia 67; Prolapsus of the Rectum 69; Milk Diet for Atony of Intestines 70.
What and Why? 72; Influenza 76; Malaria 77; Measles 78; Chicken-Pox 79; Small-Pox 80; Typhoid Fever 81; Rheumatic Fever 83; Scarlet Fever 84; Pneumonia 85; Diphtheria 86; Meningitis 87.
5.Diseases of the Respiratory Organs
Common Cold 89; Sore Throat 91; Whooping Cough 91; Tonsillitis 92; Asthma 94; Bronchitis 96; Tuberculosis 97.
6.Ailments of the Skin, Body and Heart
Eczema 100; Body Itch 104; Acne 105; Leathery Skin 106; Crow's Feet and Loosening of Face Skin 107; Kibes 107; Boils on Face After Shaving 108; Small-pox Scars 108; White Spots on Nails 109; Diseases of Hair 109; Care of the Eyes 113; Rheumy Eyes 115; Trachoma 116; Conjunctivitis 116; Night Blindness 117; Dark Circles under the Eyes 118; Diseases of the Teeth 118; Salivation during Sleep 120; Excessive Salivation 120; Blisters in the Throat 121; Nosebleed 121; Snoring 122; Singing in the Ears 122; Discharge of Pus from the Ear 122; Numbness in Hands and Feet 123; Backache 124; Weakness after Urination 125; Heat Stroke 125; Intellectual Capacity Through Food 125; Vitamin B 126; Heart Ailments 126.
7.Disorders of the Blood and Its Circulation
High Blood Pressure 131; Palpitation 135; Anaemia 135; Jaundice 137; Boils 140; Mumps 141; Gout 141; Goitre 145; Elephantiasis 146; Fat on the Abdomen 151; Insufficient Lactation 152; How to Increase Height? 152; How to Increase Body Weight? 153.
8.Diseases of the Nervous Systems
Nervous Disorders 154; Insomnia 158; Suicidal Tendencies 161; Stammering 164; mental Debility 168; Polio 172; Cold Feet 173.
9.Sexual Disorders 
Menstruation and Disorders Connected with It 174; Leucorrhoea 179; Delayed Menstruation and Anaemia 180; Phosphaturia 180; Apprehension of Miscarriage 181; Nausea among Expectant Mothers 182; Child-birth in the Eighth Month 182; Diet for Pregnant Women and Mothers 183; Displacement of the Uterus 183; Nocturnal Emissions 187; Impotence 189; Venereal Diseases 192.

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