Selections from the Buddha
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Selections from the Buddha

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Item Code: NAX526
Author: Samuel Bea
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 9798177693804
Pages: 55
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The life of the Buddha has always inspired the more contemplative amongst us to ex-plore the possibilities of his teachings. It matters little whether we turn to Chinese, Indian or Tibetan literature to discover these gems for they all have a common source. Scholars have worked over the years to dis-cover these texts and present them to us in a language that may be clearly understood.

Unfortunately the literature available is now so vast that it would compel the true student to devote his entire life to their study and interpretation. Therefore we are fortu-nate that scholars of great repute have taken the trouble to select the best and compile anthologies such as this. Not only does it provide those of us with less time the op-portunity to imbibe the truth as preached by the Lord Buddha but also with an occasionto mull over concise passages that hold great meaning.

The thoughts and teachings of The Bud-dha presented in plain language to the lay-man provide him with a platform from which if he so desires he may proceed to greater spiritual heights. Obviously being a transla-tion of a translation many of his thoughts have been moulded according to the con-cepts and understanding of the translators involved. Still they do not deviate from his essential thought pattern and therefore al-low the reader to derive his own meanings from their essence. This being the last in-struction that The Buddha gave his closest disciples when he advised them to find their own path and not be guided by the thoughts and ideas of others.

The publishers by providing the readers with this volume have attempted to provide the reader with another source to tap the infinite depth of the great seers teaching.

They have also provided them with another occasion to ruminate over these pearls of wisdom. For as many great thinkers have said 'we all have the potential within us to achieve our spiritual goal'.

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