Practicals of Yantras

Practicals of Yantras

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Author: L.R. Chawdhri
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788170822011
Pages: 346
Cover: Paperback
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About the Book:

Yantra means an Instrument, apparatus, talisman or mystical diagram but definitely Not a magic or Jadoo Toona as is commonly believed.

During Kalyuga, when the public at large has materialistic mind, the Sadhana of Mantra no doubt is Supreme but can not be done by people according to instructions, the short cut is YANTRA AND TANTRA to attain desires and success.

This book contains rate Yantras of Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Buddhist and Brahmins cults. Methods of preparation and us of Yantras have been explained in detail. Time for the preparing and waring is to be followed as explained in this book. Articles to be used have been simplified as available in the market commonly. Pooja of Yantra is to be performed before use, such methods have been elaborated with care for use of the Sadhakas.

Shri Yantra, Shri Ganesh Yantra, Bhairon Yantra, Mahalaksmi Yantra, Mahamritanje Yantra, Baglamukhi Yantra, Kali Yantra, Pandrah and Beesi Yantras all are very effective for instant results.

The author being an Engineer has evolved practical methods for their preparation barring the old Conventional ways, by making dies and other ways for the welfare of mankind.

Digital and Mohammadan Yantras have too been provided with care and accuracy. All the Yantras which have proved successful by use have been indicated specially. The others be used and tested by Sadhakas.

The Tantric's rare articles like Siyar Singhi, Hathjori, one eyed coconut, Right hand Sankh, one faced and Gauri Shankar Rudrakshs, and Shivlingas are in possession of author for use and are available.

The modern Yantras Mystic Eye and Crystal ball imported from U.S.A being used are giving marvelous results. People can take benefit from them.

The Public can use the services of author in any difficulties for good purposes, self protection, education, business, service, love, family problems and other related day to day difficulties of the Success is granted by lord SHIVA.

The Author has been conferred with Hony. Title of 'TANTRA SAMRAT' by Giani Zail Singh Ex. President of India on 9-12-1989 in a ceremony in New Delhi.

Preface to the Second Edition:

It gives me pleasure to write a few lines for the second edition of this world famous Book.

In this edition we have added a new chapter indicating the methods to solve the problems through Yantra, Mantra and Tantra. These problems will show you the way to tackle the problem either as a whole or in different parts. Also about 25 more yantras have been provided, which are very effective in showing the results.

The book has been revised and enlarged for the benefit of readers.

Publications of second edition of this book, indicates the widespread popularity, the book has received at the hands of Indian and foreign readers to which the author is thankful.

Many persons have tried many yantras and got success and few did not succeed, and referred to author, for which they were replied properly.

From U.S.A., Britain, Srilanka, Denmark, Germany, Kualalampur, Singapore and Arabian Counties including almost all states of India, specific requests were received for the supply of particular yantras. After pooja as per rituals, these were sent to them which have shown good results.

The author is happy, that out this old science of heritage is being used by the people all over the world and are now being convinced about the efficacy of this science.

This heritage of India is hidden at many places and is not available at one place, this is a serious problem. Endeavour has been made to collect from different sources. Author is trying to bring second volume of this book from ancient scripts if possible in the near future.

In the nest pages, we provided the views of various learned readers for the information of all.

The second addition is in your hands. Its use now depends upon you. The sadhana for yantra be performed with full faith and rituals and you will succeed. In case you fail, try it again and again, at last your will get success. Always one needs a competent preceptor or Guru, who can guide you rightly to do sadhana.

Do not use yantras for any nefarious act.
Yantra, which means any physical form which can carry a charge of symbolism. Yantras receive "Worship" that is to say they focus the imagination and emotions of the Tantrika, and identify for him phases of Genesis in time.

Tantra art also uses a variety of extremely rarefied diagrammatic Yantras, abstract ones. These symbol of yantras refer to something denser and more real than the everyday world. They convey energy realities which are so inclusive and emotionally exciting as to go far beyond the limits of any ordinary object we can recognize from everyday human experience. The SHRI YANTRA is the greatest and most complex of these. It has may subdivisions, and lesser diagrams may particularize and present its components forces. All however, are seen as at once active and essentially feminine. These are views of Mr Philip Rawson in his book "TANTRA"

Out of respect and regards, the author was escorted by Buddhist monks into their temple in Delhiu and performed some rituals and purified a few yantras. The Head of the temple presented your author their most sacred emblem duly worshipped. "VAJARA" Which is being used very successfully to detect influences of evil eye, souls, Masans (Cremation ash etc) given to anybody etc. by touching it on the body and other tantrik rites. A very useful emblem for tantriks to detect.

