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Science of Ornaments: A Holy Text Which Elucidates That Ornaments are a Source of Chaitanya

Science of Ornaments: A Holy Text Which Elucidates That Ornaments are a Source of Chaitanya
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Item Code: NAE157
Author: Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale
Publisher: Santan Bharatiya Sanskruti Sanstha
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788189970208
Pages: 105 (13 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 128 gms
About the Author

Dr. Jayant Athavale started writing Holy texts with the blessings of His Guru H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj. Imparting knowledge on Spirituality and answering the ‘how and why’ of Spirituality in a scientific terminology are the main features of these holy text. Some holy texts conation Divine Knowledge obtained by Santana’s seekers, which is not available else-were on earth!Under the guidance of Dr. Athavale, in-depth spiritual research is being conducted on ‘God-realization though Air’, ‘Spiritual remedies for distress due to negative energies’, and necessary guidance is being provided.


Wearing a nine-year sari (A bharatiya dress for women), kumkum on forehead and with the full set of ornaments, is the traditional identity of a Hindu woman. Ornaments are an invaluable of the Hindu culture. They have been preserved with for generation. With time, however, Hindu culture was influenced by the western culture. As a result, the cultural inheritance in the form of ornaments began to be ignored. Nowadays, in the name of fashion, women do not wear bangles, put on ‘bindi (red, round sticker) instead of a mark of KumKum. Some consider it a sigh of backwardness to use ornaments like broad bangles, nose ring, toe rings etc. At the same time, many have a mistaken materialistic notion that ‘ornaments are a medium to show off their wealth’. The purpose of this Holy text to impress upon the spiritual perspective, that an ornament is an object that facilitates the process of obtaining Divine grace.

Wearing ornaments allows us to receive Shakti (Divine Energy) and Chaitanya, reduces the black (negative) energy in the body, protects from negative energy attacks, and the parts of the body where ornaments are won are subjected to spiritual healing similar to acupressure. This Holy text elaborates on various such aspects along with the related science, thereby revealing the importance of ornaments. It also includes scientific information on comparison of ornaments made from different metals, ornaments for women, men and children, purification of the ornaments etc. To understand the subtle process (taking place after wearing ornaments) is beyond the comprehension of an average individual. Subtle-analysis and subtle-pictures by seekers of Sanatan, who have subtly perception ability, is the special feature of this Holy text. Subtly experiments conducted with a gold chain, a gold ring, sattvik and asuri (demonical) ornaments by the seekers teach us to look at ornaments from the spiritual perspective.

It is not necessary to wear all the listed ornaments for availing spiritual benefits. Depending on an individual’s financial status, it is perfectly all right even if minimal ornaments are worn as advised by the scriptures; for , more than the ;which’ and ‘how many’ of the ornaments. It is the behave (spiritual emotion) with which the ornaments are worn that matters. Those who cannot afford ornaments made of gold can wear gold-plated ornaments or silver ornaments, or at least one such ornament. When compared to the means of chanting, service unto the Absolute Truth etc., during the course of spiritual practice for God-realization, the gains from wearing ornaments are minimal. Yet, for those who are not doing any spiritual practice or for seekers in the preliminary stages, ornaments are a boon the point of view of increasing ‘sattvita’.

We pray unto the feet of Sri Guru that, upon reading this Holy text, may everyone develop a perspective of looking at ornaments and realize the greatness of Hindu Dharma which has given this invaluable treasure!- Compiler.


Commentary by ‘A Scholar” on the Divine11
Some terms used in connection with the ‘Subtle dimension’16
Precautions to be taken while purchasing ornaments19
Introduction to the recipients of Divine Knowledge20
1The origin of the word lanker and its meaning22
2Synonyms of the word alankar22
3Creation of ornaments22
4Divine virtues are ornaments in the subtle 23
5Ornament of the Universe: Deity Shiva’s meditative state24
6Deities, human beings and ornaments25
7Yug(Era) dependent changes in the ornaments33
8Characteristic features of ornaments35
9Reasons for wearing of ornaments and its importance36
10Meats used in ornaments and games embedded in them51
11Who should wear which ornaments58
12Choice of ornaments according to personality59
13Ornaments of women: Importance of wearing of ornaments by women59
14Ornaments of men65
15Ornaments of women and men67
16Ornaments of children: Earring and bracelet81
17Necessary and unnecessary nature of ornaments82
18Sattvik and demonical ornaments85
19Sings of attacks by mantriks on the ornaments90
20Purification of ornaments: Gross purification 91
21Limitation of ornaments100
Spiritual Knowledge at the subtler level related to the subject of Science of ornaments’103
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