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A Sanskrit Grammar for Beginners

A Sanskrit Grammar for Beginners
Item Code: IDD866
Author: Max Muller
Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8121509947
Pages: 332
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.8" X 6.7"
About the Book:

The present grammar, which is chiefly intended for beginners, is believed to contain all the information that a student of Sanskrit is likely to want during the first two or three years of his reading. All allusions to cognate forms in Greek, Latin, or Gothic, have likewise been suppressed, because, however interesting and useful to the advanced student, they are apt to deprive the beginner of that clear and firm grasp of the grammatical system peculiar to the language of ancient India, which alone can form a solid foundation for the study both of Sanskrit and of Comparative Philology. While preparing the book two principal objects have been kept, clearness and correctness.


CHAPTER I. - The Alphabet

CHAPTER II. - Rules of Sandhi

CHAPTER III. - Declension

CHAPTER IV. - Adjectives

CHAPTER V. - Numerals

CHAPTER VI. - Pronouns

CHAPTER VII. - Conjugation

CHAPTER VIII. - The Ten Classes

CHAPTER IX. - Augment, Reduplication, and Terminations

CHAPTER X. - General Tenses

CHAPTER XI. - Intermediate

CHAPTER XII. - Strengthening and Weakening


CHAPTER XIV. - Future, Conditional, Periphrastic Future, and Benedictive

CHAPTER XV. - Passive

CHAPTER XVI. - Participles, Gerunds, and Infinitive

CHAPTER XVII. - Verbal Adjectives

CHAPTER XVIII. - Causative Verbs

CHAPTER XIX. - Desiderative Verbs

CHAPTER XX. - Intensive Verbs

CHAPTER XXI. - Denominative Verbs

CHAPTER XXII. - Prepositions and Particles

CHAPTER XXIII. - Compound Words


Index of Nouns

Index of Verbs

Addenda ET Corrigenda

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