The Secret of Sabarimala Temple and Kundalini- The Philosopher's Stone
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The Secret of Sabarimala Temple and Kundalini- The Philosopher's Stone

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Item Code: NAY077
Author: Narayan Sirdesai
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9781684668212
Pages: 252
Other Details: 8.00 X 5.00 inch
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About The Book

What is the reason women of menstruation age are not allowed at Sabarimala? Do the customs and traditions set by rishis of ancient India have a scientific basis?

Why did ancient rishis and saints start the practice of not allowing menstruating women to meet saints and visit temples during their cycles?

The book discusses the following questions -What is the Kundalini Shakti? How does this spiritual evolutionary power aid the evolution of mankind? What are siddhis, Self Realisation and Enlightenment? Was Shiva an Alien ? What is the role of the coming Kalki avatar? . The astral and causal bodies of man. The limits of logic.

This book provides a first-person perspective into what the Kundalini Shakti is and how it manifests in each individual. While modern scientists experiment with matter, ancient rishis were also considered scientists whose area of expertise was the human mind and soul. The knowledge they divined was compiled into various texts namely the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and Epics.

In this book the author brings a fresh perspective to the Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas along with his unique views and opinions about how ancient rishis had written down valuable information in the texts for the benefit of mankind. It talks about the severe efforts taken by various contemporary philosophers and spiritual gurus to unravel the multitude of mysteries contained in these texts. This book also reveals the existence of deities or Devas and Devis on divine planes of higher vibratory levels, the rituals and customs in various Shakti cults and temples and thoughts on esoteric Hinduism.

About the Author

. N.R. Sirdesai is a Goan, born and brought up in Mumbai. He was educated at St. Xavier's High School and St. Xavier's College Fort and after that did his B.E. in Electrical Engineering from College of Engineering, Goa. Presently, he is working as Head Projects in a reputed power company, which he has served for the last 32 years. From his early twenties, he was interested in yoga and spirituality and met his satguru at the age of 25 years in 1989. Six months after his initiation, he started having intense experiences of Kundalini Shakti which is said to be the primordial energy and the spiritual evolutionary power in man.

The Kundalini reached the highest chakra, the Sahasrar, at the age of 28 years giving him the samadhi experience and at 32, when he was still a brahmachari, he started getting seriously affected by vibrations emanating from women in their menstrual cycle to the extent of falling severely sick. It lasted for about 9 months till his marriage. The author thus realized why the ancient rishis started the custom of not allowing menstruation ladies to visit saints, mystics and temples. This scientific reason is very important for people to know amidst the controversies at Sabarimala and Shani Shinganapur.

When he was 49 years, after a sudden rush of Kundalini to the brain, he found that from the next day onwards, he got the gift of literature, poetry and the flooding of spiritual insights. The Kundalini current is still active in him till date.


This book is a humble attempt to share the spiritual experiences I have had with the grace of my guru. Kundalini is an evolutionary power hidden in humans, and though it was discovered thousands of years ago in India, it has not yet gained worldwide acceptance, and this book is an attempt to share my Kundalini experiences from the age of 25 years. The Kundalini has given me certain gifts, some of which I have shared in the chapter titled Personal Experiences. Research on the Kundalini Shakti is in the initial stages in the west, and it is a treasure worth exploring by any intelligent man.

The knowledge about Kundalini has been passed down through the ages in secrecy, from a guru to a worthy disciple because the ancients did not want this power to be misused by selfish men. Kundalini is the greatest adventure that a man can undertake. Though the Kundalini awakened in my muladhara chakra in 1989, I have never spoken about it until I wrote this book, i.e. 30 years later. That is because I needed to know more about this most extraordinary phenomenon before writing about it. I was at a full-time job parallelly. A spiritual search is a lifelong process and being subjective, one needs to be thorough with the facts. It took me one year to write this book. Every evening, late after office hours, from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. I wrote the book.

While I was writing this book, controversies took place at Shani Shinganapur and Sabarimala as women groups were demanding their right to enter into temples, which was barred to them, either because of the occult nature of the temple or because of the custom and tradition that women should not enter the temple in their menstrual cycles. In this book, I have explained why menstruating women were requested by Hindu culture not to visit saints and temples during their cycles. In the book, I have shared that both my guru and I were very badly affected by vibrations emanating from menstruating women. This book is meant to give the women an informed choice as to whether or not they should visit saints and temples during their menstrual cycle. This book is a darshan shastra-the sharing of the experiences so that others are aware of such possibilities.

This book also contains my insights on the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, epics, the factual existence of deities on higher vibrational spheres and on the rituals and customs in various Shakti cults and temples and religion and politics. This book also contains my vision for the future of India.

I hope readers will find it interesting and get new insights into Hindu culture. This book also contains my jokes and poems wherever relevant.

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