Refer Diagram which indicates "VAJARA" Emblem on lotus motif pedestal this photograph is from Nepal, 15th century. Bronze gilt, height 4 inches John Dugger and David medalla London. (Taken from "TANTRA" by Philip Rawson with thanks)

What They Say?

1. Smt. D. Sakuntala, astrologer Banglore writes that she has tried some of yantras from book "Practical of Yantras," Practicals of Mantra and Tantra, and got success in 75% cases.

2. SR.N.S. Venkhataraman Indian Bank Podicherry writes, "I am very fortunate to own a copy of your masterpiece "Practicals of Yantras" On Behalf of millions of needy, I offer my sincere thanks for the best efforts taken by you in bringing out the volume".

3. Mr. Subasantharan Kaulalampur Malaysia writes, "As per your book," Practicals of Yantra" I am pleased to read through, for years, I was yearing to get hold of such a book, fortunately, with Gods grace I bought it. I love to read books written by you. I wish to have the following yantras personally from you. "Shri Chakra Yantra." "Maha Durga Yantra", "Sowbagya Yantra", "Shri Maha Meru", "Hanuman" etc.

4. Malalay Kohistani Lasvegas N.Y. writes," I need something good for business if you could send me. I will be waiting for your letter. Reply me soon, your earlier yantras proved very effective.

5. Shri B.N. Kapoor, OTTAWA, ONTARIO, Canada, writes, "I recently came across your publication titled, "Practicals of Yantras", "Mantra and Tantras" I found the books fascinating study both in practical terms and in regard to its subject matter. I thought I send you this note to express my deep appreciations of this way you have handled a rather difficult, esoteric subject as well as rendered an invaluable service to all of us who have a poor grasp in Hindi and none at all of Sanskrit, By publishing your book in English and thus exposing the cult vidya to innumerable interested people for whom the field was hither to virtually closed.

6. Mrs. Bimla Devi, Penang Malaysia, Writes," I have read your books on Mantra and Jantra and I must say that there is a wealth of knowledge in the book.




Chapter Particulars Pages
  Warning viii
  Preface ix
1. The Yantra explained, use of elements in Yantras, Divisions of Yantras, Method of writing Yantras, Hora, articles to be used in writing yantras, Ashat Gand etc. Special instructions and Table indicating time for writing Yantras. 1-18
2. Practical use of Yantras 19-103
  Shri Yantra 19
  Shri Ganesh Yantra. 23
  Mahamritanje Yantra 25
  Winning over enemies 26
  For infatuation 27
  Shri Bhairon Yantra 28
  Sri Baglamukhi yantra 29
  Kali Yantra 32
  Pandrah Yantra 35
  Lakshmi Ganesh Maha Yantra 39
  Nav Garah talismans & Yantras 42
  Tara Yantra 95
  Kamakashya Yantra 98
  and many other practical Yantras dealing with specific aspects of life like Vashi Karan, birth of child, good business, Law suits, Love, friendships, enemies. Fear and effects of souls, to prevent abortion, return of missing person, good health, wealth, and Happiness. Cure and judgement of diseases, for barren woman to bear child and delayed marriage of girls and Boys etc etc.  
3. INTERLUDE. Methods of Siddhis for Devas and Spirits, which includes Shri Ganesh Siddhi, Lord SHIVA Sidhi and of Saraswati, Shri Lakshmi, Gayatri Devi, Durga Devi, Bhairon, Hanuman ji, Kali and Bhoot Siddhis. 105-122
4. Effective Yantras, for enemies, diseases, angry wife, wealth, fascinating of men by ladies and other set of Yantras as used by Mohammadens, Hindus, Jains etc. and many more on difficult aspects of life. 123-184
5. A few more effective Yantras. Use of Putli for enemy. Mrityugaya Bhairon Yantra, Narsinga Bhairan Yantra, Yakshini Siddhi, Surya Yantras, Chhinmasta, Dhumavati, Tripura, Annapurna, Beesi Yantras of various types, Sankat Mochan Yantras. Also Hanuman Saber Mantra and Karn-Pishachini Siddi. 185-257
  Plants in mountains and some rare tantric articles used in Yantras, Tantras and Sadhana. 257-265
6. Aghor Mantras, Maha Lakshmi Yantra, Nav Garah, Beesi Yantra, Surya yantra, Shri Hanumant Kalp etc. 266-278
7. Lucky Signs for the protection from evil eyes and spirits and for success and prosperity. 279-283
  Crystal Gazing Ball and Mystic Eye are specially explained for practical use. 284-293
8. Shakoon Shastras. Omens, Ulkapat, Sneezing, dreams and their results, Moleosophy and Twitching of body parts. 294-312
9. Specific problems solved through Yantras. 313
  TERMS Explained 335


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